IGS Conference Papers

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Enhancing fixed transit services with demand-responsive limited-stop services considering alternative routesLee, Kelvin; Jiang, Yu; Dauwels, Justin; Su, Rong
2023Enhancing portfolio performance with crypto tokens: a correlation network analysisMa, Mengzhong; Bao, Te; Wen, Yongggang
2023Virtual reality in metaverse over wireless networks with user-centered deep reinforcement learningYu, Wenhan; Chua, Terence Jie; Zhao, Jun
2023Intonation of angry and happy Singapore English acted speechKoh, Rae Jia Xin; Tan, Ying Ying
2023Unexpected H₂ solubility of polyimide/polyphthalonitrile H₂-selective membranes with tailorable microstructure and performanceHu, Chun Po; Lim, Jacob Song Kiat; Hu, Matthew Xiao
2023Functional characterisation of SV2C and its variants as a Parkinson’s Disease-associated geneChang, Chu-Hua; Chew, Elaine Guo Yan; Tandiono, Moses; Zhang, Tian; Gong, Ximing; Xia, Yun; Foo, Jia Nee
2023Low-cost underwater localisation using single-beam echosounders and inertial measurement unitsAbu Bakr Azam; Kong, Ze Jie; Ng, Sing Yew; Scherrer, Michael Florian; Elhadidi, Basman; Seet, Gerald; Zheng, Jianmin; Cai, Yiyu
2023Red blood cell extracellular vesicles incorporated into 3D printed scaffolds for spinal cord injury regenerationHuang, Chongquan; Jayasinghe, Migara Kavishka; Lau, Kieran; Thi Nguyet Minh Le; Chew, Sing Yian
2023Repurposing human hair keratins into novel fibers based on interfacial polyelectrolyte complexationFoo, Laura Li-En; Ng, Kee Woei
2023Label-free single cell impedance analysis of IPSC-derived spinal cord progenitor cells for rapid profiling of safety and efficacy phenotypesTan, Jerome Zu Yao; He, Linwei; Ng, Shi-Yan; Li, Holden King Ho; Hou, Han Wei; Chew, Sing Yian; Han, Jongyoon
2023Explicit low-bandwidth evaluation schemes for weighted sums of Reed-Solomon-coded symbolsKiah, Han Mao; Kim, Wilton; Kruglik, Stanislav; Ling, San; Wang, Huaxiong
2023Development of metal/ metal oxide electrocatalysts for expediting renewable hydrogen generationSui, Nicole L. D.; Lee, Jong-Min
2023Backdoor attacks against deep image compression via adaptive frequency triggerYu, Yi; Wang, Yufei; Yang, Wenhan; Lu, Shijian; Tan, Yap Peng; Kot, Alex Chichung
2023Fitting parametric tropical cyclone-induced rainfall model for tropical cyclones landfalling onto the Northern Vietnam coastAngkanasirikul, Warinthorn; Wei, Jian; Lo, Edmond Yat-Man
2023Distinction between alloyed Perovskite and elpasolite nanocrystalsMishra, Pritish; Zhang, Mengyuan; Chen, Andy Paul; Sum, Tze Chien; Duchamp, Martial; Lam, Yeng Ming; Hippalgaonkar, Kedar
2023Audio-visual deception detection: DOLOS dataset and parameter-efficient crossmodal learningGuo, Xiaobao; Nithish Muthuchamy Selvaraj; Yu, Zitong; Kong, Adams Wai Kin; Shen, Bingquan; Kot, Alex
2023Inhibiting effect of calcium ions on surface reconstruction for water electrolysisSeow, Justin Zhu Yeow; Chen, Yubo; Zhang, Yuwei; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
2023Low-capacitance solid-state transformer control using an analytic filterSarda, Radhika; Rodriguez, Ezequiel; Yadav, Naga Brahmendra Gorla; Farivar, Glen G.; Pou, Josep; Sriram, Vaisambhayana Brihadeeswara; Tripathi, Anshuman
2023Simulation validation of moment balancing method for drag-dominant tidal turbinesZhang, Yixiao; Mittal, Shivansh; Ng, Eddie Yin Kwee
2023Grid optimization and demand side mangement for electric vehicles penetration in remote areaZhang, Yixiao; Ng, Eddie Yin Kwee; Li, Ning
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 146