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dc.contributor.author林鼎瀚 Lim, Ding Han
dc.identifier.citationLim, D. H. (2017). 冷战与现代化:以国际电影懋业有限公司为例 = Cold war and modernisation : a case study of the Motion Picture & General Investment Co Ltd. Master's thesis, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
dc.description.abstract国际电影懋业有限公司(简称“电懋”)是一家资金来自于新马,并立足于香港的电影制作公司。本文以这家跨区域的电影公司作为分析对象,并将其置放于国际冷战及香港冷战的脉络下,试图探讨这家公司与其所出品的电影之意识形态。本文首先厘清电懋公司所处的时代背景及地缘政治的情况,并从其成立的历史中得知电懋的前身——“永华”是一家右派的公司,同时进一步论证了电懋这家公司是冷战的产物。紧接着本文探讨了电懋创办人陆运涛的生平、陆家的历史、与电懋相关的核心人物,乃至于电懋所参与的组织,通过上述这几个不同的角度,重新界定了电懋的右派身份。电懋的右派身份获得确立后,本文透过细读《空中小姐》及《星星·月亮·太阳》这两部电懋所出品的电影,并运用学者路易斯的影片意识形态理论来分析电影当中的意识形态。由于《空中小姐》和《星星·月亮·太阳》这两部电影都具有冷战元素,因此电懋更加被确认为右派的公司。除了上述这两部电影,电懋所出品的许多电影都以现代化的都市生活为题材,呈现出各种“现代”的特征。由于马克思认为“现代化”其实就是意味着资本主义的生产方式,因此电懋所倡导的这种欧美现代化或资本社会的生活方式,从另一个角度看来其实也是一种反共立场的间接表达。 Motion Picture & General Investment Co Ltd (MP&GI) is a cinema production company financially funded by Singapore and Malaysia but situated in Hong Kong. This paper employs the cross-regional MP&GI as case study. By situating MP&GI under the backdrop of International Cold War and Hong Kong’s Cold War, this paper attempts to investigate the ideology behind MP&GI and its productions. This paper will first lay out the historical and political backdrop while MP&GI was in operation, tracing MP&GI back to its previous identity--MP&GI, a right-wing company. At the same time, this paper will establish that MP&GI is a product of Cold War. Then, this paper looks into the founder of MP&GI (Mr Loke Wan Tho), his family history, the important figures involved with MP&GI and also the organisations MP&GI partakes in. From the different perspective above, one can redefine MP&GI’s identity as a rightist. After the establishment of MP&GI as right-winged, this paper examines in detail the movie Air Hostess and Sun, Moon and Star produced by MP&GI while using Louis’ theory of degree of ideological explicitness to analyse the ideology within the movies. As both Air Hostess and Sun, Moon and Star possess elements regarding Cold War, it can be further affirmed that MP&GI is a right-winged company. Besides the aforementioned movies, MP&GI produced several movies revolving around the theme of modernisation in cities, presenting different traits of “modernism”. As Marx takes “modernisation” to mean production by capitalism, the kind of lifestyle in an Anglo-European modernised or capitalistic society advocated by the MP&GI can be deemed as a position that is anti-communism.en_US
dc.format.extent129 p.en_US
dc.title冷战与现代化 :以国际电影懋业有限公司为例 = Cold war and modernisation : a case study of the Motion Picture & General Investment Co Ltden_US
dc.contributor.supervisorHee Wai Siamen_US
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Humanities and Social Sciencesen_US
dc.description.degreeMaster of Arts (HSS)en_US
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