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Title: 先秦思想中音乐与情感的关系 :以《孟子》《庄子》“乐”(lè)与 “乐” (yuè)的运用为核心 = The relations between music and emotion in Pre-Qin thought : an analysis of the usage of ‘Lè’ and ‘Yuè’ in the Mencius and the Zhuangzi
Authors: 何昱慧 Ho, Adeline Yu Hui
Keywords: DRNTU::Humanities
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 先秦思想典籍中“乐”(lè)以及“乐”(yuè)的使用具有不同的面向,历年来学者们对于二者都进行思考与关注,但是对此的研究大部分局限于“乐”(lè)与“乐”(yuè)个别的发展,并没有具体地论述二者之间的关系与通用的意义。音乐与情感通过很多不同的词汇被诠释,但是从古至今,“乐”这个词在两者之间均有使用,其中通用的情形对于了解音乐与情感之间的关系值得深入探讨。比较《孟子》及《庄子》典籍中关于音乐与情感的部分,可以体现出看似矛盾的先秦思想中“乐”(lè)与“乐”(yuè)的使用的面貌以及方向上的异同。通过探讨《孟》与《庄》对于“乐”不同的主张,试图寻找音乐与情感在先秦典籍中相同的价值。在典籍中“乐”(lè)的表达颇多,其蕴含了情感的变化,同时也具有能影响音乐之能力。另一方面,“乐”(yuè)虽有独立的表达,但其中所表现的情感也值得研究。通过“乐”与音乐情感的关系可助于探讨音乐与情感之间的价值,对于研究先秦时代“乐”的重要性以及社会教化人民的理念有着深远的意义。The usage or appearance of Le (乐)and Yue (乐)in Pre-Qin text took many forms. Throughout the years, researchers have shown interest in both topic but the research were usually constraint to the development of either Le(乐)or Yue(乐) and the discussion on the relations and purpose of being interchangeable are lacking. Music and emotions in the Pre-Qin text are being represented through different words but from the ancient era till modern, the word “乐”are being used in both meanings. Therefore, the interchangeable element of both shows the value of analysing the relations between music and emotions in Pre-Qin text. Comparing the content on Music and Emotion in the Mencius and the Zhuangzi shows the similarities and differences in the belief and usage of “乐”in both school of thoughts that are deemed to be contrasting. Through the analysis of the similarities and differences in the usage of “乐”between both school of thoughts, it is hope that a common value would be found. Le (乐)are expressed through different ways in the Pre-Qin text and it often signify the changes in emotions and have the abilities in affecting music. On the other hand, although Yue(乐)could be expressed alone, the emotions that comes along with it could be analysed further. Understanding the relations between“乐” and Music and Emotions in Pre-Qin text are necessary in finding the underlying significance. On the other hand, it also helps in the analysis of ideology promoted to shape the society at that point of time, which is beneficial to the progress of research in the topic.
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