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A study of warehouse management system in Singapore 13715
Nintendo Wii as an intervention : improving the well-being of elderly in long-term care facilities 5457
Project gad-savvy : a health communications campaign educating tertiary students in Singapore about gadget dependency 4975
Television food advertising towards children : a content analysis of the Singapore advertising landscape and experimental study on the placement of pro-nutritional advertisements 4851
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of braced excavation systems 4405
Dangerous goods regulating system in Singapore 4152
Analytical study of methods to reduce excavation-induced movements 3559
Youth hawkerprise campaign 3432
由“继善成性”到“成性存存”:试论儒家哲学“善”概念 的两层含义 = From the “experiential stage” to the “transcendent stage” of moral existence : a commentary on the multiple connotations of the “Shan” concept in confucian tradition 3167
A sketch grammar of Singapore Teochew 3044
The effect of early bilingualism on working memory and related cognitive functions : a study on the Singaporean ageing population 2976
Unsettling silences : the trauma of witnessing in Manto's "cold meat" and "open it" 2532
范晔《后汉书》“论”、“赞”研究 = Study on Lun and Zan of Fan Ye's History of Eastern Han 2502
重构公民性 :马国社运份子黄进发的案例研究 = Reconfiguring citizenship : a case study of Malaysian social activist Wong Chin-Huat 2330
Exploring post-divorce experiences : a case study on professional women in Singapore 2281
Epiphany 2227
论新加坡街名及其译名的历时演变 = A study of the diachronic development of Singapore street names and their transliterations 2189
Social cues & cyberbullying in facebook : the effects of flaming messages, friend count and anonymity on cyberbullying behaviors 2169
An insider’s guide to the street dance subculture in Singapore 2115
辞别的姿态: 解读黎紫书《告别的年代》= The way we say goodbye : the study of Li Zishu's gao bie de nian dai (the era of farewell) 2112
Climate change and Singapore 2101
“Auntie Lucy” 男扮女装的操弄策略 = Manipulative strategy of "Auntie Lucy" 's cross-dressing 2070
从清浊别义看群、匣、喻三的上古来源 = A study on the origins of middle Chinese initials of ɣ-, g-, j- in archaic Chinese: a morphological perspective 2067
Bed erosion below overflowing weir with an apron 2062
Reclaim land : the fight for space in Singapore 2050
The application of Microtremor Survey Method in investigating the geological formation of Singapore 2048
Who nose what eye can see? : examining the impact of scent on visual attention 2019
Water saturation effects on the tensile strength of rocks 2003
For rent 2003
The sia particle in colloquial Singapore English 1962
Silencing the silencers : Chaucer’s satire of clerical authority in the Nun’s Priest’s Tale 1958
Position of the elderly in Singapore LL : literacy assessment of the Singaporean elderly 1859
A chance-constrained model for regional air quality management 1858
Planting the green idea : a study of medium effectiveness on behavioural intentions using the theory of planned behaviour 1841
文化霸权与新加坡华文教育: 以南洋大学为例 = Cultural hegemony and chinese education in Singapore : Nanyang University as a case study 1822
AlterNatives : the changing face of Europe 1821
無蟹可擊 = Crab! 1794
The ‘Government’ in our lives : an exploratory study of ideology and the Singapore middle class 1789
Model study of the salt accumulation effect on the membrane performance in osmotic membrane bioreactor 1778
Smelling like a man : a socio-olfactory analysis of masculinity in Singapore 1772
Unplug! world wider than WWW : a campaign addressing internet dependency amongst youth in Singapore 1740
Effects of apron length on jet flipping below a sluice gate 1732
Climate change and Singapore 1732
The aspectual system in Singapore Hokkien 1730
Aspects of the grammar of the Ngeq language 1697
Passive victims or active agents : a case study of Indonesian female marriage migrants in Singapore 1690
Tapping informal networks “Guanxi” with information and communication technologies : empowering rural doctors in Xi’an, China 1680
自闭·不封闭 = Enclosed worlds, open minds 1673
The artifice that endures the burden of the past : analysing memory in Angela Carter's fictional works 1649
