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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Novel amphiphilic corannulene additive for moisture-resistant perovskite solar cellsBening Tirta Muhammad; Barát, Viktor; Koh, Teck Ming; Wu, Xihu; Surendran, Abhijith; Yantara, Natalia; Bruno, Annalisa; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Stuparu, Mihaiela Corina; Leong, Wei Lin
2021Ammonium sulfate treatment at the TiO₂/perovskite interface boosts operational stability of perovskite solar cellsBening Tirta Muhammad; Salim, Teddy; Bruno, Annalisa; Grimsdale, Andrew C.; Leong, Wei Lin
2022Halide perovskite-based indoor photovoltaics: recent development and challengesBening Tirta Muhammad; Kar, Shaoni; Stephen, Meera; Leong, Wei Lin
 2021Unemployment rate predicts anger in popular music lyrics: evidence from top 10 songs in the United States and Germany from 1980 to 2017Qiu. Lin; Chan, Sarah Hian May; Ito, Kenichi; Sam, Joyce Yan Ting
2021High glucose restraint of acetylcholine-induced keratinocyte epithelial-mesenchymal transition is mitigated by p38 inhibitionTan, Mark Wei Yi; Tan, Wei Ren; Kong, Ze Qing; Toh, Jun Hong; Wee, Jonathan Wei Kiat; Teo, Erica Mei Ling; Cheng, Hong Sheng; Wang, Xiaomeng; Tan, Nguan Soon
2021Cell membrane-coated electrospun fibers enhance keratinocyte growth through cell-type specific interactionsChooi, Wai Hon; Dong, Quanbin; Low, Jeremy Zhi Yan; Yuen, Clement; Chin, Jiah Shin; Lin, Junquan; Ong, William; Liu, Quan; Chew, Sing Yian
2021Electrospun polyimide-based thin-film composite membranes for organic solvent nanofiltrationYou, Xiaofei; Chong, Jeng Yi; Goh, Keng Siang; Tian, Miao; Chew, Jia Wei; Wang, Rong
2021Unraveling the role of support membrane chemistry and pore properties on the formation of thin-film composite polyamide membranesLim, Yu Jie; Goh, Kunli; Lai, Gwo Sung; Zhao, Yali; Torres, Jaume; Wang, Rong
2021Fast water transport through biomimetic reverse osmosis membranes embedded with peptide-attached (pR)-pillar[5]arenes water channelsLim, Yu Jie; Goh, Kunli; Lai, Gwo Sung; Ng, Chiann Yi; Torres, Jaume; Wang, Rong
2021Effective separation of water-DMSO through solvent resistant membrane distillation (SR-MD)Zhang, Yujun; Chong, Jeng Yi; Xu, Rong; Wang, Rong
2021Assessing the potential of integrally skinned asymmetric hollow fiber membranes for addressing membrane fouling in pressure retarded osmosis processPham, Nguyen Anh; Ng, Daniel Yee Fan; Goh, Kunli; Dong, Zhili; Wang, Rong
2022Delivery of Wnt inhibitor WIF1 via engineered polymeric microspheres promotes nerve regeneration after sciatic nerve crushZheng, Na; Lin, Junquan; Chin, Jiah Shin; Wiraja, Christian; Xu, Chenjie; McGrouther, Duncan Angus; Chew, Sing Yian
 2020Automatic re-planning of lifting paths for robotized tower cranes in dynamic BIM environmentsDutta, Souravik; Cai, Yiyu; Huang, Lihui; Zheng, Jianmin
2021Simulations of melting in fluid-filled packed media due to forced convection with higher temperatureSoon, Genevieve; Zhang, Hui; Yang, Chun; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
 2020Phosphatase POPX2 interferes with cell cycle by interacting with Chk1Kim, Pu Rum; Koon, Yen Ling; Lee, Raphael Tze Chuen; Azizan, Farouq; Koh, Dylan Hong Zheng; Chiam, Keng-Hwee; Koh, Cheng-Gee
 2020PGE1 and PGA1 bind to Nurr1 and activate its transcriptional functionRajan, Sreekanth; Jang, Yongwoo; Kim, Chun-Hyung; Kim, Woori; Toh, Hui Ting; Jeon, Jeha; Song, Bin; Serra, Aida; Lescar, Julien; Yoo, Jun Yeob; Beldar, Serap; Ye, Hong; Kang, Congbao; Liu, Xue-Wei; Feitosa, Melissa; Kim, Yeahan; Hwang, Dabin; Goh, Geraldine; Lim, Kah-Leong; Park, Hye Min; Lee, Choong Hwan; Oh, Sungwhan F.; Petsko, Gregory A.; Yoon, Ho Sup; Kim, Kwang-Soo
2021SmCo₅ with a reconstructed oxyhydroxide surface for spin-selective water oxidation at elevated temperatureChen, Riccardo Ruixi; Chen, Gao; Ren, Xiao; Ge, Jingjie; Ong, Samuel Jun Hoong; Xi, Shibo; Wang, Xin; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
2021Engineering high-spin state cobalt cations in spinel zinc cobalt oxide for spin channel propagation and active site enhancement in water oxidationSun, Yuanmiao; Ren, Xiao; Sun, Shengnan; Liu, Zheng; Xi, Shibo; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
2021Ferromagnetic–antiferromagnetic coupling core–shell nanoparticles with spin conservation for water oxidationGe, Jingjie; Chen, Riccardo Ruixi; Ren, Xiao; Liu, Jiawei; Ong, Samuel Jun Hoong; Xu, Jason Zhichuan
 2020Assessing internal fouling during microfiltration using optical coherence tomography and evapoporometryHan, Qi; Trinh, Thien An; Tanis-Kanbur, Melike Begum; Li, Weiyi; Chew, Jia Wei
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 286