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Title: 论歌舞电影中歌曲的字幕翻译策略 :以《美女与野兽》为例 = Subtitling strategies for songs in musical movies : a case study of beauty and the beast
Authors: 刘珏妤 Law, Jue Yu
Keywords: Humanities::Language::Chinese
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 近年来,影视剧翻译越来越受到重视,尤其是字幕翻译领域的研究。不过,人们在研究字幕翻译时,却往往会忽略了一个类型,即歌舞电影当中,歌曲的字幕翻译策略。学者普遍认为即使演员是以演唱的形式来推进剧情、叙述故事,而非对话的形式,字幕翻译的策略也不会有所不同。本文认为既然有对幽默语境、敏感词汇等字幕翻译策略的研究,那么歌曲的字幕翻译策略也是有探讨的价值的。本文选择的是对《美女与野兽》这部大受欢迎的歌舞电影进行文本分析,因为当中的角色经常通过演唱歌曲来抒发自己的情感及叙述故事。本文选择了著名的翻译研究学者Gottlieb所提出的十个字幕翻译策略来分析《美女与野兽》中的歌曲字幕,并发现译者多数时候是采用意译和转移的翻译策略,因此注重的是内容上的忠实传达(尽量不进行删减),其次才是忠实于原文的形式。之后,本文也将电影中三首代表性歌曲的字幕与配音版本的译文做对比,分析两者的不同和优劣之处,进而发现字幕的优点是能在聆听原声的情况下了解歌词的意义,而配音的优点则在于歌声与音乐的完美结合,做到歌词与音乐的融洽配合。由此,在希望歌曲字幕翻译策略能与时俱进的前提下,本文提出了新的歌曲字幕翻译策略,也就是翻译时,优先注重意义的传达和音节的一致,尽量达到这两点,其次才是形式上的对等。In recent years, although audiovisual translation has received more attention, especially in the field of subtitle translation, there is a tendency to ignore the strategic subtitle translation of the song in musical movies. Scholars generally believe that the use of singing as compared to dialogue to deliver the storyline will not make a difference to the subtitling strategy for the movie. This paper recognizes the ongoing research on subtitling strategies for humorous context and sensitive vocabulary and henceforth, it is worthwhile to delve deeper into the subtitling strategies for song. The movie “Beauty and the Beast” was selected to be the topic of discussion due to the heavy involvement of the musical singing in the movie. Furthermore, the paper uses the ten subtitle translation strategies proposed by the famous translation research scholar Gottlieb to analyze the subtitles. The analysis results showed that translators use the translation strategy of free translation and transfer most of the time, as the focus is faithful translation of the content (without removing the information needlessly), followed by the faithful delivery of the original form. Next, this paper compares the subtitles of the three preeminent songs in the movie with the translation of the dubbed version. During the analysis, both advantages and disadvantages were highlighted while simultaneously discovering that subtitles help viewers better understand the meaning of the lyrics during the play of the music while dubbing help viewers to better appreciate the synchronization of the singing and the harmonization of rhythm. Therefore, under the premise that the songs’ subtitle translation strategy should keep pace with the times, this paper proposes a new songs’ subtitling strategies, which is, when translating, the priority is to pay attention to translating faithfully and fully of the meaning of the source text and the syllable consistency. After trying to achieve the above two points, then it is followed by the formal equivalence of the source text and target text.
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