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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Bad boys' toys : motorcycle subcultures and moral panics in Singapore, 1957-1985Chen, Joshua Yanrong
2021新加坡华语的现状与前瞻 :以儿童和成人语言产出、小学华文课本及新闻媒体语言为依据的探讨 = Current trends and future development in Singapore Mandarin : an examination based on the speech production of children and adults, Chinese textbooks used for primary school children, and language use in news media胡翠月 Foo, Cui Yet
2021从黄子华的 "栋笃笑" 看香港人的身份认同以及中港关系 = Dayo Wang's stand-up comedy, Hong Konger's identity and Hongkong-China relations苏伟婷 Soo, Wee Tin
2021Covid-19 疫情时期民众评论中的语言使用特征 :以网络公众社交平台语料为例 = Study on characteristics of language use in comments during covid-19 : examples from online social media platforms周恩绮 Chew, Angelyn En Qi
2021方言与幽默字幕翻译的受众接受研究 :以台湾电影《大尾鲈鳗》为例 = Investigating dialect and humour subtitling in Taiwanese film David Loman : an audience reception study黄筱茹 Ng, Casey Xiao Ru
2021"不似华人" :19世纪至20世纪初海峡土生华人的困境 = "Not Really Chinese" : dilemma of the Straits Chinese from 19th to 20th century黄欣仪 Ng, Sing Yee
2021论当代华语青春电影中青少年的创伤与调节 = A study of modern Chinese youth movies : the trauma and reconciliation of youths朱铭敬 Choo, Ming Jing
2021二胎还是三胎?:中国独生子女的生育意愿研究 = Second or third child? :A study on China only child generation's childbearing intentions鄧凱恩 Tang, Karen Kai‘En
2021《品花宝鉴》中的戏园文化与优伶形象 = The theatre culture and actor images in Pin Hua Bao Jian丁瑞恩 Teng, Rui En
2021论《红楼梦》:以中西生态美学赏 "花" = The beauty of flowers in A Dream of Red Mansions : from the perspective of Western environmental aesthetics and Chinese ecological aesthetics蔡佳慧 Chai, Jia Hui
2021跨国饮食 :新加坡在海底捞影响下 "中国化" 趋势 = Transnational food : a study of Haidilao's sinicization effect in Singapore吴佳惠 Goh, Jia Hui
2021借影视作品看新加坡华人特权 :以梁志强的电影为例 = Analysis of Chinese privilege through films : a study of Jack Neo films陈芷欣 Tan, Judith Zi Hyn
2021新加坡初级学院生华文作文中转折关联词之偏误研究 = Error analysis of concessive conjunctions in Singapore Junior College students' essays梁瑗庭 Neo, Tarryn Yuan Ting
2021论COVID-19 疫情下的反华情绪 = A study of anti-Chinese sentiment in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic梁绮芸 Leong, Shyanne Qi Yun
2021文化负载词的字幕翻译策略研究 :以《陈情令》为例 = Subtitling strategies of culture-bound terms : a case study of The Untamed潘瑤倩 Pwa, Yu Kin
2021土生文化 :新加坡私人土生文化馆 = Peranakan culture : a study of private peranakan home museum in Singapore王蕙瑜 Ong, Hwee Yu
2021论明泰昌、天启初年内臣与朝臣的关系 :以宦官王安为例 = The relationship between eunuchs and imperial officials from Ming Tai Chang period to early Tian Qi period : a case study of eunuch Wang An马爱连 Ma, Ah Lain
2021探究广告中的创译应用 :以可口可乐影视广告为例 = The application of transcreation in commercials : a case study on Coca Cola's advertisements蔡美婷 Chua, Louis Mei Ting
2021不一样的移民社会 :黄乃裳组织福州人迁移诗巫的历史个案研究 = A different immigrant society : a study on Wong Nai Siong planned migration of Foochownese to Sibu陈雯 Chen, Wen
2021为承认而斗争 :林晨剧作中的庶民群像 = Subaltern study of Lin Chen's plays黄柔敏 Ng, Jou Min
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 540