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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022'Sek Fan!": language attitudes and language practices within Cantonese householdsKwan, Grace Yee Kay
2022Examining the moral obligation of healthcare workers through a Kantian lensTan, Carmen Tien Min
2022Hermeneutical injustice and the misdiagnosis of women with autismKoh, Ke Lin
2022The compassionate saviour and lethal temptresses: Kannon and Femme Fatales in setsuwa literature during the Heian periodLiaw, Jia Xuan
2022American craft beer movement: revival, countercultural and transnationalToh, Hong Ming
2022女性媒介形象建构与话语权赋权 ——《脱口秀大会》系列为例 = Female discourse power and construction of female image —— Rock&Roast stand-up comedy series郭跃男, Guo, Yuenan
2022从地方到星球:熊亮绘本创作中的生态意识 = A study of ecological consciousness in Xiong Liang's picturebook creations刘憶萱 Lew, Yi Xuan
2022权利与权力:论中国网络话语权归属 = Rights vs power: a study of ownership of the right of discourse in China cyberspace陈嘉怡 Chen, Jia Yi
2022白居易妓女诗 = Bai Juyi's courtesan poems黄婷恩 Ng, Ting Ern
20221949年以前中国儿童文学观发展变化之童话实践研究 = Study on the literary practice of China's fairy tales with the development of China's children literature view before 1949s郑颖欢 Tee, Ying Huan
2022对新加坡官方历史的反叛:黄凯德与《豹变》中的反乌托邦世界 = Rebellion to the scripting of Singapore National History: Wong Koi Tet and the Dystopian World in Black Panther陈嘉慧 Tan, Amanda Jia Hui
2022古典诗词中的“枕”意象 —以《花间集》为探讨中心 = The imagery of “Pillow” in classical Chinese poetry: focusing on Collection from Among the Flowers蓝靖仪 Lam, Nicole Jin Yee
2022霸凌小说的翻译研究 —— 以 Thirteen Reasons Why 和《汉娜的遗言》为例来探讨译本如何再现原著的主题思想 = A translation study on novels about bullying – using Thirteen Reasons Why and its Taiwan version to explore how the theme of the novel had been translated陈珏琳 Tan, Jaddie Jue Lin
2022对比分析2009与2017年版《三国演义》动画片 = A comparative analysis of the 2009 and 2017 editions of ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ animations吴珮绮 Goh, Pei Chee
2022《习近平谈治国理政》的贫困治理思想 = An analysis of the anti-poverty thoughts in Xi Jinping's The Governance of China林宇思 Lin, David Yu Si
2022功能对等论视角下的基督教文化翻译 指导方针:以新加坡《神之心教会》为例 = A guideline to understanding cultural translation in Christianity through the Lens of Nida's functional equivalence: a study of heart of god church, Singapore林勤易 Lim, Thomas Qin Yi
2022阶级、互动、认同:《幻土》、《爸妈不在家》和《霉运大厦》中新加坡移工的身份建构 = Class, interactions and identity: Singapore migrant workers' construction of self-identity in A Land Imagined, Ilo Ilo and Unlucky Plaza郑静琦 Tay, Kimberly Jing Qi
2022从多模态话语分析视角分析文化负载词的字幕英译:以综艺节目《青春环游记3》为例 = Subtitle translation of Culture-loaded Words from the perspective of multimodal discourse analysis: a case study of Youth Periplous 3戴筠懿 Teh, Yun Yi
2022新加坡本地人与中国新移民之间的冲突—以《四个门牌一个梦》为研究对象 = The conflict between the locals and New Chinese immigrants: a case study of drama series Love Thy Neighbour刘佳萱 Law, Jia Xuan
2022新华文学作品中的“去殖民化”问题 = The issue of decolonisation in Singapore's Chinese literature何玮姗 Ho, Wei San
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 683