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Title: 《新客》:新加坡第一部华语电影的书报讨论 = Discussions of the first Singapore Chinese-language film, Xinke (new immigrant)
Authors: 张陶陶 Chong, Pheona TaoTao
Keywords: DRNTU::Humanities
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本论文主要对电影《新客》做更深入的研究和归纳,找出该影片是否上映过的证据,并试图发掘关于该影片隐藏于世人背后的真相。《新客》是新加坡第一部华语电影,它反映的是早期中国移民到来所经历的考验和磨难,并反映出他们生活中现实的一面,也深刻的刻画出新加坡的各种文化面貌。《新客》的导演为郭超文,由南洋刘贝锦自制影片公司制作,而这部影片被认为是生产于默剧末期的1926-1927年间。根据1926-1927年《新国民日报》的文献记录和对该影片的访谈内容,证实了该影片至少是经历过制作并且完成放映的阶段。《新国民日报》也对《新客》的制作团队刘贝锦先生等人进行了访谈;而依据访谈内容来看,刘贝锦先生对这部电影是充满希望和期待的。但是依据Jan Uhde和Yvonne Ng Uhde在‘Latent Images: Film in Singapore’一书中的描写,指出1951年《南洋年鉴》指该影片由于技术过于贫乏无法吸引观众而宣布报废,最终没有放映。此说实在令人质疑,此论文通过搜寻并梳理《新国民日报》、《南洋年鉴》等书报讨论,检验《新客》的上映证据,并肯定它不但是新加坡第一部华语电影,也是新加坡第一部本土制作的电影。 This thesis focuses on the movie “Xin ke” (New Immigrant) to more in-depth research and summarised to identify whether the film released evidence, and trying to cover the truth hidden behind the movie. "Xin ke" is Singapore's first Chinese-language film, it reflects the trials and tribulations experienced by the arrival of the early Chinese immigrants, and reflects the reality side of their life, but also a profound portrait of a variety of cultural landscape in Singapore. The director of the "Xin ke" is GUO Chao-wen, and the movie produced by the Singapore local company Nanyang LIU Bei-jin Film Co., named after its founder LIU Bei-jin. “Xin ke” was in production already at the end of the silent film era in 1926-1927. According to the documentary records of the "Xin guo min re bao" (New Republic aka New Citizen) on 1926-1927, we confirmed that the film is at least experienced production and completed the screening stage. Besides that, "Xin guo min re bao" also interviewed the production team of "Xin ke". According the interview to Mr. LIU Bei-jin, he was very hopeful and full of expectation s to the movie. But according to Jan Uhde and Yvonne Ng, Uhde in “Latent Images: Film in Singapore”, they found that “Nanyang Annual (by 1951)” reported that the film was scrapped because its technique was so poor it was felt the movie would be unable to command any audience. It was a questionable conclusion that brought me search and sort out the newspapers, books and magazines, like “Xin guo min re bao” and “Nanyang Annual” to found evidences that “Xin ke” was been released, and finally found “Xin ke” is not only Singapore’s first Chinese-language film, but also Singapore’s first locally produced movie.
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