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  • El-Paso Shootings : Growing Threat of White Supremacists 

    Quek, Natasha (2019)
    The 4 August random killings in the US state of Texas is one of several attacks involving far-right terrorists in recent months. Such terrorists, usually white supremacists, are emerging as a transnational terrorist network ...
  • Defending Singapore Against Foreign Interference 

    Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman (2019)
    Foreign interference is the invisible hand of foreign states seeking to undermine a target state’s national interests. It affects the target state from the inside by infiltrating its national institutions and people. It ...
  • Breaking Byte of Religious Extremism 

    Muhammad Faizal Abdul Rahman (2019)
    Contemporary societies exist in challenging times because of internal schisms and intra-state conflicts where religious extremism is a significant contributing factor, harming religious harmony and social cohesion. Singapore’s ...
  • After Jokowi’s First Term – Indonesia’s Maritime Policy : The Riau Islands & Its Implications 

    Dinarto, Dedi (2019)
    Jokowi’s first five-year tenure has repositioned the Riau Islands Province as a strategic locus in his maritime policy, including the restoration of the shipbuilding industry, fight against maritime threats, and settlement ...
  • Managing Disasters 4.0 : Need For New Thinking 

    Trias, Angelo Paolo Luna (2019)
    The UN Global Assessment Report (GAR) is a comprehensive review and analysis of worldwide progress on disaster risk management (DRM). This year’s edition challenges us to move beyond prevailing norms in DRM to consider the ...
  • Online Extremism : Agents of Disruption in the Digital Age 

    Jerard, Jolene (2019)
    Online extremism is a fast-growing threat that disrupts and threatens to damage the social fabric of diverse communities. The extremists’ exploitation of communication technologies to radicalise and incite violence presents ...
  • Malaysia-China Relations : An Upward Trajectory? 

    Rayar, Nawaljeet Singh (2019)
    Initial expectations of a tougher line against China under the new Pakatan Harapan (PH) government have been premature. Relations instead are on an upward trajectory as the PH government hopes to benefit from engagement ...
  • Indonesian Coast Guard : Will It Surface Or Sink? 

    Rusdi, Siswanto (2019)
    Scores of drafts for the establishment of the Indonesian Coast Guard have been prepared, discussed and submitted to the President for approval since 2011. Yet the agency has not seen the light of day. When will it become ...
  • Thucydides’ Trap : Caveat Emptor 

    Chan, Steve (2019)
    While Graham Allison’s power theory of Thucydides’ Trap is attractive and popular, an alternative perspective may be needed to explain some missing factors behind the relationships between emerging and rising powers.
  • North Korea : Why it is Unlikely to Denuclearise 

    Teo, Kah Beng (2019)
    After two summits with Trump, there are reasons to believe that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un is having the last laugh on the American president.
  • Aircraft Carriers in the Indo-Pacific : Enduring Value 

    Bitzinger, Richard A. (2019)
    Aircraft carriers are admittedly vulnerable to a number of weapons, increasingly hypersonic missiles. However, their value in a variety of scenarios greatly outweighs their vulnerabilities, and for these reasons Indo-Pacific ...
  • Intelligence : Evolving Limitations and Contributions 

    Scarlett, John; Teo, Terri-Anne (2019)
    On its own, intelligence is rarely enough and has its limitations. In an increasingly complex security landscape with non-state actors and great power tensions, the importance of learning from the past and understanding ...
  • Cybercrime : Financing Terrorism in Indonesia 

    Arianti, Vidia (2019)
    Indonesian terrorist groups could resort to cybercrime, specifically hacking, to finance terrorism in the future. The encouragement and guidance by each generation of terrorists is coupled with possible money-laundering ...
  • India’s Kashmir Move : More Than Meets the Eye? 

    Suryanarayana, P. S. (2019)
    The reinvention of Jammu and Kashmir as an integral part of the Indian Union has received decisive parliamentary support at home but displeased segments within India and Pakistan. Moreover, the future of the India-China-Pakistan ...
  • Return of Great Power Rivalry 

    Jayakumar, Shashi; Scarlett, John (2019)
    Astute students of security and geopolitics might be forgiven for thinking, on the basis of developments in recent years, that we are faced with the re-emergence of the Great Power rivalry, with the key protagonists being ...
  • Assessing Jokowi’s First Term – ‘Jokowinomics’ : Has It Worked? 

    Guild, James; Chen, Jonathan (2019)
    Joko Widodo, Indonesia’s seventh president, unveiled his first term in 2014 with an ambitious infrastructure development plan for both land and sea. Five years on, how should one assess the results of his administration’s ...
  • Balancing Sino-US Tight Rope : Role of ‘Smart Power’ 

    Theva, Yogaananthan (2019)
    The Sino-US rivalry has implications for small states like Singapore. How can the city-state maintain its sovereignty and relevance without being subsumed by the ‘big powers’? The answer could lie in enhancing its ‘smart power’.
  • South India : The Islamist Connection 

    Bilveer Singh, Jasminder Singh (2019)
    Indian authorities have arrested several individuals with links to radical Islamist networks in the country’s south in recent months. Following the bomb attacks in neighbouring Sri Lanka, there have been fears of similar ...
  • ASEAN’s Indo-Pacific Dilemma : Where To From Here? 

    Kliem, Frederick (2019)
    ASEAN has now added to the ongoing Indo-Pacific debate. The question is, where to go from here? Is ASEAN’s Outlook an end in itself or a constructive roadmap for the future of regional cooperation?
  • Terror Threat in Malaysia : Warning Signs 

    Fernandez, Kevin; Lopez, Greg (2019)
    Since the beginning of 2019, Malaysian Police had arrested several individuals, both Malaysian citizens and foreigners residing in the country, for suspected links with Islamic State (or “Daesh”). Effective and efficient ...

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