Recent Submissions

  • Efficient capacitive touch sensing using structured matrices 

    Akhtar, Humza; Kakarala, Ramakrishna (2015)
    Compressive sensing is a technique used in signal processing applications to reduce sampling time. This paper talks about an efficient sampling framework based on compressive sensing for capacitive touch technology. We aim ...
  • Limits of FPGA acceleration of 3D Green's Function computation for geophysical applications 

    Kapre, Nachiket; Kumar, Jayakrishnan Selva; Gupta, Parjanya; Masuti, Sagar; Barbot, Sylvain (2015)
    FPGA-based accelerators can outperform multi-core, GPU and Xeon Phi based platforms by at as much as 2.8× for 3D Green's Function processing in geophysics while delivering superior energy efficiency. FPGAs can efficiently ...
  • Isentropic zonal average formalism and the near-surface circulation 

    Koh, Tieh Yong; Plumb, Alan R. (2003)
    Hoskins (1991) proposed dividing the atmosphere into 3 regions: Overworld, Middleworld and Underworld, using potential temperature θ and potential vorticity (PV) as reference (Fig. 1). In the Underworld (θ < 300 K), ...