Community Statistics: Fraunhofer Singapore

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Country #
US - United States of America 2704
FR - France 719
SG - Singapore 541
CN - China 395
DE - Germany 315
GB - United Kingdom 233
IE - Ireland 198
SE - Sweden 105
FI - Finland 100
TG - Togo 93
other - Other Country 684
Total 6087
Most viewed items #
A data-driven approach for adding facade details to textured LoD2 CityGML models 462
Generation of 3D building models from city area maps 448
High performance city rendering in Vulkan 430
An appearance-driven method for converting polygon soup building models for 3D geospatial applications 377
EEG-based cross-subject mental fatigue recognition 369
A two-stage outlier filtering framework for city-scale localization using 3D SfM point clouds 323
EEG-based human factors evaluation of air traffic control operators (ATCOs) for optimal training 321
Generation of 3D building models from archived city area maps by fusing information from multiple sources 302
EEG-based mental workload and stress recognition of crew members in maritime virtual simulator : a case study 290
EEG-based recognition of driver state related to situation awareness using graph convolutional networks 290
Appearance-driven conversion of polygon soup building models with level of detail control for 3D geospatial applications 282
EEG-based cadets training and performance assessment system in maritime virtual simulator 272
EEG-based evaluation of mental fatigue using machine learning algorithms 271
Detection of humanoid robot design preferences using EEG and eye tracker 253
Individual alpha peak frequency based features for subject dependent EEG workload classification 253
Hierarchical eye-tracking data analytics for human fatigue detection at a traffic control center 249
Exploration of natural free-hand interaction for shape modeling using leap motion controller 241
Cross dataset workload classification using encoded wavelet decomposition features 231
The impact of a number of samples on unsupervised feature extraction, based on deep learning for detection defects in printed circuit boards 109
A Study of Yu Jian’s Painting “Eight Views of Xiao-Xiang 97
A compact and interpretable convolutional neural network for cross-subject driver drowsiness detection from single-channel EEG 67
EEG-based cross-subject driver drowsiness recognition with an interpretable convolutional neural network 66
Transient heat transfer analysis of phase change material melting in metal foam by experimental study and artificial neural network 46
Subject matching for cross-subject EEG-based recognition of driver states related to situation awareness 38
Total 6087

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Tot
2019 00 0000 4546349 302 202
2020 721 631254821 70135311 3162 525
2021 106143 60176225223 483273137206 231246 2509
2022 260188 303265326137 25822457139 9472 2323
2023 240113 175000 0000 00 528
Ever 6087