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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2023Suspended water nanodroplets evaporation and its deviation from continuum estimationsAng, Elisa Y. M.; Wang, Peng Cheng; Toh, William; Ng, Teng Yong
 2023Very high cycle fatigue behavior of laser powder bed fusion additively manufactured Ti6Al4V alloy at elevated temperaturePeng, Haotian; Liu, Fulin; Chen, Yao; He, Chao; Li, Lang; Zhang, Hong; Wang, Chong; Wang, Qingyuan; Liu, Yongjie
2023Izod impact resistance of 3D printed discontinuous fibrous composites with Bouligand structureGuan, Lizhi; Peng, Weixiang; Ng, Rachel Jing Wen; Fan, Jingbo; Le Ferrand, Hortense
20233D printing of mycelium engineered living materials using a waste-based ink and non-sterile conditions.Soh, Eugene; Teoh, Jia Heng; Leong, Brendon; Xing, Tingrong; Le Ferrand, Hortense
 2023A coupling approach of the isogeometric–meshfree method and peridynamics for static and dynamic crack propagationZhang, Qi; Nguyen-Thanh, Nhon; Li, Weidong; Zhang, A-Man; Li, Shaofan; Zhou, Kun
 2023A robust-based configuration design method of piezoelectric materials for mechanical load identification considering structural vibration suppressionLiu, Yaru; Wang, Lei
 2023Innovative methodology for comprehensive utilization of refractory low-grade iron oresLiang, Zhikai; Peng, Xin; Huang, Zhucheng; Li, Jiayuan; Yi, Lingyun; Huang, Boyang; Chen, Changzhong
 2023Multi-track, multi-layer cladding layers of YCF102: an analytical and predictive investigation of geometric characteristicsXi, Wenchao; Song, Boxue; Chen, Liaoyuan; Liang, Yingdong; Yu, Tianbiao; Wang, Jun; Sun, Qi
 2023Novel SEConv1D framework for real-time hydrodynamics prediction of the unidentified underwater vehicleHou, Yuqing; Li, Hui; Chen, Hong; Shen, Shengnan; Duan, Fei; Wei, Wei; Wang, Jiayue; Huang, Yicang; Guan, Xiawei; Liao, Yinghao
2022Smart membranes for oil/water emulsions separation: a reviewDansawad, Panchan; Yang, Yujie; Li, Xin; Shang, Xiaopeng; Li, Yanxiang; Guo, Zhiwei; Qing, Yashi; Zhao, Shengyong; You, Siming; Li, Wangliang
2023CFD computation of flow fractional reserve (FFR) in coronary artery trees using a novel physiologically based algorithm (PBA) under 3D steady and pulsatile flow conditionsAlzhanov, Nursultan; Ng, Eddie Yin Kwee; Su, Xiaohui; Zhao, Yong
 2023Vehicle velocity estimation based on WSS/IMU with wheel slip recognitionYuan, Liangxin; Chen, Hao; Wang, Yuan; Lian, Xiaomin
 2023Non-uniform illumination underwater image restoration via illumination channel sparsity priorHou, Guojia; Li, Nan; Zhuang, Peixian; Li, Kunqian; Sun, Haihan; Li, Chongyi
 2023Asynchronous self-triggered stochastic distributed MPC for cooperative vehicle platooning over vehicular ad-hoc networksChen, Jicheng; Wei, Henglai; Zhang, Hui; Shi, Yang
 2023Thermal conductivity effect on thermophoresis of charged spheroidal colloids in aqueous mediaYang, Mingyuan; Zhou, Yi; Chen, Wenqin; Wang, Weihao; Yang, Chun
2023A machine learning-based approach for multi-AGV dispatching at automated container terminalsGao, Yinping; Chen, Chun-Hsien; Chang, Daofang
2023Microstructural evolution, mechanical properties and tribological behavior of B₄C-reinforced Ti in situ composites produced by laser powder bed fusionDu, Jingguang; Ren, Yaojia; Liu, Xinyan; Xu, Feng; Wang, Xiaoteng; Zhou, Runhua; Baker, Ian; Wu, Hong
2023Synthesis of compliant parallel mechanisms using an improved beam-based method with the optimization of multiple resonant modesLow, Vin; Yeo, Song Huat; Pham, Minh Tuan
2023Nonlinear dynamic analysis of a piezoelectric energy harvester with mechanical plucking mechanismNoh, Jinhong; Bae, Sungryong; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Kim, Pilkee
 2022Parametric design workflow of periodic lattice structures for additive manufacturing: a case studySong, Xue Ting; Chen, Chun-Hsien; Kuo, Jo-Yu; Patel, Chandrakant D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3677