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  • Unusual one-step formation of Fe2O3/MnO2 core-shell hollow nanorods as a high performance anode material for lithium ion batteries 

    Hao, Shiji; Huang, Yizhong (2016)
    In the present paper, we propose a facile method toward tuning the interior structure of Fe2O3/MnO2 core-shell nanorods. Through thermal annealing, Fe2O3/MnO2 hollow and Fe2O3/(Fe0.42Mn0.58)2O3/MnO2 solid core-shell nanorods ...
  • Numerical Investigation of Supercritical Water Flow in a 2x2 Rod Bundle Under Non-Uniform Heat Flux 

    Rowinski, Marcin; Soh, Yeng Chai; White, Timothy John; Chieng, Ching Ch.; Zhao, Jiyun (2016)
    Generation III/III+ nuclear reactors operate with working fluid under subcritical conditions (Tc = 647K, pc = 22.115MPa). The efficiency, limited by the ratio of source and sink temperatures, is restricted by operating ...
  • Highly Nonlinear Chalcogenide Glass Waveguides for All-optical Signal Processing 

    Luther-Davies, Barry; Madden, S.; Choi, D.-Y.; Wang, R.; Bulla, D.; Gai, X.; Han, T.; White, Timothy John; Vo, T.; Luan, F.; Pelusi, M.; Schroeder, J.; Pant, R.; Van Erps, J.; Eggleton, B. (2011)
    I describe the development of highly nonlinear chalcogenide glass waveguides for photonics and their application as nonlinear optical devices for high speed processing and monitoring of telecommunications signals.
  • Nanofiller Reinforcement versus Surface Treatment Effect on the Mechanical Properties of Syntactic Foams 

    Zhang, Liying; Chen, Ye; Hu, Xiao; Liu, Ming (2015)
    Syntactic foams are one of the special kinds of composite materials which can be prepared in a mechanical way by mixing hollow particles (the filler) with a resin system (the binder). To improve the mechanical properties ...
  • Potential of cold spray as additive manufacturing for Ti6Al4V 

    Tan, Adrian Wei-Yee; Wen, Sun; Khun, Nay Win; Marinescu, Iulian; Dong, Zhili; Liu, Erjia (2016)
    Cold spray can be regarded as a high build-speed (300-400 cm3/h) additive manufacturing technology that is capable of non-thermal freeform fabrication on any surface profile. It uses a high pressured and preheated gas ...
  • Preliminary Investigation On Selective Laser Melting Of Pure Tin 

    Yap, Chor Yen; Chua, Chee Kai; Dong, Zhi Li (2016)
    Selective Laser Melting is a 3D printing method that uses high power laser to melt selective regions of a powder bed and fabricate components layer-by-layer. It is capable of producing near full density components with ...
  • Selective Laser Melting: On the Study of Microstructure of K220 

    Zhang, Dan Qing; Liu, Zhong Hong; Li, Shuai; Muzzammil, Muhd.; Wong, C. H.; Chua, Chee Kai (2014)
    K220 copper parts were produced by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology. The relative densities and microstructures of the SLM parts under different laser energy densities were measured and analysed. We observed an ...
  • State-of-the-Art Review on Selective Laser Melting of Non-Ferrous Metals 

    Yap, Chor Yen; Chua, Chee Kai; Dong, Z. L.; Liu, Zhong Hong; Zhang, Dan Qing (2014)
    In the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM), Rapid Prototyping (RP) or 3D Printing, there is an increasing research interest in Selective Laser Melting (SLM) in the past few years. This review focuses on the SLM of non-ferrous ...
  • Boron Carbide-Based Nanostructured Composite by Spark Plasma Sintering 

    Xie, Sky Shumao; Solodkyi, Ievgen; Vasylkiv, Oleg; Silberschmidt, Vadim; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong (2014)
    In the current paper, we present the use of nanostructured boron suboxide (B6O) and in-situ synthesized hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) to form structured composites with commercially available boron carbide (B4C). Taking ...
  • Mid-infrared 2D Photodetector based on bilayer PtSe2 

