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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022Effects of curing environment and period on performance of lime-GGBS-treated gypseous soilLi, Wentao; Yi, Yaolin; Puppala, Anand J.
 2022Workability study of sand-bentonite-cement mixtures for construction of two-phase cut-off wallCheng, Hongzhan; Li, Wentao; Chen, Renpeng; Yi, Yaolin
 2022Carbonation of municipal solid waste gasification fly ash: effects of pre-washing and treatment period on carbon capture and heavy metal immobilizationQin, Junde; Zhang, Yunhui; Yi, Yaolin; Fang, Mingliang
 2022Immobilization of lead (Pb) using ladle furnace slag and carbon dioxideXu, Bo; Yi, Yaolin
 2022Genome-centric metagenomics analysis revealed the metabolic function of abundant microbial communities in thermal hydrolysis-assisted thermophilic anaerobic digesters under propionate stressZhang, Liang ; Gong, Xianzhe; Chen, Zhiyi; Zhou, Yan
 2022Study on the viability of unprotected bacterial spores directly embedded in a reactive magnesia cement matrix for potential crack healingXiao, Xi; Unluer, Cise; Yang, En-Hua
 2022Energy harvesting from thermally induced vibrations of antenna panelsYu, Dewen.; Yang, Yaowen; Hu, Guobiao; Zhou, Yifan; Hong, Jun
 2022Resource recovery from municipal wastewater: a critical paradigm shift in the post era of activated sludgeZhang, Xiaoyuan; Liu, Yu
 2022Boundary continuity effect on performance of composite beam-slab sub-assemblages at elevated temperatureZhang, Yao; Liu, Jun Xian; Tan, Kang Hai
 2022Strength, shrinkage and creep of lightweight cementitious composite incorporating carbon nanofibersWang, Su; Lim, Jacob Lok Guan; Tan, Kang Hai
 2022Derivation of a normalised failure surface for square CECFST columns embedded with circular steel tube: a unified approachMa, You-Xin; Tan, Kang Hai
 2022Evaluation of unsaturated soil slope stability by incorporating soil-water characteristic curveZhai, Qian; Tian, Gang; Ye, Weimin; Rahardjo, Harianto; Dai, Guoliang; Wang, Shijun
 2022Prediction of shear strength and drift capacity of corroded reinforced concrete structural shear wallsYang, Zhihong; Li, Bing
 2021Cyclists’ preference study in using four types of cycling facilities in SingaporeChe, Maohao; Secadiningrat, Julius Raditya; Upahita, Dwi Phalita; Wong, Yiik Diew; Lum, Kit Meng
2022Resilience assessment of waterway transportation systems: combining system performance and recovery costWang, Nanxi; Yuen, Kum Fai
2022High salinity enhances the adsorption of 17α-ethinyl estradiol by polyethersulfone membrane: isotherm modelling and molecular simulationGoh, J. Y.; Goh, K. S.; Yip, Y. M.; Ng, C. K.
 2022The determinants of China’s outward foreign direct investment: a vector error correction model analysis of coastal and landlocked countriesLiu, Yanfeng; Su, Miao; Zhao, Jinjing; Martin, Sally; Yuen, Kum Fai; Lee, Choong‑Bae
 2022Automatic clustering for unsupervised risk diagnosis of vehicle driving for smart roadShi, Xiupeng; Wong, Yiik Diew; Chai, Chen; Li, Michael Zhi Feng; Chen, Tianyi; Zeng, Zeng
 2022State estimation of lithium-ion batteries based on strain parameter monitored by fiber Bragg grating sensorsPeng, Jun; Jia, Shuhai; Yang, Shuming; Kang, Xilong; Yu, Hongqiang; Yang, Yaowen
 2022The impact of environmental disclosure on initial public offering underpricing: sustainable development in SingaporeKang, Eugene; Lam, Nguyen Bao
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2436