Recent Submissions

  • Improved differential cryptanalysis on Generalized Feistel Schemes 

    Tjuawinata, Ivan; Huang, Tao; Wu, Hongjun (2017)
    Nachef et al. used differential cryptanalysis to study four types of Generalized Feistel Scheme (GFS). They gave the lower bound of maximum number of rounds that is indistinguishable from a random permutation. In this ...
  • Biotransformation of Soluble Microbial Products (SMPs) in an Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR) 

    Soh, Annie Yan Ni; Kunacheva, Chinagarn; Webster, Richard D.; Stuckey, David C. (2019)
    The change in SMP composition of an ABR operating at 24-hour HRT treating synthetic wastewater of medium-strength glucose feed was analysed using SPE-GC-MS. The results showed that alkanes and alkenes generally saw an ...
  • EGRET : extortion graph exploration techniques in the Bitcoin network 

    Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Oggier, Frédérique; Datta, Anwitaman (2018)
    The Bitcoin network is a complex network that records anonymous financial transactions while encapsulating the relationships among its pseudonymous users. This paper proposes graph mining techniques to explore the relationships ...
  • BiVA : Bitcoin network visualization & analysis 

    Oggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman (2018)
    We showcase a graph mining tool, BiVA, for visualization and analysis of the Bitcoin network. It enables data exploration, visualization of subgraphs around nodes of interest, and integrates both standard and new algorithms, ...
  • On the number of DNA sequence profiles for practical values of read lengths 

    Chang, Zuling; Chrisnata, Johan; Ezerman, Martianus Frederic; Kiah, Han Mao (2016)
    A recent study by one of the authors has demonstrated the relevance of profile vectors in DNA-based data storage. We provide exact values and lower bounds on the number of profile vectors for finite values of alphabet size ...
  • Entropy-based graph clustering - a simulated annealing approach 

    Oggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman (2018)
    We revisit a Renyi entropy based measure introduced originally for image clustering [1], and study its application to graph clustering. To effectuate Renyi entropy based graph clustering, we propose a simulated annealing ...
  • Entropic centrality for non-atomic flow networks 

    Oggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman (2018)
    Given a graph, the notion of entropic centrality was introduced by Tutzauer to characterize vertices which are important in the sense that there is a high uncertainty about the destination of an atomic flow starting at ...
  • Protecting block ciphers against differential fault attacks without re-keying 

    Baksi, Anubhab; Bhasin, Shivam; Breier, Jakub; Khairallah, Mustafa; Peyrin, Thomas (2018)
    In this article, we propose a new method to protect block cipher implementations against Differential Fault Attacks (DFA). Our strategy, so-called “Tweak-in-Plaintext”, ensures that an uncontrolled value ('tweak-in') is ...
  • Observation of an excitonic quantum coherence in CdSe nanocrystals 

    Dong, Shuo; Trivedi, Dhara; Chakrabortty, Sabyasachi; Kobayashi, Takayoshi; Chan, Yinthai; Prezhdo, Oleg V.; Loh, Zhi-Heng (2016)
    Optical pump-probe spectroscopy with 6-fs pulses elucidates the 1Se1S3/2–1Se2S3/2 excitonic quantum coherence in CdSe nanocrystals. This coherence encodes hole migration over nanometer length scales and markedly alters the ...
  • Mid-infrared generation in an uncoated wedge ZGP OPO 

    Tan, L.H.; Lim, H.W.J.; Phua, Poh-Boon (2016)
    Novel uncoated wedge ZGP OPO configuration was demonstrated, generating 3.8mJ of MIR pulses operating at 100Hz. The nature of the wedge configuration allows a highly stable OPO cavity from any misalignment on the cavity mirror.
  • Polariton laser diodes 

