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Title: 祖神·主神·组神 :新加坡朱邢李三王府大人角色与功能研究 = Ancestral gods, principal gods, constituent gods : the study of Singapore Zhu Xing Li Royal Lords belief
Authors: 林科宏 Lim, Ke Hong
Keywords: DRNTU::Humanities
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 谈及新加坡闽南民间信仰之时,人们普遍联想到妈祖、城隍、清水祖师、广泽尊王以及保生大帝等较为显著的神祇崇拜。其实,本地还广泛流行着一种“独特”的王爷祭祀,即“朱邢李三王府大人”信仰。该信仰的独特之处在于它通过朱府大人、邢府大人与李府大人的特定组合模式,在庞杂的闽南王爷崇拜体系中自成一格。本研究发现,早期落脚于新加坡的朱邢李三位大人具有“家族保护神”的神性,是不同宗族群体的“祖神”,而在政府的各项征用土地计划下,该神明也逐渐成为某些地方的“主神”,以及后来联合宫庙形式中的“组神”。从“祖神”到“主神”再到“组神”的过程中,神明的功能也进行了调整,以配合不同信徒的想望。本文将审视新加坡朱邢李大人信仰,通过对本地龙霞馆和中亭庙进行田野调查,观察该信仰从中国跨境来到岛国后所历经的传播、发展与演变过程,重点分析该信仰在本地社会变革中,其神明角色的多重转化,以及随之而来的功能进化。由于本研究涉及闽南民间信仰与宗族血缘的课题,故本文首先将对闽南民间信仰的“大背景”缘起问题做介绍,并且梳理当地“家族保护神”之概念。接着,本文也将为朱邢李大人信仰进行探源工作,然后重点以新加坡龙霞馆和中亭庙的田野发现为基础,对该信仰在本地的发展脉络做综合性论述。When it comes to Singapore Minnan folk beliefs, people generally would think of Ma Zu (Goddess of Sea), Cheng Huang (City God), Qing Shui Zu Shi, Guang Ze Zun Wang and Bao Sheng Da Di worship. Actually, there is one unique "wang ye" royal lords belief that is being commonly worshipped here, namely "Zhu Xing Li Royal Lords Belief". It is the fix grouping of three royal lords deities - Zhu Fu Da Ren, Xing Fu Da Ren and Li Fu Da Ren, which makes it special and outstanding amongst the rest of the royal lords. According to this research, when this particular belief came to Singapore during the early settlement period, Zhu Xing Li royals lords assumed the role of "Ancestral Gods", providing blessings to specific clans and families. However, when it comes under the government land acquisition plan, the three royal lords gradually became the "Principal Gods" of a particular land and later during the formation of "combined temples", they took up the position of "Constituent Gods". Through the evolution from "Ancestral Gods" to becoming "Principal Gods" and then to "Constituent Gods", Zhu Xing Li royal lords' functions and powers were being adjusted to suit the needs of different worshippers. This thesis aims to examine Singapore Zhu Xing Li royal lords belief, through the fieldworks conducted on "Loong Shia Kwung" and "Zhong Ting Miao", it aims to observe the dissemination, development and transformation of the belief when it came from China to Singapore as well as to analyze the multiple roles and functions of Zhu Xing Li royal lords during the process. As this study involves topics on Minnan folk beliefs and clans system, this thesis first introduces the background of Minnan folk beliefs as well as the concept of "Ancestral Gods", following by the analysis of the origin of Zhu Xing Li royal lords in Minnan and focus on comprehensive discussion based on the findings generated by the local fieldworks conducted.
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