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dc.contributor.author李友文 Li, Youwen
dc.description.abstract随着中国改革开放的深入,阶层矛盾凸显,特别是近年来,由于农地问题、宅基地问题、融资问题、治安问题、村民上访问题、计划生育问题等,造成村民抗暴、基层冲突的爆发成为常态,中国地方基层已经处于矛盾的突发期。其原因是多方面的,但乡镇、农村公共管理人员的素质、能力和水平不能适应社会的发展变化是一个关键的因素。依据《中华人民共和国宪法》要求,按照中央政府统一领导全国、地方政府分级进行管理的原则,中国设置了金字塔式逐级向下辐射的各级地方政府(包括各级行政部门及其职能部门),乡镇人民政府是自中央政府下来的第5级也是最低一个层次的政府。乡镇公共管理人员直接代表着政府与民众打交道、代表着政府的执政水平和形象,其能力素质起着至关重要的作用。中国改革开放30多年来,乡镇人民政府的工作职能发生了巨大的变化,但乡镇公共管理队伍建设的进程明显落后于经济社会的发展速度,广东省梅州市2003年对科级干部的调查揭示出他们学历偏低、年龄偏大、观念偏旧、流动偏慢、待遇偏低的状况。可见,优化乡镇公共管理队伍结构,提升管理人员能力素质成为其上级党委、政府必须考虑的迫切问题,也是直接影响到基层工作和市县一级公共管理队伍建设的战略性问题。 2003年,梅州市委基于上述的现实和思考,决定与当地的本科大学——嘉应学院合作,在全国范围内率先创造性地在该校建立“梅州市党政干部战略人才培养基地”,依托该校培养乡镇公共管理人才。这一探索和实践取得了成功。它的培训模式、培训效果受到了各级组织和广大民众的欢迎、认可,被上级组织部门命名为“梅州模式”(侯伟生、罗伟章,2008)。至今,共选拔该校大学生489名,已有221名经过系统培养并经公务员录用考试成为梅州市乡镇公共管理人才已被充实到全市120多个乡镇任职。 With the deepening of China’s reforming and opening-up in recent years, contradictions among classes have become prominent. Problems on farm land, homestead land, financing, public security, appealing to higher authorities for help, and family planning have been rife and prevalent in rural areas, causing the outbreaks of villagers’ opposing violence and grass-root conflicts. The reasons are multi-sided. However, a key factor can be attributed to the inability of rural public management personnel to adapt to social changes and development. According to the Constitution of People’s Republic of China, and the principles that central Chinese government exercises leadership in the whole country and local governments at the local levels, China has established a pyramid-shaped, multi-leveled government system including every administrative and functioning sector, with the township government at the lowest level; that is the fifth level. The public township administrative personnel deal with people on direct behalf of the government and represent the administrative level and image of the government.en_US
dc.format.extent55 p.en_US
dc.title市校合作模式 :镇村公共管理人才选拔培养 :基于广东省梅州市与嘉应学院的实践研究 = A college-municipality cooperation model : selective training of rural village and township public administrative personnel : a practical research based on Meizhou City and Jiaying Universityen_US
dc.contributor.supervisorWu Wei (HSS)en_US
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Humanities and Social Sciencesen_US
dc.description.degreeMaster of Public Administrationen_US
dc.contributor.researchNanyang Centre for Public Administrationen_US
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