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  • Spectroscopic characterization and mechanistic studies on visible light photoredox carbon–carbon bond formation by bis(arylimino)acenaphthene copper photosensitizers 

    Ng, Yik Yie; Tan, Lisa Jiaying; Ng, Shue Mei; Chai, Yoke Tin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Du, Yonghua; Yeow, Edwin Kok Lee; Soo, Han Sen (2018)
    Currently, the most popular molecular photosensitizers used for synthetic organic chemistry and energy applications are still the noble metal-based ruthenium and iridium complexes that usually require expensive metal and ...
  • 拉盖尔-高斯光束照射产生散斑场的特性研究 = Study on properties of speckle field formed by Laguerre-Gaussian beam illumination 

    李新忠 Li Xinzhong; 田晓敏 Tian Xiaomin; 王辉 Wang Hui; 汤洁 Tang Jie; 王屹山 Wang Yishan; 聂兆刚 Nie Zhaogang; 李贺贺 Li Hehe; 王静鸽 Wang Jingge (2015)
    研究了拉盖尔-高斯光束照射毛玻璃产生的散斑场的特性。利用空间光调制器结合计算全息法产生了拉盖尔-高斯涡旋光束;较深入地研究了拉盖尔-高斯光束照射下散斑大小与光束径向指数、角向指数及涡旋光束面积间的关系。结果显示:对同一径向指数,散斑颗粒平均大小随角向指数的增大呈直线减小趋势;对同一角向指数,散斑大小随径向指数的增大而减小;散斑大小与涡旋光束照射面积的负指数成正比;随径向指数的增大,其逐渐接近高斯光束照射的结果。 The properties ...
  • Large dimensional empirical likelihood 

    Chen, Binbin; Pan, Guangming; Yang, Qing; Zhou, Wang (2015)
    The empirical likelihood is a versatile nonparametric approach to testing hypotheses and constructing confidence regions. However it is not clear if Wilks’ Theorem still works in high dimensions. In this paper, by adding ...
  • Correlation in hard distributions in communication complexity 

    Bottesch, Ralph Christian; Gavinsky, Dmitry; Klauck, Hartmut (2015)
    We study the effect that the amount of correlation in a bipartite distribution has on the communication complexity of a problem under that distribution. We introduce a new family of complexity measures that interpolates ...
  • Spin response to localized pumps : exciton polaritons versus electrons and holes 

    Sacksteder IV, Vincent; Pervishko, Anastasiia A.; Shelykh, Ivan A. (2016)
    Polariton polarization can be described in terms of a pseudospin which can be oriented along the x,y, or z axis, similarly to electron and hole spin. Unlike electrons and holes where time-reversal symmetry requires that ...
  • Embeddings of Schatten norms with applications to data streams 

    Li, Yi; Woodruff, David P. (2017)
    Given an n×d matrix A, its Schatten-p norm, p >= 1, is defined as |A|_p = (sum_{i=1}^rank(A) sigma(i)^p)^{1/p} where sigma_i(A) is the i-th largest singular value of A. These norms have been studied in functional ...
  • Ultrastrong light-matter coupling of cyclotron transition in monolayer MoS2 

    Li, Benliang; Liu, Tao; Hewak, Daniel W.; Shen, Zexiang; Wang, Qi Jie (2016)
    The light-matter coupling between cyclotron transition and photon is theoretically investigated in a monolayer MoS2 system with consideration of the influence of electron-hole asymmetry. The results show that ultrastrong ...
  • Superconducting resonator and Rydberg atom hybrid system in the strong coupling regime 

    Yu, Deshui; Landra, Alessandro; Valado, María Martínez; Hufnagel, Christoph; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Amico, Luigi; Dumke, Rainer (2016)
    We propose a promising hybrid quantum system, where a highly excited atom strongly interacts with a superconducting LC oscillator via the electric field of capacitor. An external electrostatic field is applied to tune the ...
  • Quantum statistics in a time-modulated exciton-photon system 

    Kryuchkyan, G. Yu.; Shahinyan, A. R.; Shelykh, Ivan A. (2016)
    We consider a system consisting of a large individual quantum dot with excitonic resonance coupled to a single-mode photonic cavity in the nonlinear regime when exciton-exciton interaction becomes important. Quantum ...
  • Thermodynamical cost of some interpretations of quantum theory 

