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  • The South China Sea Disputes : Makings of a New Cold War? 

    Teo, KB (2018-12-07)
    Tensions in the South China Sea (SCS) have somewhat abated but the latent flashpoint remains. In mid-October 2018, a near collision took place between an American and Chinese warship. The US has attacked Beijing’s expansionism. ...
  • ‘Mutation’ in the Global Economy? 

    Lim, Christopher Hang-Kwang; Savage, Victor Roger (2018-12-06)
    Since the 2007-2008 Global Finance Crisis (GFC), the global economy has experienced a decade-long “economic stimulus” which can be likened to a steroid in human health. Could this possibly create a highly resistant “economic ...
  • G20 in Buenos Aires : End of US-China Trade War? 

    Lee, Su-Hyun; Lee, Chia-yi (2018-12-05)
    The 2018 G20 Summit in Buenos Aires, concluded amidst rising tensions between the US and China over trade. The G20 leaders’ final declaration this year addressed important issues like digitalisation, infrastructure, food ...
  • Online Extremism in Russia : Assessing Putin’s Move 

    Cheang, Chris (2018-12-05)
    In a calculated move, President Vladimir Putin intervened to lessen the impact of an anti-extremism piece of legislation. He is not getting soft against extremism. The main consideration is his ability to stay popular and ...
  • Developing Timor-Leste’s Oil Resources : At What Cost? 

    Menon, Vijayalakshmi (2018-12-04)
    Timor-Leste’s recent action to acquire the majority stake in the joint venture that was to develop the oil and gas in the Greater Sunrise field, gives it a greater say on the controversial issue of the location of the ...
  • India Acts East, Looks West 

    Suryanarayana, Pisupati Sadasiva (2018-12-03)
    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Singapore in mid-November 2018 was an exercise in strategic autonomy. He gained time to carve a comfort zone for India in a proposed regional economic pact which will include ...
  • G20 at Ten : Time For Greater Multilateral Role 

    Rana, Pradumna Bickram; Ji, Xianbai (2018-12-03)
    The G20 summit last weekend in Argentina resulted in a truce between Washington and Beijing and pledged to reform the WTO. It is now time for the G20 to play a bigger role in the multilateral trading system.
  • The China Challenge : Contending Discourses on International Order 

    Ho, Benjamin (2018-11-30)
    Amidst ongoing global debate about how best to engage China is a more fundamental contestation over what kind of international order is emerging in the coming years. To this end, realist, liberal and constructivist assumptions ...
  • Reintegrating Former Terrorist Inmates : Role of Local Government 

    Anindya, Chaula Rininta (2018-11-29)
    Indonesia can no longer centralise its Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) initiatives in Jakarta given the growing complexities involved in counter-terror efforts in the country. Instead, Indonesia should start by involving ...
  • Indonesia’s Growing Halal Market : Impact on the Economy 

    Syafiq Hasyim (2018-11-28)
    Indonesia remains the largest Muslim country in the world in terms of population. In 2019, Indonesia will officially implement a law on Halal Product Assurance. This legal framework will potentially turn Indonesia into the ...
  • Elections Integrity in Fake News Era : Who Protects, and How? 

    Jayakumar, Shashi (2018-11-29)
    How are disinformation and fake news threats evolving? What are the key pressure points in democratic societies and what can be done to protect against these threats? How should responsibility by apportioned?
  • Cyber Cooperation for ASEAN : Smoother Ride on Track II? 

    Tan, Eugene E Guang (2018-11-27)
    The recently-concluded ASEAN Summit in Singapore called for the promotion of secure and resilient information and communications technologies (ICT) infrastructure. It noted that this can contribute to regional security and ...
  • Anwar’s Rise, Fall and Rise Again : Tests in Malaysia’s Succession 

    Yang Razali Kassim (2018-11-26)
    While Prime Minister Mahathir rebuilds the country, his designated successor, Anwar Ibrahim, is laying the ground for the agreed political transition in about two years’ time. The recent election in Anwar’s party had, ...
  • Singapore’s Nascent Urban Farming : Potential Future Regional Centre? 

    Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P. (2018-11-23)
    Singapore signalled strong support for its urban farming industry by tendering 24 hectares of land for high-productivity vegetable farms in 2017. Foresighted action is now needed to reduce risk to leafy vegetable producers ...
  • Regulating Artificial Intelligence : An Ethical Approach 

    Teo, Yi-Ling (2018-11-27)
    As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more pervasive in everyday life, questions are being asked about where the legal and ethical bright lines are – or should be – in regulating its use.
  • New US Strategy for Counterterrorism : Implications for Southeast Asia 

    Darden, Jessica Trisko (2018-11-22)
    President Trump’s new National Strategy for Counterterrorism recognises the weaknesses of relying solely on military force and calls for increased effort to prevent terrorism through non-military means and burden-sharing. ...
  • Japan’s X-2 Fighter Programme : Continuing Challenges 

    Bitzinger, Richard A. (2018-11-21)
    Japan’s hopes for using its X-2 Shinshin combat aircraft programme to leap into the forefront the global fighter jet business are increasingly challenged by a variety of technological, political, and economic complications.
  • Russia’s Pivot to the East : Putin’s Broadening Move 

    Cheang, Chris (2018-11-15)
    President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to Singapore this week, and in particular his participation in the 3rd ASEAN-Russia Summit and 13th East Asia Summit (EAS), mark an important step in Russia’s efforts to broaden its ...
  • The Beijing Xiangshan Forum : Competition or Co-existence? 

    Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy (2018-11-19)
    The Beijing Xiangshan Forum is developing as an important track 1.5 platform for dialogue and cooperation on regional and global defence and security issues with growing global influence. Through this forum, China also ...
  • Singapore’s ASEAN Chairmanship : Advancing Peace & Security 

    Ng, Joel (2018-11-16)
    Peace in ASEAN has been good for Singapore. As ASEAN Chair for 2018, Singapore has worked hard to enhance these prospects during its tenure which just ended.

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