Abstract by increasing the number of external cooperation activities the firm engages in. Conversely, family investors' broad investment experience tend to be negatively associated with the number of external cooperation and with firm innovation. Our results show
Abstract targets at face value. In this study we examine conditions under which investors are more likely to infer that analysts who issue aggressive price targets are acting strategically. Investors can evaluate multiple analysts’ price targets with or without

Financial option insurance   [2017]

Wang, Qi-Wen; Shu, Jian-Jun
Abstract The option is a financial derivative, which is regularly employed in reducing the risk of its underlying securities. However, investing in options is still risky. Such risk becomes much more severe for speculators who utilize options as a means
Abstract ) language leads investors to perceive a warmer and more communal AC, and that an AC's perceived warmth/communion (cued by personal language) positively impacts investor judgments. We further posit that the positive effect of personal language is stronger
Abstract respondentse perceptions of the relative importance of selected areas of social disclosures in an investment decision context.
Abstract investment willingness because it decreases understanding. However, for investors with some but low industry knowledge, jargon increases investment willingness because it increases perceived product premium. Such effects exist whether good or bad jargon
Keywords Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract healthtech start-ups have also emerged, offering innovative solutions such as telemedicine, patient booking systems, and more efficient and transparent medical supply chains. Susumu Tsubaki, CEO of AAIC Investment, foresees Africa's healthcare sector
Keywords Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract the effects of diminishing yields from low growth regions. Globally, foreign direct investment (FDI) declined from USD 1.5 trillion in 2017 to USD 1.3 trillion in 2018, sinking for the third consecutive year. FDI flows to developed economies reached
Abstract processing. For the No-MW disclosure firm, mandatory (versus voluntary) disclosure of ICFR material weaknesses and mandatory (versus voluntary) independent ICFR audit are substitutes in enhancing investment potential evaluations. However, for the MW

Predicting fraud by investment managers   [2012]

Dimmock, Stephen G.; Gerken, William Christopher
Keywords DRNTU::Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract to predict fraud. Avoiding the 5% of firms with the highest ex ante predicted fraud risk would allow an investor to avoid 29% of fraud cases and over 40% of the total dollar losses from fraud. We find no evidence that investors receive compensation for fraud
Final Year Projects (FYP)
Abstract Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are often described as instruments that give investors the benefits of diversification at a low cost. It is gaining a lot of attention from investors with all types of portfolios because it is a flexible tool and can

Financial investing : a rigged game?   [2019]

Chong, Min Jian
Abstract Singapore is a renowned global financial hub, with financial investments forming a crucial part of Singaporeans’ daily lives. While perceived as a good way to earn some returns and potentially better one’s lifestyles, is the investing activity
Keywords Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract to consolidate and analyse them collectively are scarce. Therefore, this meta-analysis aims to investigate the relationship between seven of the most prominent behavioural biases – as identified by past literature – present among individual investors and two

Investment overseas : why China?   [1994]

Ng, Cheng Hann; Tang, Chee Wah; Yong, Chih Ying
Keywords DRNTU::Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract To maintain economic growth in the long run, direct foreign investment (DFI) is necessary for Singapore. The Senior Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, at the beginning of January 1993, strongly encouraged Singaporeans to venture out
Keywords DRNTU::Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract in an environment with strong investor protection.
Keywords Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract , it is unclear how the lack of human touch in digital advisors compared to traditional Financial Advisors (FAs) appeals to investors. To investigate how Conflict of Interest (COI) in the financial advisory industry affects the type of financial advice demanded

SavvyMiners   [2023]

Liew, Debbie Zi Qing; Ng, Geraldine Qi Yue; Ong, Daphne Sze Huei; Koh, Shirley Jing Yi
Abstract when 63% of these young adults are not on track to achieve their investment goals amidst a bleak, post-pandemic economy, which can hamper their financial and emotional wellbeing. The campaign defined three components as part of the overall investment
Abstract within their professional networks. Eventually, perceptions and decisions are guided by personal disposition and investment objectives yet constrained by the socio-cultural structure within which investors exist.

Protection of private investors in the Singapore stock market   [1995]

Lee, Wai Ling; Ong, Chen Nee; Tong, Hsu-Lin
Abstract forms of protection have been instituted by the government - safety measures built in the Stock Exchange of Singapore trading system and requirements imposed by legislation. This study aims to look into these two forms of investor protection

Investment in China   [1995]

Chew, Bin Bin; Tan, Boon Huay; Wan, Siang Siang
Abstract and incentives provided by both the Singapore and the Chinaese government, as well as the protections available to Singapore investors. Questionnaires were sent to 100 investors, and a sample of 31 was obtained. Respondents were asked to rank various
Abstract , although China has signed a large number of BITs, Chinese investors seldom claimed the loss in the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The previous research mostly focuses on BIT’s enhancing effect on attracting foreign
Keywords DRNTU::Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract listed as ADRs in US as on June 30, 2002. I find that the country-level investor protection has a strong impact on all three stock-related variables.
Abstract provisions, including investment chapter. This chapter consists of measures that generally construct a bilateral investment treaty (BIT), which aims to protect and promote investment. In terms of IJEPA, it provides protection for Japanese investment
Abstract of the advantages of Singapore-based investors in their efforts to set up operations there as well as analyse the type of operations undertaken so far. While a quick analysis shows that most of these businesses are in the mature industries, the increasing closer
Abstract -the UK, Germany, and France-and China. The study highlights the Euro crisis period, when the EU-China investment relations were affected more by the political than economic issues within the EU-China strategic partnership. Finally, I indicate
Abstract Identify the opportunities, threats, competitive edge and potential pitfalls in the infrastructure sector of the China market, especially for Singaporean construction investors. Possible strategies and recommendations for construction business
Abstract of CAMs intended to provide more relevant information to investors can have the opposite effect of tempering investors’ utilization of other material information relevant to investment-related judgments.
Abstract the relative importance of these factors when making investment decisions.
Abstract and new strategies especially from the Singapore’s investors’ point of view. A case study on BOT hydropower plant has been presented which could be a suitable model for Singapore investors.
Keywords DRNTU::Business::Finance::Investments
Abstract Singapore's regionalisation drive which began in the early '90s is starting to see results. According to the Economie Development Board, Singapore firms' investment in the region exceeds S$11b.1 China, predicted by some economists to have