    Cabello, Adán; Gu, Mile; Gühne, Otfried; Larsson, Jan-Åke; Wiesner, Karoline (2016)
    The interpretation of quantum theory is one of the longest-standing debates in physics. Type I interpretations see quantum probabilities as determined by intrinsic properties of the observed system. Type II see them as ...
  • Power of one qumode for quantum computation 

    Liu, Nana; Thompson, Jayne; Weedbrook, Christian; Lloyd, Seth; Vedral, Vlatko; Gu, Mile; Modi, Kavan (2016)
    Although quantum computers are capable of solving problems like factoring exponentially faster than the best-known classical algorithms, determining the resources responsible for their computational power remains unclear. ...
  • Power of one bit of quantum information in quantum metrology 

    Cable, Hugo; Gu, Mile; Modi, Kavan (2016)
    We present a model of quantum metrology inspired by the computational model known as deterministic quantum computation with one quantum bit (DQC1). Using only one pure qubit together with l fully mixed qubits we obtain ...
  • Enhancing electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution by nickel salicylaldimine complexes with alkali metal cations in aqueous media 

    Shao, Haiyan; Muduli, Subas K.; Tran, Phong D.; Soo, Han Sen (2016)
    New salicylaldimine nickel complexes, comprising only earth-abundant elements, have been developed for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution in aqueous media. The second-sphere ether functionalities on the periphery of the ...
  • Polariton laser diodes 

    Höfling, S.; Schneider, C.; Amthor, M.; Kim, N.Y.; Rahimi-Iman, A.; Savenko, I.G.; Shelykh, I.A.; Kulakovskii, V.D.; Kamp, M.; Reitzenstein, S.; Worschech, L.; Yamamoto, Y.; Forchel, A. (2014)
    Exciton-polariton lasers are operated in the strong light matter coupling regime. They promise low threshold operation since population inversion is not inherently necessary. Hence they are of great interest for next ...
  • Bay-region functionalisation of Ar-BIAN ligands and their use within highly absorptive cationic iridium(III) dyes 

    Kamrul Hasan; Wang, Jingyi; Pal, Amlan K.; Hierlinger, Claus; Guerchais, Véronique; Soo, Han Sen; García, Felipe; Zysman-Colman, Eli (2017)
    We report the synthesis, UV-vis absorption, electrochemical characterisation, and DFT studies of five panchromatic, heteroleptic iridium complexes (four of which are new) supported by Ar-BIAN ligands. In particular, the ...
  • Planar superconducting toroidal metamaterial : a source for oscillating vector-potential? 

    Savinov, V.; Delfanazari, K.; Fedotov, V. A.; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    We demonstrate the first superconducting metamaterial that can exhibit a profound toroidal dipolar resonance. Quantum behaviour of the superconductor and toroidal excitation of the metamaterial are both necessary prerequisites ...
  • Using nonlinear optical networks for optimization: primer of the ant colony algorithm 

    Hu, Wenchao; Wu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Soci, Cesare (2014)
    Using nonlinear Erbium doped optical fiber network we have implemented an optimization algorithm for the famous problem of finding the shortest path on the map for the ant colony to travel to the foraging area.
  • UV & visible plasmonic metamaterials made of topological insulator 

    Ou, Jun-Yu; So, Jin-Kyu; Adamo, Giorgio; Sulaev, Azat; Wang, Lan; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    Plasmonic resonances are observed in metamaterials made of a topological insulator, Bi1.5Sb0.5Te1.8Se1.2, at the UV and visible frequencies due to the material’s interband transition and nontrivial surface conducting state.
  • Solid-immersion super-oscillatory lens for heat assisted magnetic recording technology and nanoscale imaging 

    Roy, Tapashree; Yuan, Guanghui; Rogers, Edward T. F.; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    We demonstrate a solid-immersion super-oscillatory planar lens for super-resolution applications with a 102 nm full-width at half maximum focal spot in a low-loss immersion medium.
  • Lorentz force metamaterial with giant optical magnetoelectric response 

    Valente, João; Ou, Jun-Yu; Plum, Eric; Youngs, Ian J.; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    We demonstrate the first reconfigurable photonic metamaterial controlled by electrical currents and magnetic fields, providing first practically useful solutions for sub-megahertz and high contrast modulation of metamaterial ...

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