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  • The Stabbing of Wiranto : Growing Trend of Knife Attacks 

    Arianti, Vidia (2019)
    The stabbing of Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Political, Law, and Security Wiranto highlights that top Indonesian government officials, especially those in charge of security matters, have long been targeted by the ...
  • New Media : The Wooing of India’s Voters 

    Palit, Parama Sinha (2019)
    New media platforms are increasingly becoming an integral part of political communication in India. Notwithstanding misinformation and disinformation that plague India’s digital communication, both political leaders and ...
  • Climate Change and Global Warming : Singapore and the Arctic 

    Menon, Vijayalakshmi (2019)
    The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has added urgency to the need to address enduring changes in the world’s oceans due to global warming. In this respect, the Arctic is expected to be where ...
  • Healthcare : A Critical Information Infrastructure 

    Reich, Pauline Carole (2019)
    As we rely more and more on networked data and devices with the advent of the 5G networks, there are more Internet-connected devices entering the medical marketplace worldwide. What are the cybersecurity risks to the ...
  • RSIS High-Level Trade Policy Meeting – Looking into the Trade Abyss 

    Rogerson, Evan (2019)
    With the outbreak of large-scale trade wars around the world, and the pressures nationalist governments have applied on the World Trade Organisation (WTO), there is an urgent need for an in-depth evaluation of the perils ...
  • Coding For Fun or For the Future? 

    Gal, Danit (2019)
    As Singapore introduces new educational measures to promote technical literacy and competence among younger generations, it should at the same time carefully plan the technology-enabled future it intends to create. To this ...
  • ASEAN-US Maritime Exercise 2019 : Maintaining ASEAN Neutrality 

    Suorsa, Olli Pekka (2019)
    The ASEAN-US maritime security exercise took place on 2-6 September 2019 — following a similar exercise ASEAN held with China in October last year. While this signified growing Sino-US competition in Southeast Asia, it is ...
  • Multi-Domain Operations : US Army and the Indo-Pacific 

    Kuniyuki, Kaname (2019)
    Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) is an evolving US Army concept that addresses the US Army’s contribution to future joint operations against an adversary with well-developed anti-access/area-denial capabilities (A2/AD). The ...
  • Syria : Uzbekistan’s Approach to IS Detainees 

    Soliev, Nodirbek (2019)
    Following IS’ demise in Syria, the international community has grappled with several complex challenges, including how to deal with women and children who joined IS in the Iraq-Syria conflict zone and are seeking to return home.
  • ASEAN’s Digital Economy : Getting the House in Order 

    Anuar, Amalina (2019)
    ASEAN has been making strides to realise its digital ambitions. But are existing efforts enough and how can ASEAN move forward from here?
  • Hong Kong’s 2019 Turmoil : A Dismal Future? 

    Teo, K. B. (2019)
    As Hong Kong’s political crisis deepens, what are the options open to Beijing and what are the priority issues for the Hong Kong leadership?
  • Russia and the West : Towards Normalisation? 

    Cheang, Chris (2019)
    A number of recent developments presages the beginning of a process that might lead to normalisation of Russo-Western relations.
  • Trump, Syria, And The Betrayal Of The Kurds 

    Ang, Adrian U-Jin (2019)
    What are the political and diplomatic implications of the US decision to withdraw its forces from northeastern Syria?
  • Yet Another Haze Crisis : How Now? 

    Khor, Yu Leng; Saravanamuttu, Johan (2019)
    Three main factors cause the Southeast Asian transboundary haze; weather, peatland management and people. The acrid smog may have cleared for now but unless the underlying issues are addressed the recurring haze will have ...
  • Russia’s Pivot to the East : A New Balance? 

    Cheang, Chris (2019)
    Russia’s pivot to the East is assuming a more balanced tilt and might become more sustainable.
  • Jokowi After the First Term – Indonesia’s KPK : Clipping Its Anti-Corruption Wings? 

    Ng, Jefferson (2019)
    The Indonesian Parliament (DPR) and the President have discussed and approved an amendment clipping the wings of Indonesia’s independent anti-corruption agency. What are the policy implications and what accounts for the ...
  • PRC Turns 70 : Five Elements of its Grand Strategy 

    Ho, Benjamin Tze Ern (2019)
    As the People’s Republic of China prepares for its 70th birthday on 1 October, the issue of its grand strategy will be closely watched by political observers. To this end, both domestic and international objectives must ...
  • The Next Race : The Geostrategic Contest in Space 

    Johnson-Freese, Joan (2019)
    The numbers of countries and companies active in outer space have greatly expanded in recent decades, complicating this particular geostrategic domain. New “rules of the road” for space are called for. In this regard, the ...
  • Jokowi After the First Term – Indonesia’s Counterterrorism Policy : An Appraisal 

    Anindya, Chaula Rininta (2019)
    President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s re-election would allow policy continuity in combating terrorism. What is his legacy? What should be done to improve it?
  • The Success of the German Greens : Why It Matters to Asia 

    Kliem, Frederick (2019)
    Recent success of the German Greens proves that the formerly radical eco-party has long entered mainstream politics. This has ramifications for Germany, Europe, and even Asia.

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