dc.contributor.authorYeo, Jia-Chi
dc.contributor.authorJiang, Jianming
dc.contributor.authorTan, Zi-Ying
dc.contributor.authorYim, Guo-Rong
dc.contributor.authorNg, Jia-Hui
dc.contributor.authorGöke, Jonathan
dc.contributor.authorKraus, Petra
dc.contributor.authorLiang, Hongqing
dc.contributor.authorGonzales, Kevin Andrew Uy
dc.contributor.authorChong, Han-Chung
dc.contributor.authorTan, Cheng-Peow
dc.contributor.authorLim, Yee-Siang
dc.contributor.authorTan, Nguan-Soon
dc.contributor.authorLufkin, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorNg, Huck-Hui
dc.identifier.citationYeo, J.-C., Jiang, J., Tan, Z.-Y., Yim, G.-R., Ng, J.-H., Göke, J., et al. (2014). Klf2 Is an Essential Factor that Sustains Ground State Pluripotency. Cell Stem Cell, 14(6), 864-872.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe maintenance of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) requires LIF and serum. However, a pluripotent “ground state,” bearing resemblance to preimplantation mouse epiblasts, can be established through dual inhibition (2i) of both prodifferentiation Mek/Erk and Gsk3/Tcf3 pathways. While Gsk3 inhibition has been attributed to the transcriptional derepression of Esrrb, the molecular mechanism mediated by Mek inhibition remains unclear. In this study, we show that Krüppel-like factor 2 (Klf2) is phosphorylated by Erk2 and that phospho-Klf2 is proteosomally degraded. Mek inhibition hence prevents Klf2 protein phosphodegradation to sustain pluripotency. Indeed, while Klf2-null mESCs can survive under LIF/Serum, they are not viable under 2i, demonstrating that Klf2 is essential for ground state pluripotency. Importantly, we also show that ectopic Klf2 expression can replace Mek inhibition in mESCs, allowing the culture of Klf2-null mESCs under Gsk3 inhibition alone. Collectively, our study defines the Mek/Erk/Klf2 axis that cooperates with the Gsk3/Tcf3/Esrrb pathway in mediating ground state pluripotency.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipASTAR (Agency for Sci., Tech. and Research, S’pore)en_US
dc.format.extent9 p.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesCell Stem Cellen_US
dc.rights© 2014 Elsevier Inc.en_US
dc.titleKlf2 Is an Essential Factor that Sustains Ground State Pluripotencyen_US
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Biological Sciencesen_US

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