dc.contributor.authorLeong, Marcus Chiang Mun
dc.contributor.authorChun, Fabian Chiang Mun
dc.contributor.authorWei, Jae Lee Kai
dc.contributor.authorZhen, Peng Qi
dc.contributor.authorSan, Ye Ko
dc.contributor.authorEzhilvalavan, Santhiagu
dc.contributor.authorHoon, Heng Hui
dc.contributor.authorMa, Jan
dc.identifier.citationLeong, M. C. M., Chun, F. C. M., Wei, J. L. K., Zhen, P. Q., San, Y. K., Ezhilvalavan, S., Hoon, H. H.,& Ma, J. (2012). Investigating the Thermoelectric and Structural Properties of Bismuth Telluride Thin Films for Harvesting Energy from Waste Heat. Solid State Phenomena, 18577-80.en_US
dc.description.abstractRecently, thermoelectric thin films have been gaining attention as potential thermoelectric generators that can be used to power external devices. Such films can recover electrical energy from waste heat and are environmentally friendly. Micro fabrication of thin films is achieved by sputtering on silicon films. In this study, the sputtering of Bismuth Telluride (N-type, P-type) films was investigated. Research has verified the efficiency of Bismuth Telluride films, but little is known about how the sputtering process affects the film's quality. Thus, the focus of this study explores how sputtering parameters of discontinuous sputtering intervals, exposure to normal atmospheric conditions and in situ annealing affect the thickness, thermoelectric properties, and microstructure of films. This will bring about a better understanding of the relationship between the sputtering process and the properties of the produced film for both N and P type materials. Recommendations based on this study can contribute to the production of more efficient thin films suitable for energy harvest application.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesSolid state phenomenaen_US
dc.titleInvestigating the thermoelectric and structural properties of bismuth telluride thin films for harvesting energy from waste heaten_US
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.contributor.researchTemasek Laboratoriesen_US

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