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  • Trump-Kim Summit 2018 : Russia’s Cautious Response 

    Cheang, Chris (2018-06-19)
    Russia’s relatively cautious reaction to the Singapore Summit’s outcome suggests that it seeks a role in the denuclearisation efforts of the Korean Peninsula.
  • Trump-Kim Summit : The Failure of American Leadership? 

    Bhubhindar Singh (2018-06-20)
    The impact of the Trump-Kim summit on American leadership in Northeast/East Asia is, at best, mixed. While the summit may have strengthened America’s leverage in the Korean Peninsula, it failed to reassure its Northeast ...
  • Trump-Kim Summit : The Razzmatazz of Public Diplomacy 

    Chong, Alan (2018-06-20)
    The Trump-Kim Summit of 12 June 2018 in Singapore is not to be remembered solely for its diplomatic significance. Thanks to today’s image-making culture and the cult of social media, the summit was equally about making ...
  • India’s Indo-Pacific Embrace 

    Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy (2018-06-20)
    India’s perspective on peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific was outlined by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visits to New Delhi’s maritime neighbours – Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Trump’s Trade War : How should Asia Respond? 

    Pradumna Bickram Rana (2018-06-19)
    President Trump’s policies are undermining the post-World War II rules-based multilateral trading system. Countries in the European Union and Asia should resist,and speak up. They should also strengthen the G20.
  • The East Java gubernatorial race : dead heat but non - controversial 

    Arifianto, Alexander Raymond; Chen, Jonathan (2018-06-14)
    While the East Java gubernatorial election remains one of the most significant regional-level leadership races in Indonesia this year, campaigns had been orderly and free of controversy. Only a few hot-button issues that ...
  • Inching for a trade war : worst is yet to come 

    Pitakdumrongkit, Kaewkamol (2018-06-14)
    Although the prospect of a trade war between US and other economies looms large, the actual confrontation could still be evaded. But even if a trade war does not occur, the world is not off the hook as the US is having ...
  • Trump-Kim summit – S. Rajaratnam and Singapore’s role 

    Chong, Alan; Ong-Webb, Graham (2018-06-12)
    Hosting the Trump-Kim Summit is entirely consistent with the vision of Singapore’s first foreign minister – S. Rajaratnam. Yet, it is not enough that Singapore is trusted and neutral. Singapore must have the capacity and ...
  • India’s strategy of connectivity and autonomy 

    Suryanarayana, P. S. (2018-06-11)
    China and Russia’s outreach towards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created space for him to explore a new ‘Connect East’ strategy towards ASEAN and seek nuanced ‘strategic autonomy’ in engaging big powers.
  • The Maldives : lessons for small states in a changing world 

    Han, Fook Kwang (2018-06-04)
    The Maldives is facing both internal political turmoil and external challenges from the changing geopolitical landscape in the Indian Ocean. There are lessons here for small states seeking to protect their sovereignty.
  • Religion and conflict : the myth of inevitable collision 

    Hedges, Paul (2018-06-06)
    The recent attacks on churches in Indonesia may spark renewed concern that religious differences are inevitably contentious if not leading outright to violence. However, history suggests that harmonious coexistence is the norm.
  • China’s laser weapons : future potential, future tensions? 

    Zi, Yang (2018-06-05)
    China’s increasingly sophisticated laser weapons arsenal is becoming a source of concern for its strategic rivals. What are their future potential?
  • Myth of the “Game-Changer” Weapon 

    Richard, A. Bitzinger (2018-05-31)
    Many advanced weapons systems are frequently touted as “game-changers,” and yet they rarely achieve their proffered, decisive impact. Ultimately, victory in war is more than just equipment – it is also a matter of tactics ...
  • Pre-Summit Posturing : The Trump-Kim Manoeuvres 

    Alan, Chong; Graham, Ong-Webb (2018-05-31)
    The on-off, on-again tempo of the dance between Chairman Kim Jong-Un of North Korea and President Donald Trump of the US can easily invite overwhelming cynicism towards peace efforts on the Korean Peninsula. But it can ...
  • Inter-Agency Dynamics in Indonesia - Shifting Sands : POLRI-TNI Ties in Counterterrorism 

    Emirza Adi Syailendrav (2018-05-25)
    Despite many looming questions with regard to the rules of engagement, militarisation of counterterrorism in Indonesia seems to be an irreversible trend. Ruffled ties between the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) and the police ...
  • Thai General Election 2019 : Regime Change or Consolidation? 

    Antonio L Rappa (2018-05-21)
    Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha has announced that the general election will be held by February 2019 if three conditions are met. Why is Prayut demanding three conditions and to what extent will the GE result in ...
  • GE14 & Its Aftermath - Enter Malaysia’s New Political Order 

    Yang Razali Kassim (2018-05-17)
    Days after the political earthquake of a general election on 9 May, Anwar Ibrahim declared Malaysia “on the verge of a new golden era”. Will it be a mere change of government or a political transition to a new order?
  • One Year After Marawi : Has The Threat Gone? 

    Singh, Jasminder (2018-05-30)
    A year after the Marawi seizure by militants, the rest of Southeast Asia is still reeling from it implications. Islamic State militant groups in the Philippines are regrouping and engaging in clashes with government security ...
  • Seeing Through The Fog of Trade War 

    Evan, Rogerson (2018-05-30)
    In the US, trade policy is making the headlines, and maybe the headlines are making trade policy. Other governments need to look beyond the rhetoric and continue to work on the co-operative structures that can eventually ...
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution : Its Security Implications 

    Cung Vu (2018-05-23)
    The term “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, alternatively known as “Industry 4.0”, is a buzzword nowadays but what does it actually mean? What are its security implications?

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