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Title: 离散、家国、女性 : 韩素音的中国性论述 = Diaspora, home, feminism : the Chinese-ness in Han Suyin’s works
Authors: 梁依婷 Neo, Yi Ting
Keywords: Humanities::Literature::Chinese
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Nanyang Technological University
Source: Neo, Y. T. (2019). 离散、家国、女性 : 韩素音的中国性论述 = Diaspora, Home, Feminism: The Chinese-ness in Han Suyin’s works. Master's thesis, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Abstract: 韩素音,著名的当代英籍欧亚裔作家,以小说与传记见长,其1917年生于河南信阳,祖籍四川成都,2012年11月2日于瑞士逝世。韩素音出生于中国大家庭,父亲是中国人,而母亲是比利时人,其从幼年时代始,便在两种语言与文化间游移穿梭。韩素音的成长孕育了其“边缘”与“离散”的生命特征,除了在血缘上是欧亚混血,其三段婚姻中亦有两段是异族通婚。由此,其常有被边缘化的深刻感受,更有扮演中西间桥梁的强烈渴望。 韩素音虽经历跨界离散,但却花费其一生致力于跨越国籍、文化、族裔和性别的樊篱,富有亚洲意识地极力维护中国文化。曾一度面临政治上的何去何从、生活上无处安身的艰难抉择,然而韩素音最终仍选择成为不同国度(中西)之间穿梭游走的“搭桥”角色,更自愿亲近中国大陆的新兴政权。其身为欧亚裔而对中华文化的归属认同,于中国历史、社会、文学界中是一有趣且复杂的案列,实具研究价值。 本文将集中以韩素音的主要文学作品为探讨对象,聚焦于其传记性书写,拟以「离散」、「混杂性」、「国族」、「女性主义」等作为立论基础,进而勾勒出韩素音对于中国与西方、家国与流离、华人与其他族裔之间复杂的关系网络思考,进而探索其自身与文学作品中不同深度的「中国性」。Han Suyin (1917-2012) was a famous British-Eurasian author. She was born in China, with her father being Chinese and her mother being Belgian. Han Suyin had grown up within the environment of the two different languages and cultures, resulting in the cultivation of “border” and “diasporic” concepts as her life characteristics. In addition to having mixed Chinese and European ancestry, she went through two inter-racial marriages, and had travelled between countries such as China, Europe, Malaya, India and Switzerland throughout her entire life. Therefore, she always felt socially excluded but yet held strong desires to help connect the East and the West. Despite experiencing transnational diaspora, Han Suyin devoted her entire life into crossing the boundaries between different nations, cultures, race and gender, and upholding of the Chinese culture. Han Suyin had once faced difficult choices in politics and livelihood, however she eventually chose to become the connection between different countries and willingly support the Chinese regimental changes. Her acknowledgement towards China and her awkward identity as a Chinese-European, is an interesting yet complicated case within China’s history, society and literature, and is of meaningful research value. However, most of the research regarding Han Suyin were discussed within the historical and social contexts, and there is a lack of studies regarding her literature works. This thesis aims to focus on Han Suyin’s sinophone literature, with a special attention on her autobiographies (as well as her other writing of biographies) . These works will be discussed using various theories such as “diaspora”, “hybridity”, “cultural identity”, “nationalism” and “feminism” as the research basis to outline Han Suyin’s thoughts regarding the relationships between China and the West, home and displacement, and Chinese and other races. The degree of “Chinese-ness” in her literature works will also be further explored.
DOI: 10.32657/10356/136575
Rights: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
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