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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 545
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021土生文化 :新加坡私人土生文化馆 = Peranakan culture : a study of private peranakan home museum in Singapore王蕙瑜 Ong, Hwee Yu
2021论明泰昌、天启初年内臣与朝臣的关系 :以宦官王安为例 = The relationship between eunuchs and imperial officials from Ming Tai Chang period to early Tian Qi period : a case study of eunuch Wang An马爱连 Ma, Ah Lain
2021探究广告中的创译应用 :以可口可乐影视广告为例 = The application of transcreation in commercials : a case study on Coca Cola's advertisements蔡美婷 Chua, Louis Mei Ting
2021不一样的移民社会 :黄乃裳组织福州人迁移诗巫的历史个案研究 = A different immigrant society : a study on Wong Nai Siong planned migration of Foochownese to Sibu陈雯 Chen, Wen
2021为承认而斗争 :林晨剧作中的庶民群像 = Subaltern study of Lin Chen's plays黄柔敏 Ng, Jou Min
2021从网络文学IP剧被翻拍的现象看中国大陆文化软实力的体现 = The reflection of China's soft power through the trend of remaking IP dramas余映萱 Ee, Ying Xuan
2021「中国宠物电影」中的生态体现和市场价值 = Chinese pet movies' ecocritical reflections and market value林家慧 Lim, Crystal Jia Hui
2021史可扬戏剧中的知识分子形象 = The image of the intellectuals in Shi Ke Yang's play曾嘉琪 Chan, Jia Qi
2021陶然故事新编身份建构上的矛盾 = The dilemma of Taoran's cultural identity in his new stories works林佳慧 Lum, JiaHui
2021李渔作品对男同和女同的再现 = Representations of same-sex relationships in Li Yu's literary works吴柳淋 Goh, Katherine Liu Lin
2021小说《后宫·甄嬛传》中的花卉意象解析 = Analysis of flower image in Chinese novel legend of Zhenhuan陈淽偌 Tan, Jee Yue
2021唐代文学中的 "巫山" "神女" 情结 :以元稹作品为例 = The complex of "Wushan" "Goddess" in Tang literature : a case study on Yuan Zhen's works王雪 Wang, Xue
2021从文图学的角度看泰剧《以你的心诠释我的爱》= A study of the Thailand TV series "I told sunset about you" from the perspective of text and image studiesLim, Ebel Jia En
2021从漫画走进现实 :以文图学解析《花样男子》三部曲 = From manga to reality : a study of “Hana Yori Dango” series from the perspective of text and image studies郑可欣 Zheng, Kexin
2021To look, to hear, to experience anew : Paul Clipson's haptic infinitivesHan, Kimberly Pei Lin
2021"Unheard footfalls only sound" : the infinite reverberation of Samuel Beckett and Morton Feldman's neither and words and musicHan, Kimberly Pei Lin
2021The music of life in Galway Kinnell's poetryLeong, Jia En
2021Pragmatics of convincement : how we deceive with the truthLoh, Bryan Yih Jing
2021Accent and prejudiceTay, Athalie Yan Xin
2021Reimagining mission schools and the construction of mission school historiesChong, Rei Rei-Ann
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 545