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Title: 新谣研究:国族意识、文化认同与青年文化———以梁文福和黄宏墨为例 = National consciousness, cultural identity, and youth culture: revisiting the xinyao of Liang Wern Fook and Wong Hong Mok
Authors: 邹佩颖 Chow, Pei Ying
Keywords: Humanities
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Nanyang Technological University
Source: 邹佩颖 Chow, P. Y. (2022). 新谣研究:国族意识、文化认同与青年文化———以梁文福和黄宏墨为例 = National consciousness, cultural identity, and youth culture: revisiting the xinyao of Liang Wern Fook and Wong Hong Mok. Master's thesis, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Abstract: 新谣出自一群华校生之手,沿着台湾吹来的校园民歌风在本地开花结果,新谣歌手在机缘巧合下通过电台的节目《歌韵新声》发表自己的创作,因而在本地兴起一股清流,更成了那个时代具有代表性的文化产物之一。追溯回70年代末期,新谣萌芽的具体原因众说纷纭,新谣与南大诗社、电台节目《歌韵新声》以及台湾的校园民歌风这三者之间的互动关系又是为何?新谣为何能在短时间内兴起,又是如何成为一股社会风气是本研究试图解决的重要问题之一。本研究通过新谣作品的细读,翻查记录着新谣诞生前后期的国家发展政策,再与新加坡建国历史进行脉络化的分析,同时探讨新谣创作者如何通过新谣作品,表达及塑造当代国民的国族意识和文化身份认同,最后加入当年新谣圈中人物回顾新谣的访谈集阐述有关新谣的事迹,试图解答以上所述的问题。 学界以新谣为主的学术研究并不常见,文史结合并加入大量新谣参与者访谈内容的学术文章更是罕见。在新谣灿烂辉煌、光鲜亮丽的舞台背后,是盘根错节的历史时代、文本、圈中人物互动关系多层交织所致的成果。本文旨在梳理此关系,将新谣作品置于到当时多重语境的交叉地带,进行脉络化、历史化的深入阐释,并总结出新谣作品中的国族意识、族群文化、个人层面的青年文化三个主要切割面的发展脉络,从而推断出新谣与身份认同之间的关系。 关键词:新谣,国族意识,华族文化认同,青春文化,新加坡 Xinyao was created by a group of Chinese students and blossomed locally along the campus folk song style blown from Taiwan. By chance, Xinyao singers published their own compositions through the radio program "Ge Yun Xin Sheng"(歌韵新声), hence Xinyao became one of the representative cultural products of that era. Going back to the late 1970s, there are different variation regarding the reasons for the birth of Xinyao. What is the interaction between Xinyao and the NTU Poetry Society, the radio program "Ge Yun Xin Sheng", and Taiwan's campus folk songs? How Xinyao can rise in a short period of time and how it has become a social ethos is one of the important questions that this study attempts to solve. Through the close reading of Xinyao works, this research examines and studies the nation development policies before and after the birth of Xinyao, and then conducts a contextualization analysis with the history of Singapore's founding. The national consciousness and cultural identity of Xinyao, and finally added to the interview collection of people in the Xinyao circle reviewing Xinyao to explain the deeds of Xinyao, trying to answer the above-mentioned questions. Academic research based on Xinyao is not common in this field of study, and academic articles that combine both literature analysis, contextualisation of the country’s history as well as interviews with Xinyao participants are even rarer. Behind the glamorous stage of Xinyao, is the result of the multi-layered intertwined historical era, the works produced, as well as the interaction between the participants in the circle. The purpose of this paper is to untwine this relationship, place Xinyao works at the intersection of multiple contexts at that historical timeframe, carry out a contextual and historical in-depth analysis, and summarize developmental context and analysis of the three main facets of Xinyao, namely national consciousness, cultural identity and youth culture at a personal level in Xinyao's works, which will in turn prove the relationship between Xinyao and self-identity. Keywords: Xinyao, National Consciousness, Cultural Identity, Youth Culture, Singapore
DOI: 10.32657/10356/163694
Schools: School of Humanities 
Rights: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
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