    Höfling, S.; Schneider, C.; Amthor, M.; Kim, N.Y.; Rahimi-Iman, A.; Savenko, I.G.; Shelykh, I.A.; Kulakovskii, V.D.; Kamp, M.; Reitzenstein, S.; Worschech, L.; Yamamoto, Y.; Forchel, A. (2014)
    Exciton-polariton lasers are operated in the strong light matter coupling regime. They promise low threshold operation since population inversion is not inherently necessary. Hence they are of great interest for next ...
  • Plasmonic super-oscillations and sub-diffraction focusing 

    Yuan, Guanghui; Rogers, Edward T F; Roy, Tapashree; Du, Luping; Shen, Zexiang; Zheludev, Nikolay I (2014)
    We demonstrate experimental focusing of surface plasmon polaritons beyond the plasmon diffraction limit using a super-oscillatory plasmonic antenna at the wavelength of 785nm, achieving a hot-spot as small as 300nm.
  • UV & visible plasmonic metamaterials made of topological insulator 

    Ou, Jun-Yu; So, Jin-Kyu; Adamo, Giorgio; Sulaev, Azat; Wang, Lan; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    Plasmonic resonances are observed in metamaterials made of a topological insulator, Bi1.5Sb0.5Te1.8Se1.2, at the UV and visible frequencies due to the material’s interband transition and nontrivial surface conducting state.
  • Chalcogenide microfiber photonic synapses 

    Gholipour, B.; Bastock, P.; Khan, K.; Craig, C.; Hewak, D. W.; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Soci, Cesare (2014)
    Optical axons and photonic synapses implemented using chalcogenide microfibers allow the generation and propagation of photonic action potentials which give rise to the demonstration of various neuromorphic concepts.
  • Using nonlinear optical networks for optimization: primer of the ant colony algorithm 

    Hu, Wenchao; Wu, Kan; Shum, Perry Ping; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Soci, Cesare (2014)
    Using nonlinear Erbium doped optical fiber network we have implemented an optimization algorithm for the famous problem of finding the shortest path on the map for the ant colony to travel to the foraging area.
  • Planar superconducting toroidal metamaterial : a source for oscillating vector-potential? 

    Savinov, V.; Delfanazari, K.; Fedotov, V. A.; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    We demonstrate the first superconducting metamaterial that can exhibit a profound toroidal dipolar resonance. Quantum behaviour of the superconductor and toroidal excitation of the metamaterial are both necessary prerequisites ...
  • Interaction of flying electromagnetic doughnut with nanostructures 

    Raybould, T. A.; Papasimakis, N.; Fedotov, V. A.; Youngs, I.; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    We report on the electromagnetic properties of the single-cycle “flying doughnut” electromagnetic permutations in the context of their interactions with nanoscale objects, such as dielectric and plasmonic nanoparticles.
  • Lorentz force metamaterial with giant optical magnetoelectric response 

    Valente, João; Ou, Jun-Yu; Plum, Eric; Youngs, Ian J.; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    We demonstrate the first reconfigurable photonic metamaterial controlled by electrical currents and magnetic fields, providing first practically useful solutions for sub-megahertz and high contrast modulation of metamaterial ...
  • Plasmonic properties and photoinduced reflectance of topological insulator 

    Wang, Zilong; Yin, Jun; Adamo, Giorgio; Sulaev, Azat; Wang, Lan; Zheludev, Nikolay I.; Soci, Cesare (2014)
    We report on linear and nonlinear infrared and plasmonic properties of chalcogenide crystal of the Bi-Sb-Te-Se family that was recently identified as a prospective platform for switchable broadband plasmonic devices.
  • Solid-immersion super-oscillatory lens for heat assisted magnetic recording technology and nanoscale imaging 

    Roy, Tapashree; Yuan, Guanghui; Rogers, Edward T. F.; Zheludev, Nikolay I. (2014)
    We demonstrate a solid-immersion super-oscillatory planar lens for super-resolution applications with a 102 nm full-width at half maximum focal spot in a low-loss immersion medium.

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