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  • In Conversation With Anwar Ibrahim (2) : His Vision, New Malaysia, Regeneration and the Region 

    Yang Razali Kassim (2018-09-13)
    Yang Razali Kassim continues his conversation with Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s prime minister-in-waiting. In this second part, the president-elect of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), the biggest component of the ruling Pakatan ...
  • In Conversation With Anwar Ibrahim : On Mahathir, Reconciliation & Political Transition 

    Yang Razali Kassim (2018-09-13)
    On Malaysia’s National Day recently, Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s prime minister-in-waiting, received RSIS Senior Fellow Yang Razali Kassim at his office near Kuala Lumpur. In this first of a two-part conversation, he talks ...
  • Malaysia’s Regime Change : Evolving Post-Election Scenarios 

    Yang Razali Kassim (2018-09-12)
    The shocking fall of the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional government in the recent general election was not only historic but also game-changing. As Malaysians usher in a new era, three evolving scenarios are worth watching.
  • The Millennial Generation : Deciding Bloc? 

    Syafiq Hasyim (2018-09-11)
    Indonesian millennials will determine the direction of the Indonesian presidential election next year due to their significant population size (34%-50%). The presidential candidates who are able to think, absorb and ...
  • Food Safety in ASEAN : Pitfalls of Complacency 

    Montesclaros, Jose Ma. Luis P.; Caballero-Anthony, Mely; Schlundt, Joergen (2018-09-07)
    ASEAN food safety regulators may think it conservative to stick to testing for hazards in food, neglecting the need to base control in the notion of risk. This mindset however has a number of pitfalls, which can end up ...
  • Indo-Pacific Economic Vision : Role of US-ASEAN Digital Diplomacy 

    Amalina Anuar (2018-09-06)
    US-ASEAN digital diplomacy reflects continuity under the Indo-Pacific Economic Vision and presents opportunities for growth. Complementary measures and sustained high-level engagements with the US and beyond must be ...
  • Synthetic Biology : New Pathway, New Drug Threat? 

    Gunasekaran, Nandhakumar (2018-09-03)
    Synthetic biology is an emerging field in science and technology that can make a positive impact in numerous areas. There are also concerns that it could be misused to exacerbate the illicit drug threat. Authorities worldwide ...
  • Basilan Island Suicide Attack : IS Tapping into ASG’s Strength? 

    Syed Huzaifah Othman Alkaff (2018-08-30)
    The recent suicide bombing in Lamitan City in Basilan Island and attack on a military base in Sulu Island in Southern Philippines highlight the persistent security threat posed by Islamic State (IS) in this region. The ...
  • Regional Responses to Disasters : Practice But Not Policy? 

    Jones, Catherine (2018-08-24)
    July 2018 was a month of practical challenges for responders to humanitarian disasters in the wake of the collapsed dam in Laos, the ongoing challenges resulting in the loss of civilian lives in Myanmar, and the earthquake ...
  • Missing Iridium : Enhancing Regional Nuclear Security 

    Caballero-Anthony, Mely; Trajano, Julius Cesar (2018-08-29)
    The recent case of a missing radioactive device in Malaysia highlights the significance of nuclear security in Southeast Asia. Enhancing nuclear security cooperation is needed to address Southeast Asia’s nuclear security ...
  • US Turn to Protectionism : How Should Asia Respond? 

    Kikuchi, Tomoo; Tanaka, Yohei (2018-08-27)
    The US turns to protectionism as it becomes less dependent on oil from the Middle East, aiming to reduce its government debt and revitalise its manufacturing industries. The world needs to step up to create a new inclusive ...
  • Laos Dam Collapse : The Regional Response 

    Gong, Lina (2018-08-21)
    The dam collapse and floods in southern Laos in late July shows that disaster response in Southeast Asia comprises different types of cooperation. Given the increasing complexity of disasters, a cooperative mode that ...
  • 51st ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Singapore – Whither ASEAN Centrality? 

    Tsjeng, Henrick Zhizhao; Ho, Shawn (2018-08-14)
    The recent 51st ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (AMM) and Related Meetings in Singapore saw progress on the South China Sea issue. This demonstrates the importance of ASEAN as a regional anchor and the viability of ASEAN ...
  • India-China : Forging ‘Development Partnership’? 

    P. S. Suryanarayana (2018-08-16)
    China will be happy to have partners as it faces the United States in the emerging global trade war. With India seeking to break out of its geopolitical trap, there seems to be some room for a new ‘sense’ of Sino-Indian ...
  • Portable Drone Jammers : An Assessment 

    Tan, Teck Boon (2018-08-17)
    The rapid proliferation of consumer drones poses a security threat. Portable drone jammers are being used to combat rogue consumer drones. Their shortcomings can be offset by deploying them together with other counter-drone ...
  • The South China Sea Precedent : Rising Instability Amidst Revisionist Tendencies 

    Christopher B. Roberts (2018-08-07)
    Declining US leadership and a weakening rules-based order are interdependent with Beijing’s rising revisionism and assertiveness. How this has played out in the South China Sea is a dangerous precedent for other military ...
  • ‘Islam Nusantara’ and its Discontents 

    Syafiq Hasyim (2018-08-08)
    The idea of Islam Nusantara promoted by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the largest Muslim organisation in Indonesia, remains debated among Muslim groups in Indonesia. The idea is not totally acceptable to Indonesian Muslims and ...
  • Indo-Pacific : The Next Growth Engine? 

    Lim, Christopher H.; Tan, Ming Hui (2018-08-10)
    There is more to gain by turning the Indo-Pacific into the next global growth engine.
  • Indo-Pacific : US Role in Infrastructure 

    Pitakdumrongkit, Kaewkamol (2018-08-06)
    The US has announced that it will make a US$113 million “down payment” to support its initiatives in the Indo-Pacific in the areas of digital economy, energy, and infrastructure. While this amount pales in comparison to ...
  • Inaugural ASEAN-China Maritime Exercise : What To Expect 

    Koh, Colin Swee Lean (2018-08-03)
    While largely symbolic, the inaugural ASEAN-China Maritime Exercise serves as a first step forward in promoting practical measures for confidence-building and maritime safety despite ongoing disputes in the South China Sea.

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