    Yu, Xuechao; Yu, Peng; Liu, Zheng; Wang, Qi Jie (2016)
    In this work, large crystal atomic layer PtSe2 with a narrow band gap is synthesized by chemical transfer method. We then demonstrated, for the first time, mid-infrared photodetectors based on bilayer PtSe2 with fast ...
  • Optofluidics: Guiding the Nanoparticles and Biomolecules with Light 

    Chin, Lip Ket; Shi, Yu Zhi; Zhao, H. T.; Liu, Patricia Yang; Yap, Peng Huat; Wang, K.; Wang, Gang; Liedberg, Bo; Ser, Wee; Liu, Ai Qun (2015)
    Optofluidics has recently gained huge research attentions because of its synergic manipulations of light and liquids. Several optofluidic components and devices have been demonstrated in the last 10 years, leading to its ...
  • Erbium-doped Fiber Laser with Distributed Feedback from a Fiber Grating Array 

    Dong, Xinyong; Yuan, Junwei; Zhu, Lei; Shum, Perry Ping; Su, Haibin (2015)
    An erbium-doped fiber laser with low coherence, low threshold, high efficiency and narrow linewidth is demonstrated for the first time based on distributed feedback from a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) array. The FBG array ...
  • Growth of reduced graphene oxide 

    Huang, Jingfeng; Chen, Hu; Fam, Derrick; Faulkner, Steve H.; Niu, Wenbin; Larisika, Melanie; Nowak, Christoph; Nimmo, Myra A.; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong (2014)
    Reduced graphene oxide (RGO) has the advantage of an aqueous and industrial-scalable production route. However, one of the main limitations that prevent the use of RGO in electronics is the high electrical resistance ...
  • Laser focus depth adaptation for decapsulation of copper wirebonded devices 

    Kor, Katherine Hwee Boon; Liu, Qing; Siah, Yu Wen; Gan, Chee Lip (2014)
    Although pre-laser decapsulation reduces the time to acid exposure for subsequent chemical decapsulation of copper wirebonded devices, it can result in severely damaged or broken copper wirebonds if carried out at a ...
  • Charge dynamics in alkanedithiols-additives in P3HT : PCBM bulk heterojunction solar cells 

    Solanki, Ankur; Wu, Bo; Lam, Yeng Ming; Sum, Tze Chien (2014)
    Addition of a small fraction of high boiling point solvent into the host of donor/acceptor blend is one the best approach to control the morphology in order to enhance the power conversion efficiency of organic bulk ...
  • Development of new generation bone graft material : silver, silicon co-substituted Apatite with bi-functional properties 

    Lim, Poon Nian; Chang, Lei; Ho, Bow; Tay, Bee Yen; Cleo, Choong; Thian, Eng San (2014)
    With the rise of ageing population, the need to restore the function of degenerative bone greatly drives the market for bone grafts. Hydroxyapatite (HA) is chemically similar to natural bone mineral and has been widely ...
  • Editorial preface 

    Ezhilvalavan, Santhiagu; Branicio, Paulo Sergio; Kong, Ling Bing (2014)
    Abstract is not available in fulltext.
  • High-frequency properties and electromagnetic wave attenuation for hexaferrite composites 

    Li, Z. W.; Yang, Z. H.; Kong, Ling Bing (2013)
    Static, high-frequency magnetic properties and EM attenuation characteristics have been studied for Ti substituted Z-type hexaferrites, Ba3Co2Fe24-xTixO41 with x=0-0.6, and ferrite/silicone composites. The results show ...
  • Ag nanoparticle-blended plasmonic organic solar cells : performance enhancement or detraction? 

    Wu, Bo; Mathews, Nripan; Sum, Tze Chien (2014)
    The blending of metallic nanoparticles into the active layer of organic solar cells in a bid to enhance their light absorption and device performance has led to controversial reports of both efficiency enhancement and ...
  • Bio inspired Magnet-polymer (Magpol) actuators 

    Ahmed, Anansa S.; Ramanujan, R. V. (2014)
    Magnet filler–polymer matrix composites (Magpol) are an emerging class of morphing materials. Magpol composites have an interesting ability to undergo large strains in response to an external magnetic field. The potential ...

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