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Title: 中国耽美剧中性别平等的想象 :以《上瘾》为个案研究 = The desire of gender equality from Boys’ Love drama in mainland China : a case study of “Addiction”
Authors: 方心盈 Fong, Averyl Xin Ying
Keywords: Humanities::Literature::Chinese
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Nanyang Technological University
Abstract: 中国父权制度中所制定的礼教下重男轻女的观念,使女性自古以来遭受压迫。男女长期地位不平等,造就社会既定的印象,认为男性理所当然在女性之上。尤其在爱情中,女性亦被视为作为附属男性而存在的角色。沿着时代的演变,中国女性已不甘屈服于男性之下,所以长期以来试图改变社会剥削女性的现象,例如通过一系列女权运动(feminism movement)以争取女性于婚姻、社会、工作上的权利。即便如此,女性仍无法完全摆脱遭到歧视和不公平对待的宿命。20世纪90年代初,源自日本女性社会中的耽美文化流传入中国大陆。“耽美文学”作为新的文学类型,主要以小说、漫画等形式流传于网络中,形成迷恋男同性恋(gay)的亚文化(subculture)现象。耽美文学的核心为创作并传播“浪漫”、“唯美”的男同性恋。因此,耽美文学容易被视为纯粹服务男同性恋者(gay)的男同志文学(gay literature)。经深入研究发现,耽美文学的作家并非以男同性恋(gay)为主要受众,而是主要服务异性恋(heterosexuality)的女性。实际上,耽美文学作为中国女性有效的软性手段,企图通过女性的视角观看、描写、塑造男性,颠覆了女性仅作为被观看的对象,并化被动为主动,反转过来对男性进行观看和剖析,以宣示女性渴望拥有和男性相等的权利。此外,女性通过耽美文学中既定的权力分配塑造男女性别平等的理想关系,并进行夸张的诠释,以凸显她们渴望拥有平等社会地位、无阶级恋爱关系的诉求。本论文将以耽美网络剧《上瘾》来论证上述论点,并加以探讨耽美文学如何与中国大陆的文学与社会进行交流与沟通或相互影响。 The patriarchal concept in the Chinese system has caused the oppression of women since ancient times. Due to the long-term imbalance status of men and women, it has brought about the society's established impression that men, are right above women. Specifically when it comes to love and romantic relationships, women are considered to exist in order to be affiliated to men. Along with the evolution of times, Chinese women are no longer willing to submit to men, thus, they have long tried to change the phenomenon of social exploitation of women, for example, through a series of feminism movements to fight for women's rights in marriage, society and work. As much as this goes, women are not completely free from the fate of discrimination and unfair treatment. In the early 1990s, the culture of Boys’ Love (BL) originating from Japanese women's society was introduced into mainland China. As a new type of literature, the BL literature is mainly spread on the Internet in the form of novels, comics, etc., and has become a subculture phenomenon that is obsessed with gay. The core of BL literature is to create and spread the “romance” and “beauty” of gay. As a result, the BL literature can easily be regarded as gay literature which is to serve gay men. After an in-depth research, it is found that the authors of the BL literature are heterosexual women and their main audience is also heterosexual women. In fact, BL literature acted as an effective soft means for Chinese women. It is attempted to view, describe and shape men through the perspectives of women. Overthrowing the concept of women as objects, turning passive into active, and inverting the belief and anatomy of men to declare women's desire for equal rights with men. Besides, women shape an idealised relationship between men and women through established power distribution in BL literature and exaggerate the interpretation to highlight their desire for equal social status and classless love relationships. This thesis will use the Boys’ Love drama "Addiction" to prove the above argument and explore how BL literature can interact and communicate with/or affect with Chinese literature and society.
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