dc.contributor.author曲景毅 Qu, Jingyi
dc.identifier.citationQu, J. (2013). 开放包容成就共生共荣 : 从《谏逐客书》的教学论新加坡政府的移民政策 Opening-up and Inclusiveness Make Co-Existence and Co-Prosperity: On Singapore Immigration Policy from Teaching “Jian Zhuke Shu”. 《琼州学院学报》Journal of Qiongzhou University, 6.en_US
dc.description.abstract本文通过一个高校华文教学个案探讨新加坡政府的移民政策。《谏逐客书》是一篇优秀的劝谏性公文,李斯、秦始皇是饶有趣味的历史人物,其生平掌故容易吸引学生进入正题,文章充满博弈心术的政治与文采斐然的辞令对学习兴趣的调动有利,由此引发当代移民政策的省思对新加坡学生特别富于针对性,使得教学超越文学本身而深入到社会文化主题。文章分析了外来移民带来社会压力的同时,也为社会做出了极大的贡献,当今世界越来越多的国家采取开放的态度吸引外来人才,因此只有开放包容才能成就新加坡本地人与新移民的共生共荣。The article talks about immigration policy in Singapore from a university teaching case. “Jian Zhuke shu” is an outstanding persuasive document in ancient times. Li Si and First Qin Emperor are famous historical figures. Students are very interested in their life stories, political struggle and brilliant phraseology in the text. Furthermore, Singaporean students tend to contact the subject with modern immigration policy in which way makes the teaching transcend to the socio-culture level. The article analyzes immigrants bring social pressure at the same time contribute tremendously to the society. Nowadays more and more countries are open to foreign talents. Therefore, as long as opening-up and inclusiveness can make co-existence and co- prosperity of local citizen and new immigrants in Singapore.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Qiongzhou Universityen_US
dc.subjectOpening-up and inclusivenessen_US
dc.subjectCo-existence and Co-Prosperityen_US
dc.subjectSingapore Chinese Higher Educationen_US
dc.subjectJian Zhuke Shuen_US
dc.subjectImmigration policyen_US
dc.title开放包容成就共生共荣 : 从《谏逐客书》的教学论新加坡政府的移民政策 = Opening-up and inclusiveness make co-existence and co-prosperity : on Singapore immigration policy from teaching “Jian Zhuke Shu”en_US
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Humanities and Social Sciencesen_US

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