dc.contributor.authorParagas, Fernando de la Cruz
dc.identifier.citationParagas, F. d. l. C. (2012). A systems framework to telecommunication policy: the Philippine experience, 1989-2009. info, 14(2), 57-71.en_US
dc.description.abstractPurpose – This paper aims to present a dialogue-based systems framework using two cases in the liberalization of Philippine telecoms. Design/methodology/approach – Through a meta-analysis of government data, academic research and policy studies about Philippine telecoms, the paper presents a holistic view of the role of political, business, and social sectors in policy making and implementation. Findings – The paper shows how intra- and inter-sector dialogues have resulted in the liberalization and growth of the industry. Conversely, it shows how paucities among such dialogues have had consequences in terms of unutilized capacity and in an oversight about the medium of choice in promoting universal access. Moreover, the paper shows how policy is a product of local traditions and global policy trends. Social implications – The paper reinforces calls for states to consider technological innovation and adoption in addressing universal service goals. The Philippines also serves as a case study for other developing states which pursue an agenda of liberalization and deregulation. Originality/value – The study shows the utility of a proposed dialogue-based systems framework as a parsimonious solution to the complexity of policy studies.en_US
dc.titleA systems framework to telecommunication policy : the Philippine experience, 1989-2009en_US
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.contributor.schoolWee Kim Wee School of Communication and Informationen_US

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