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Title: 从中国中小学生的游学市场现状, 探讨新加坡教育旅游业的发展问题 = Analysis on the development problems of Singapore's educational tourism industry : perspectives from China's primary and secondary student's educational tourism market
Authors: 王晓盛 Wang, Xiaosheng
Keywords: DRNTU::Social sciences
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 可以预测,今后10~20年里世界旅游业发展新趋势、新特点中,旅游市场进一步细化分化是未来主要的发展趋势。未来旅游者的旅游目的越来越个性化,旅游机构也越来越重视从更深层次开发人们的旅游消费需求,除了传统的观光旅游、度假旅游和商务旅游这三大主导项目和产品外,特殊旅游、专题旅游更有发展潜力。目前特色突出的旅游细分化市场也促成了教育旅游的蓬勃发展。 广义的教育旅游指是:把教育与旅游配合在一起,包括教育交流、访问、考察、培训、会议、夏(冬)令营、文化/艺术/科普主题活动等,涵盖的对象包括全社会;从狭义来说,根据活动内容和活动对象的不同,一般指的是在校学生的休学旅行、文化浸染旅行等游学活动。不管怎么称呼,他们都有着异曲同工之妙,就是在旅游的过程中加了特定的学习的元素,其涵义是指:增加了学习过程和体验教育的魅力及其独特之处,在享受了旅游的乐趣之外,也为自己的知识库输入了更多的资讯,拓展视野,锻炼提升自理能力和人际交往能力,为自已的学习生涯添上缤纷的色彩。 It can be predicted that the world of tourism development in the next 10 to 20 years a new trend, new features in the tourism market to further refine the differentiation is the major trends in the future. Prominent feature of tourism segmentation of the market also contributed to the booming tourism education. The broad educational travel refers fit together: the education and tourism, including educational exchanges, access, inspection, training, meetings, summer camps, cultural/arts/science theme activities (winter), objects covered include the whole society; from a narrow sense, the activities and the activities of different objects, generally refers to the school students drop out travel, culture disseminated travel study tour activities. No matter how they call, they all have the same purpose, that is, in the process of travel plus the specific elements of the learning, its meaning: to increase the charm of the learning process and experience of education and its unique place in the enjoyment of the tourist beyond the fun, but also for their own knowledge base, enter additional information, expand their horizons and exercise to improve self-care ability and interpersonal skills, add a touch of fun colors for their own learning career.
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