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dc.contributor.author张丹龄 Chang, Tan Ling
dc.description.abstract关系从句(Relative Clauses)一直以来是语法研究中重要的课题。Keenan和 Comrie (1977)的“名词短语可及性层级”(NPAH)预测了50多种语言关系从句关系化的难度。然而近年来一些研究发现NPAH对东亚语言的习得不具有等同的预测力,且前人研究较少关注英汉双语使用者对关系从句的习得情况。本文以新加坡英汉双语者和台湾汉语单语者为研究对象,通过句子合并、语法判断和英译汉三项测验,考察新加坡受试对汉语关系从句的理解和使用,并分析双语环境对汉语关系从句习得的影响。本文考察了十种关系从句:SS、SDO、SIO、SOPREP、SGEN、OS、ODO、OIO、OOPREP、OGEN。本调查发现,新加坡与台湾受试的平均准确率相当接近,且在三个测验中,两者在各类型关系从句的得分等级也较为相似。研究结果也发现中心语在主句主语或宾语位置并不影响关系从句的习得。此外,从关系化位置来看,新加坡和台湾的测验结果所反映出的可及性等级也较接近,且都不完全符合NPAH。综合调查结果,本研究主要发现:(1)NPAH并不完全适用汉语关系从句;(2)英汉双语环境并不会对双语者在汉语关系从句的习得上造成显著的影响;(3)受试对于中心语在主句的位置没有明显倾向。Relative clauses have always been a popular topic in the field of grammar. Keenan and Comrie (1977) proposed “Noun Phrase Accessibility Hierarchy”, hypothesizing a universal acquisition order of relativizing relative clauses. However, recent studies showed controversy when it comes to the acquisition of Southeast Asian languages. Also, there has not been much studies on Eng-Chin bilingualist acquiring Chinese relative clauses. Data was collected from Eng-Chi bilingual Singaporeans and Mandarin monolingual Taiwanese using three tests: sentence combination test, grammaticality judgment test and Eng-Chin translation test. Ten types of RC were analysed in this study, namely SS, SDO, SIO, SOPREP, SGEN, OS, ODO, OIO, OOPREP, and OGEN. These tests aimed to investigate Singaporeans’ acquisition pattern and use towards Chinese relative clauses, and therefore find out how bilingual environment affect acquisition of Chinese relative clauses. The study shows that Singaporean and Taiwanese subjects performed similarly in terms of scores and accessibility hierarchy. The results also indicated matrix position did not affect the acquisition order. Furthermore, the accessibility hierarchy reflected from the data collected partially contradicted with NPAH. The main findings of this study are: (a) NPAH is not applicable to Chinese relative clauses; (b) Eng-Chin bilingual environment did not have significant impact on Chinese relative clause acquisition for bilingualists; (3) there is no preference over matrix position at subject or at object.en_US
dc.format.extent50 p.en_US
dc.rightsNanyang Technological University
dc.title双语环境中的汉语关系从句习得 :基于新加坡英汉双语成人的实证研究 = Acquisition of Chinese relative clauses in bilingual environment : an empirical study on English-Chinese bilingual Singaporean adultsen_US
dc.typeFinal Year Project (FYP)en_US
dc.contributor.supervisorLin Jingxiaen_US
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Humanities and Social Sciencesen_US
dc.description.degreeBachelor of Artsen_US
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