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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Axial compressive behaviour of square through-beam joints between CFST columns and RC beams with multi-layers of steel meshesDuan, Weining; Cai, Jian; Tang, Xu-Lin; Chen, Qing-Jun; Yang, Chun; He, An
2019Bayesian operational modal analysis of offshore rock lighthouses : close modes, alignment, symmetry and uncertaintyBrownjohn, James Mark William; Raby, Alison; Au, Siu-Kui; Zhu, Zuo; Wang, Xinrui; Antonini, Alessandro; Pappas, Athanasios; D'Ayala, Dina
2019Longitudinal dispersion of microplastics in aquatic flows using fluorometric techniquesCook, Sarah; Chan, Hui-Ling; Abolfathi, Soroush; Bending, Gary D.; Schäfer, Hendrik; Pearson, Jonathan M.
2020Correlating physicochemical properties of commercial membranes with CO₂ absorption performance in gas-liquid membrane contactorXu, Yilin; Malde, Chandresh; Wang, Rong
2020Influence of crack width on chloride penetration in concrete subjected to alternating wetting-drying cyclesLai, Jun; Cai, Jian; Chen, Qing-Jun; He, An; Wei, Mu-Yang
 2019Effective torsional stiffness of reinforced concrete structural wallsLuo, Da; Ning, Chaolie; Li, Bing
2020Spatio-temporal dynamics in seismic exposure of Asian megacities : past, present and futureSarica, Gizem Mestav; Zhu, Tinger; Pan, Tso-Chien
2021Engineering controllable biofilms for biotechnological applicationsMukherjee, Manisha; Cao, Bin
2020Study of damage constitutive model of brittle rocks considering stress dropping characteristicsLi, Fei; You, Shuang; Ji, Hongguang; Wang, Hao
 2018A review of fouling indices and monitoring techniques for reverse osmosisSim, Lee Nuang; Chong, Tzyy Haur; Taheri, Amir Hooshang; Sim, Sok Tiang V.; Lai, Li; Krantz, William B.; Fane, Anthony Gordon
2020Early construction cost and time risk assessment and evaluation of large-scale underground cavern construction projects in SingaporeMaruvanchery, Varun; Zhe, Shao; Tiong, Robert Lee Kong
2020Estimation of diaphragm wall deflections for deep braced excavation in anisotropic clays using ensemble learningZhang, Runhong; Wu, Chongzhi; Goh, Anthony Teck Chee; Böhlke, Thomas; Zhang, Wengang
2020Application of soft computing techniques for shallow foundation reliability in geotechnical engineeringRay, Rahul; Kumar, Deepak; Samui, Pijush; Roy, Lal Bahadur; Goh, Anthony Teck Chee; Zhang, Wengang
2020Identification of critical links in a large-scale road network considering the traffic flow betweenness indexLi, Feiyan; Jia, Hongfei; Luo, Qingyu; Li, Yongxing; Yang, Lili
2021Fracture asperity evolution during the transition from stick slip to stable slidingMei, Cheng; Wu, Wei
2020Which factors affect willingness-to-pay for automated vehicle services? Evidence from public road deployment in Stockholm, SwedenChee, Esther Pei Nen; Susilo, Yusak O.; Wong, Yiik Diew; Pernestål, Anna
2019Assessing the uniaxial compressive strength of extremely hard cryptocrystalline flintAliyu, Mohammed M.; Shang, Junlong; Murphy, William; Lawrence, James Anthony; Collier, Rirchard; Kong, Fanmeng; Zhao, Z.
 2019Fluorescent N/Al co-doped carbon dots from cellulose biomass for sensitive detection of manganese (VII)Jayaweera, Supuli; Yin, Ke; Hu, Xiao; Ng, Wun Jern
 2019Facile preparation of fluorescent carbon dots for label-free detection of Fe3+Jayaweera, Supuli; Yin, Ke; Hu, Xiao; Ng, Wun Jern
 2019Nitrogen-doped durian shell derived carbon dots for inner filter effect mediated sensing of tetracycline and fluorescent InkJayaweera, Supuli; Yin, Ke; Ng, Wun Jern
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1575