SBS Theses

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Identification and characterization of novel chemical scaffolds to overcome drug resistance in malariaTay, Donald Wen Jun
2020A feasibility study on computational prediction on the death domain superfamily protein oligomersZhang, Jiawen
2020Role of N-WASP in cell proliferation : implication for organ development and cancerVerma, Apoorva
2020The study of membrane proteins’ residence at the GolgiSun, Xiuping
2019Deciphering the Plasmodium epitranscriptome as a mechanism of translational controlSinha, Ameya
2019Adaptation of Plasmodium falciparum in human RBC supplemented NSG miceChew, Marvin
2020λ-integrase mediated seamless vector transgenesis platformRoy, Suki
2020Structural and mechanistic insights into the Rel protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosisSingal, Bharti
2019Understanding the viral protein structures of clinically relevant arboviruses and fragment-based screening for antiviralsFarhana Abu Bakar
2020Comparison of DNA force fields at a multiscale level : towards bottom-up modelling of chromatinMinhas, Vishal
2019Recognition of nucleosomes by protein factors that regulate chromatin structure and dynamicsLee, Phoi Leng
2020Dynamics of BCL-2 family of proteins in early pancreatic progenitors and β-cellsLoo, Larry Sai Weng
2019Role of STEVOR and its interacting partners in parasite virulenceOmelianczyk, Radoslaw Igor
2020Chromatin topology defines cell identity and phenotypic transition in human cancer and fungal pathogenChen, Yao
2020Mutated in colorectal cancer (MCC) : a novel centrosomal protein involved in intestinal homeostasis and diseaseTomaz, Lucian Brito
2019Functional studies of viral and host cell factors involved in the regulation of coronaviruses replication and pathogenesisNg, Yan Ling
2020Structural studies of human telomerase complexes by cryo-electron microscopyJin, Yibo
2019Study of hypoxia driven pancreatic cancer developmentGupta, Nikhil
2019Studies on the immunological mechanisms leading to protection or pathology during malaria infectionMcGuire, Daniel Ribeiro da Silva
2019Modelling non-alcoholic fatty liver disease using patient derived liver stem cells and hepatic organoidsLim, Yee Siang
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 576