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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A split-and-transfer flow based entropic centralityOggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman
2017Power allocation in cognitive radio networks over Rayleigh-fading channels with hybrid intelligent algorithmsLi, Feng; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Wang, Li
2017Structured learning of tree potentials in CRF for image segmentationLiu, Fayao; Lin, Guosheng; Qiao, Ruizhi; Shen, Chunhua
2018Semantics-aware visual object trackingShen, Chunhua; Yao, Rui; Lin, Guosheng; Zhang, Yanning; Shi, Qinfeng
2018Evolutionary multi-objective optimization based ensemble autoencoders for image outlier detectionChen, Zhaomin; Yeo, Chai Kiat; Lee, Bu Sung; Lau, Chiew Tong; Jin, Yaochu
2011Real-time line drawing of 3D models taking into account curvature-based importanceWada, Shohei; Johan, Henry; Trigo, Pablo Garcia; Nishita, Tomoyuki
2009破壊後の形状の制御を伴う破壊シミュレーション = A method to control the shape of destroyed objects in destruction simulation今給黎隆 Imagire Takashi; ジョハン ヘンリー Johan Henry; 西田友是 Nishita Tomoyuki
2018Two-factor authentication for trusted third party free dispersed storageEsiner, Ertem; Datta, Anwitaman
2018Object detection in a maritime environment : performance evaluation of background subtraction methodsPrasath, Chandrashekar Krishna; Rajan, Deepu; Rachmawati, Lily; Rajabally, Eshan; Quek, Chai; Prasad, Dilip Kumar
2017Flexible scheduling of microgrid with uncertainties considering expectation and robustnessLi, Yuanzheng; Zhao, Tianyang; Wang, Ping; Gooi, Hoay Beng; Ding, Zhaohao; Li, Kaicheng; Yan, Wei
2018Modeling and detecting false data injection attacks against railway traction power systemsLakshminarayana, Subhash; Teng, Teo Zhan; Tan, Rui; Yau, David K. Y.
2018Exploiting electrical grid for accurate and secure clock synchronizationViswanathan, Sreejaya; Tan, Rui; Yau, David K. Y.
2017CLUST : simulating realistic crowd behaviour by mining pattern from crowd videosZhao, Mingbi; Cai, Wentong; Turner, S. J.
2018Pair-linking for collective entity disambiguation : two could be better than allPhan, Minh C.; Sun, Aixin; Tay, Yi; Han, Jialong; Li, Chenliang
2018MCAEM : mixed-correlation analysis-based episodic memory for companion–user interactionsZhang, Juzheng; Zheng, Jianmin; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat
2018Differentially private mechanisms for budget limited mobile crowdsourcingHan, Kai; Liu, Huan; Tang, Shaojie; Xiao, Mingjun; Luo, Jun
2019Threshold estimation models for linear threshold-based influential user mining in social networksTalukder, Ashis; Tran, Nguyen H.; Niyato, Dusit; Park, Gwan Hoon; Hong, Choong Seon; Mohammad Golam Rabiul Alam
2019Which channel to ask my question? : personalized customer service request stream routing using deep reinforcement learningLiu, Zining; Long, Chong; Lu, Xiaolu; Hu, Zehong; Zhang, Jie; Wang, Yafang
2018Darkness in the human gene and protein function space : widely modest or absent illumination by the life science literature and the trend for fewer protein function discoveries since 2000Sinha, Swati; Eisenhaber, Birgit; Jensen, Lars Juhl; Kalbuaji, Bharata; Eisenhaber, Frank
2019Interactive labelling of a multivariate dataset for supervised machine learning using linked visualisations, clustering, and active learningChegini, Mohammad; Bernard, Jürgen; Berger, Philip; Sourin, Alexei; Andrews, Keith; Schreck, Tobias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 946