Allegiance 1623
The triangulation of another earth, moon and sunshine 1593
“Amma” or “Mommy” : the role of mothers in facilitating intergenerational language transmission in the Singaporean tamil community 1573
Resolving structural ambiguity using animacy and grammatical cues in Chinese 1569
John Banville : interpreting reality through fiction 1555
Examining the student care industry in Singapore : the state’s policies and support for the family’s care-giving responsibilities for children aged 7 to 12 1551
Poetry as postmodern 1549
Time-lagged prediction of rainfall-runoff processes through black-box and regression techniques 1548
Naturally overused : an analysis of health claims on "healthy" supermarket food products with an emphasis on the "natural" angle 1538
Rise & shine breakfast campaign 1536
The funeral 1503
Sustainability strategy : the case of logistics service providers 1481
Fabrication and comparison of RO-like and NF-like forward osmosis membranes 1480
Jet flipping and scouring characteristics by 2-D wall jets 1478
小娘惹•大政府: 看《小娘惹》里国家意识形态的展演 = Staging national ideology through peranakan lens : a case study of The Little Nonya 1475
Best of both worlds : hybrid identities of mixed-race individuals in Singapore 1473
Listening to the other : explorations in subaltern representation 1461
Elderspeak in Singapore : a case study 1449
A sketch grammar of Chang 1417
Daughters of God 1415
Greenhouse gas mitigation strategies : a ship operator’s perspective in the container shipping industry 1407
Film literacy & education in Singapore : learning about movies, learning through movies 1406
从频率效应看上古汉语*-s后缀 = A study of *-s suffix in archaic Chinese based on frequency effect 1404
Calvino and other measures of coherence, form and harmony : Invisible cities, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler and Mr. Palomar 1383
Building the foundation text for Nanyang Technological University : multilingual corpus (NTU-MC) 1378
Language attitudes towards Singapore mandarin and putonghua : a comparison between Singaporean chinese and Chinese nationals 1338
The theatrics of 'not-being' : rehearsing death in postmodern theatre 1337
The green house effect 1307
Is saying sorry good enough? : examining the typologies of apology in organisational response during health crises 1281
Hindu worship in contemporary Singapore 1266
The pursuit of enlightenment and the Singaporean buddhist monastics 1266
A comparative culture and gender study : self, parents, and media influences on adolescents’ exercise intentions 1246
Language and thought : classifier effect in early and late bilinguals 1227
El gris perfecto (the perfect grey) 1220
Mythical heroines : the appropriation of myth in reconstructing female identities in ethnic American literature 1197
The effects of music-induced emotions on English-Chinese bilinguals' resolution of standing ambiguity 1181
Approximating the realist and fantasy modes through "Framley Parsonage" and "Tooth and Claw" 1172
Reduplication in Malay 1159
Theatre of the street : subverting otherness in photography 1141
Chinese-English translation of passive constructions 1125
From the shadows : the political awakening of Malaysia’s Indians 1071
International student mobility : understanding the mobility patterns and adjustment strategies of Indian international students in NTU 1062
Understanding Buddhist environmentalism in Singapore : explaining how religious ideas motivate environmental action 1047
Progressivity and non-compliance in the interactions between children with autism and their parents 1043
When should organizations apologize in times of crises? : examining how the timing of apologies, prior reputation and procedural justice influence stakeholders’ perceptions, attitudes and behavioral responses 1001
Crosslingual comparison of linguistic phenomenon in English, Japanese and Chinese 973
“C’mon, I was just teasing” : a look into functions of teasing amongst young Singaporeans 971
A study of focus and accent in Singapore Malay 936
The effect of auditory training on speech-in-noise performance by elderly bilinguals in Singapore : a pilot study evaluating lace 927
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