Recent Submissions

  • Generation of 3D building models from city area maps 

    Martel, Roman; Dong, Chaoqun; Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry; Erdt, Marius (2019)
    In this paper, we propose a pipeline that converts buildings described in city area maps to 3D models in the CityGML LOD1 standard. The input documents are scanned city area maps provided by a city authority. The city area ...
  • An appearance-driven method for converting polygon soup building models for 3D geospatial applications 

    Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry; Erdt, Marius (2018)
    Polygon soup building models are fine for visualization purposes such as in games and movies. They, however, are not suitable for 3D geospatial applications which require geometrical analysis, since they lack connectivity ...
  • High performance city rendering in Vulkan 

    Zhang, Alex; Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry; Erdt, Marius (2018)
    City scale scenes often contain large amounts of geometry and texture that cannot altogether fit on GPU memory. Our ongoing work seek to minimise texture memory usage by streaming only view-relevant textures and to improve ...