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dc.contributor.author黄馨盈 Ng, Noreen Xin-Ying
dc.description.abstract新加坡少女作家Gabby Tye(1999-)(以下简称“加比”),是科幻小说(以下简称“科幻”)及少儿(少年及儿童)三部曲成長小說RunHideSeek的作家。三部曲之第一部《跑》(Run)出版于2013年,第二部《藏》(Hide)出版于2014年。最后一部,《找》(Seek)则出版于2015年。自出版以來,《跑藏找》深受读者喜愛。《藏》在2014年获得“新加坡读者选择奖”(Readers’ Choice Awards),《找》则在2015年《海峡时报》(The Straits’ Times)的畅销书榜上连续上榜了三个星期,旋即引起国际文坛重視。随后,在2016年被译介到中国,经译者穆强翻译而成為汉译本《跑藏找》。小說故事情节以女主角——凯拉(Kayla)或称为Z,为主线。凯拉必须对付的敌人包括以人为食的‘食人者’(Eaters)以及肢体由金属制成的‘金属士兵’(Metal Hybrid Soldiers)。即使遭遇无数次的挫折与伤害,凯拉总能克服众多困难并完成拯救世界的重大任务。她多次从危机中脱身而出,展現了奋不顾身的英勇精神。小說故事引人入勝外,也充满了引起读者兴趣的科幻内容。新加坡与中国对于政治、社會及文化语境並不完全相同,译文在翻译过程中作出了一定的操纵及改动。本论文着重分析原著与译文呈現的性別意识的差异,是考虑到两地社会对女性角色在认知上的差异之外,也因為科幻一般给予人的印象是以男性读者群为主。为了客观分析译文如何受译入语环境制约以此符合科幻在中国的传播及接受的意识形态,本文以女性主义批评视角以及科幻中的科幻内容翻译考察汉译本《跑藏找》。 本文先从三部曲中选取典型例句以及相对应的汉译,通过分析词汇的意义以及上下文內容不同,来开展女性主义及科幻内容翻译的批评。首先,分析主要关注译者的性别意识如何在译本中强化或消弱,以此分析译者的女性主义观点。然后,探讨原著的科幻内容如何为了吸引中国少儿读者而改变。本文是新加坡及华语世界第一篇研究《跑藏找》的论文,为了增加分析的深度,本文将结合笔者与出版社BubblyBooks创意编辑之间的电邮访谈作为一手資料为文,以此全面了解《跑藏找》汉译的整体过程。 Gabby Tye (1999-) is the author of young adult dystopian trilogy RunHideSeek. The first book of the trilogy, Run was published in 2013. The second book, Hide in 2014 and last of the trilogy, Seek in 2015. Since its publication, RunHideSeek has been wellliked by many readers. In 2014, Hide was awarded the Singapore’s Readers’ Choice Awards while in 2015, Seek was on the bestseller lists of The Straits’ Times for 3 consecutive weeks. RunHideSeek soon garnered attention from international literary publishers. This resulted in the translation of the trilogy in China, to Chinese by translator, Mu Qiang. The story mainly revolves around the female protagonist, Kayla or otherwise known as Z, who is faced with cannibalistic Eaters and Metal Hybrid soldiers whose specific body parts are made of metal. Even when faced with countless setbacks and injuries, Kayla still managed to overcome all difficulties and accomplished the huge mission of saving the world. The trilogy demonstrates how women can also be skilled warriors who can escape in times of crisis. Furthermore, RunHideSeek has scientific content that arouses the curiosity of young readers. In dealing with political, societal and cultural issues, both Singapore and China adopt different methods and these differences can be observed through changes seen in the translated text. This paper analyses in detail, the differences in gender consciousness between the original and translated text. This is in due consideration of not only the fact that both societies have different views on the presence of feminism in novels, but to also break away from the stereotype that all science fiction novels are meant for male readers. In objectively analysing how RunHideSeek is restrained by the underlying mindsets and values of the target language and how it has been translated differently to suit the readers in China, this paper will focus on feminist translation criticisms and translation of scientific content. This paper chooses some classic examples and corresponding Chinese translation, to carry out translation criticisms through the analysis of vocabularies, their meaning and the context in which they appear in. Firstly, the analysis focuses on the gender consciousness that the translator displays in the translated work; whether it strengthens or weakens the gender’s voice and thereby concluding if the translator resonates with the author’s feminist views. Thereafter, the analysis will veer towards translation of scientific content and how the changes made in the translated version can appeal to children more. This research paper is the first ever seen in Singapore and the Chinese community. In hopes of deepening the depth of research, this paper uses first-hand information obtained through an email interview with BubblyBook’s creative editor to grasp the general translation process of RunHideSeek.en_US
dc.format.extent39 p.en_US
dc.rightsNanyang Technological University
dc.title从新加坡少儿读物《跑藏找》分析女性科幻小說的翻译 = Analysis of feminist science fiction translations through RunHideSeek, a children's literature from Singaporeen_US
dc.typeFinal Year Project (FYP)en_US
dc.contributor.supervisorKwan Sze Pui Ugandaen_US
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Humanitiesen_US
dc.description.degreeBachelor of Arts in Chineseen_US
dc.contributor.researchCentre for Chinese Language and Cultureen_US
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