SCSE Conference Papers

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Moving target defense for embedded deep visual sensing against adversarial examplesSong, Qun; Yan, Zhenyu; Tan, Rui
2019Knowledge-enriched transformer for emotion detection in textual conversationsZhong, Peixiang; Wang, Di; Miao, Chunyan
2016An investigation of spoofing speech detection under additive noise and reverberant conditionsTian, Xiaohai; Wu, Zhizheng; Xiao, Xiong; Chng, Eng Siong; Li, Haizhou
2018Boosting the throughput of LED-camera VLC via composite light emissionYang, Yanbing; Luo, Jun
2019A data-driven approach for adding facade details to textured LoD2 CityGML modelsZhang, Xingzi; Lippoldt, Franziska; Erdt, Marius; Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry
2017Identification of potential critical virulent sites based on hemagglutinin of influenza A virus in past pandemic strainsYin, Rui; Fransiskus, Xaverius Ivan; Zheng, Jie; Zhou, Xinrui; Chow, Vincent T. K.; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2019RIT2FIS : a recurrent interval type 2 Fuzzy Inference System and its rule base estimationSamanta, Subhrajit; Hartanto, Andre; Pratama, Mahardhika; Sundaram, Suresh; Srikanth, Narasimalu
2019Computing argumentative explanations in bipolar argumentation frameworksMiao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Shen, Zhiqi; Chin, Jing Jih; Zeng, Zhiwei
2017eHealthPortal : a social support hub for the active living of the elderlyWang, Di; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2019Generation of 3D building models from city area mapsMartel, Roman; Erdt, Marius; Dong, Chaoqun; Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry
2018An appearance-driven method for converting polygon soup building models for 3D geospatial applicationsChen, Kan; Johan, Henry; Erdt, Marius
2018Probabilistic guided exploration for reinforcement learning in self-organizing neural networksWang, Peng; Zhou, Weigui Jair; Wang, Di; Tan, Ah-Hwee
2018Deep room recognition using inaudible echosSong, Qun; Gu, Chaojie; Tan, Rui
2016An automatic voice conversion evaluation strategy based on perceptual background noise distortion and speaker similarityHuang, Dong-Yan; Xie, Lei; Zhang, Shaofei; Lee, Yvonne Siu Wa; Wu, Jie; Ming, Huaiping; Tian, Xiaohai; Ding, Chuang; Li, Mei; Nguyen, Quy Hy; Dong, Minghui; Chng, Eng Siong; Li, Haizhou
2018High performance city rendering in VulkanZhang, Alex; Chen, Kan; Johan, Henry; Erdt, Marius
2019Distribution-based semi-supervised learning for activity recognitionQian, Hangwei; Pan, Sinno Jialin; Miao, Chunyan
2018MNPR : a framework for real-time expressive non-photorealistic rendering of 3D computer graphicsMontesdeoca, Santiago E.; Seah, Hock Soon; Semmo, Amir; Bénard, Pierre; Vergne, Romain; Thollot, Joëlle; Benvenuti, Davide
20193D human motion recovery from a single video using dense spatio-temporal features with exemplar-based approachLeong, Mei Chee; Lin, Feng; Lee, Yong Tsui
2016Collusion-resistant spatial phenomena crowdsourcing via mixture of Gaussian Processes regressionZhang, Jie; Xiang, Qikun; Nevat, Ido; Zhang, Pengfei
2016Ensemble classifier based approach for code-mixed cross-script question classificationBhattacharjee, Debjyoti; Bhattacharya, Paheli
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 526