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  • Portable Drone Jammers : An Assessment 

    Tan, Teck Boon (2018-08-17)
    The rapid proliferation of consumer drones poses a security threat. Portable drone jammers are being used to combat rogue consumer drones. Their shortcomings can be offset by deploying them together with other counter-drone ...
  • India-China : Forging ‘Development Partnership’? 

    P. S. Suryanarayana (2018-08-16)
    China will be happy to have partners as it faces the United States in the emerging global trade war. With India seeking to break out of its geopolitical trap, there seems to be some room for a new ‘sense’ of Sino-Indian ...
  • 51st ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Singapore – Whither ASEAN Centrality? 

    Tsjeng, Henrick Zhizhao; Ho, Shawn (2018-08-14)
    The recent 51st ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (AMM) and Related Meetings in Singapore saw progress on the South China Sea issue. This demonstrates the importance of ASEAN as a regional anchor and the viability of ASEAN ...
  • The South China Sea Precedent : Rising Instability Amidst Revisionist Tendencies 

    Christopher B. Roberts (2018-08-07)
    Declining US leadership and a weakening rules-based order are interdependent with Beijing’s rising revisionism and assertiveness. How this has played out in the South China Sea is a dangerous precedent for other military ...
  • ‘Islam Nusantara’ and its Discontents 

    Syafiq Hasyim (2018-08-08)
    The idea of Islam Nusantara promoted by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the largest Muslim organisation in Indonesia, remains debated among Muslim groups in Indonesia. The idea is not totally acceptable to Indonesian Muslims and ...
  • Indo-Pacific : The Next Growth Engine? 

    Lim, Christopher H.; Tan, Ming Hui (2018-08-10)
    There is more to gain by turning the Indo-Pacific into the next global growth engine.
  • Indo-Pacific : US Role in Infrastructure 

    Pitakdumrongkit, Kaewkamol (2018-08-06)
    The US has announced that it will make a US$113 million “down payment” to support its initiatives in the Indo-Pacific in the areas of digital economy, energy, and infrastructure. While this amount pales in comparison to ...
  • Inaugural ASEAN-China Maritime Exercise : What To Expect 

    Koh, Colin Swee Lean (2018-08-03)
    While largely symbolic, the inaugural ASEAN-China Maritime Exercise serves as a first step forward in promoting practical measures for confidence-building and maritime safety despite ongoing disputes in the South China Sea.
  • 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election - The #2019ChangePresident Campaign : Tightening the Screws? 

    Dinarto, Dedi (2018-08-02)
    An anti-Jokowi movement is building up, rallying around the hashtag #2019ChangePresident. The rallies have resonated such that they have extended beyond Java. The screws are tightening ahead of the 2019 presidential election.
  • Indonesian Presidential Election 2019 – The Coming Divisive Contest : Jokowi vs. Prabowo 

    Emirza Adi Syailendra (2018-08-01)
    Indonesian politicians are preparing for the 2019 presidential and legislative elections. A high barrier to entry has shaped the coming presidential election into a two-horse race. As the two separate elections will be ...
  • India-Singapore Innovation Hub : New Impetus for Economic Cooperation 

    Choudhury, Rahul (2018-07-31)
    A new innovation hub launched in Singapore during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit will facilitate collaboration between Indian and Singapore enterprises by being a bridge in their start-up landscape.
  • Climate Change Scepticism : A Form of Fundamentalist Belief? 

    Kalicharan Veera Singam (2018-07-25)
    The scepticism over climate change persists although adverse effects from a warming planet are already being felt. Is such scepticism, predicated upon belief, a form of fundamentalism?
  • Britain and ASEAN : Strengthening Ties Post-Brexit 

    Wightman, Scott (2018-07-26)
    The UK makes a tangible and significant contribution to the security and prosperity of Southeast Asia, and to strengthening and supporting ASEAN, and the Rules Based International System (RBIS) it seeks to uphold. This ...
  • Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit : So Who Gained? 

    Cheang, Chris (2018-07-23)
    The recent Helsinki meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin will be recorded in history as the commencement of a long process of stabilisation and normalisation of US-Russia relations, which hitherto have been described ...
  • Understanding and Addressing Inequality 

    Huan, Amanda (2018-07-24)
    Worsening inequality is one of the world’s most pressing problems. It is not merely an economic issue, but a political and moral one as well. In the West, the rise of populist parties is an indicator of the dissatisfaction ...
  • ‘Ecological Civilisation’ : China’s Ideological Counter-View? 

    Victor R. Savage; Lin, Qi Feng (2018-07-19)
    China’s concept of ecological civilisation is meant to counter the Western view of sustainable development and assert its thought leadership on environmental issues.
  • The 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election – The Jockeying Gathers Pace : Fluidity Of Candidates and Parties 

    Alexander Raymond Arifianto (2018-07-20)
    As the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election – set for 17 April 2019 – is only nine months away, potential aspirants are currently involved in horse-trading with political parties that are likely to back them.
  • Japan’s New Cybersecurity Strategy : Plugging the IoT Gap 

    Matsubara, Mihoko (2018-07-18)
    Japan should craft a new Cybersecurity Strategy to encourage risk-averse business leadership to tackle shadow IT and bring visibility and control on two key fronts: first, endpoint security to protect computers, servers, ...
  • The Quadrilateral Conundrum : Can ASEAN Be Persuaded? 

    Ng, Joel (2018-07-17)
    If the Quad cannot make clear how it addresses three inherent contradictions in its revival of the ‘Indo-Pacific’, it will not achieve the support of ASEAN states.
  • Jokowi’s Soft Diplomacy : Global Islamic Network of Moderation 

    Nubowo, Andar (2018-07-16)
    In the face of rising conservatism, President Jokowi recently launched a new endeavour to promote “moderation in Islam” both domestically and internationally. Can Indonesia be a power house for promoting ‘smiling’ Islam ...

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