dc.contributor.authorArulkumaran, Subramaniam
dc.contributor.authorVicknesh, S.
dc.contributor.authorNg, G. I.
dc.contributor.authorLiu, Z. H.
dc.contributor.authorSelvaraj, S. L.
dc.contributor.authorEgawa, T.
dc.identifier.citationArulkumaran, S., Vicknesh, S., Ng, G. I., Liu, Z. H., Selvaraj, S. L.,& Egawa, T. (2011). High vertical breakdown strength in with low specific on-resistance AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMTs on silicon. Physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid research letters, 5(1), 37-39.en_US
dc.description.abstractOff-state and vertical breakdown characteristics of AlGaN/AlN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) on high-resistivity (HR)-Si substrate were investigated and analysed. Three-terminal off-state breakdown (BVgd) was measured as a function of gate–drain spacing (Lgd). The saturation of BVgd with Lgd is because of increased gate leakage current. HEMTs with Lgd = 6 µm exhibited a specific on-resistance RDS[ON] of 0.45 mΩ cm2. The figure of merit (FOM = BVgd2/RDS[ON]) is as high as 2.0 × 108 V2 Ω–1 cm–2, the highest among the reported values for GaN HEMTs on Si substrate. A vertical breakdown of ∼1000 V was observed on 1.2 µm thick buffer GaN/AlN grown on Si substrate. The occurrence of high breakdown voltage is due to the high quality of GaN/AlN buffer layers on Si substrate with reduced threading dislocations which has been confirmed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). This indicates that the AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMT with 1.2 µm thick GaN/AlN buffer on Si substrate is promising candidate for high-power and high-speed switching device applications.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPhysica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid research lettersen_US
dc.rights© 2011 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.en_US
dc.subjectDRNTU::Engineering::Electrical and electronic engineering::Applications of electronics
dc.titleHigh vertical breakdown strength in with low specific on-resistance AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMTs on siliconen_US
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.contributor.researchTemasek Laboratoriesen_US
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Electrical and Electronic Engineeringen_US

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