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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021Real-time avoidance strategy of dynamic obstacles via half model-free detection and tracking with 2D lidar for mobile robotsDong, Huixu; Weng, Ching-Yen; Guo, Chuangqiang; Yu, Haoyong; Chen, I-Ming
 2021Human–robot co-manipulation during surface tooling: a general framework based on impedance control, haptic rendering and discrete geometryKana, Sreekanth; Tee, Keng-Peng; Campolo, Domenico
 2020A voice activated bi-articular exosuit for upper limb assistance during lifting tasksKim, Yongtae G.; Little, Kieran; Noronha, Bernardo; Xiloyannis, Michele; Masia, Lorenzo; Accoto, Dino
 2021A microfabricated dual slip-pressure sensor with compliant polymer-liquid metal nanocomposite for robotic manipulationAccoto, Dino ; Donadio, Alessandro; Yang, Sibo; Ankit; Mathews, Nripan
 2020Design and characterization of an instrumented hand-held power tool to capture dynamic interaction with the workpiece during manual operationsPhan, Gia-Hoang; Hansen, Clint; Tommasino, Paolo; Hussain, Asif; Campolo, Domenico
2019Quantitative assessment at task-level for performance of robotic configurations and task plansWeng, Ching-Yen; Tan, Wei Chian; Yuan, Qilong; Chen, I-Ming
2006Computer simulation of hydraulic system of exoskeletonГ.К. Боровин Borovin, G. К.; Коstyuк, А.V.; Seet, Gerald; Iastrebov, Viatcheslav
2019Enabling grasp action : generalized quality evaluation of grasp stability via contact stiffness from contact mechanics insightDong, Huixu; Qiu, Chen; Prasad, Dilip K.; Pan, Ye; Dai, Jiansheng; Chen, I-Ming
2003Kinematic design and analysis of a 7 degree-of-freedom dual-stage inspection manipulator for dexterous subsea applicationsAsokan, Thondiyath; Seet, Gerald; Iastrebov, Viatcheslav; Senanayake, Rohan
 2018Grasp analysis and optimal design of robotic fingertip for two tendon-driven fingersDong, Huixu; Ehsan Asadi; Qiu, Chen; Dai, Jiansheng; Chen, I-Ming
2019Switching assistance for exoskeletons during cyclic motionsTagliamonte, Nevio Luigi; Valentini, Simona; Sudano, Angelo; Portaccio, Iacopo; De Leonardis, Chiara; Formica, Domenico; Accoto, Dino
2018Exploring the use of robots for museum settings and for learning heritage languages and cultures at the Chinese Heritage CentrePang, Wee-Ching; Wong, Choon-Yue; Seet, Gerald
2017Transfer learning on convolutional activation feature as applied to a building quality assessment robotLiu, Lili; Yan, Rui-Jun; Maruvanchery, Varun; Kayacan, Erdal; Chen, I-Ming; Tiong, Lee Kong
2017Perception-Link Behavior Model: Supporting a Novel Operator Interface for a Customizable Anthropomorphic Telepresence RobotGu, William; Seet, Gerald; Magnenat-Thalmanna, Nadia
2017Proprioceptive assessment in clinical settings: Evaluation of joint position sense in upper limb post-stroke using a robotic manipulatorContu, Sara; Hussain, Asif; Kager, Simone; Budhota, Aamani; Deshmukh, Vishwanath A.; Kuah, Christopher W. K.; Yam, Lester H. L.; Xiang, Liming; Chua, Karen S. G.; Masia, Lorenzo; Campolo, Domenico
2012Design optimization of a cable-driven two-DOF flexible joint moduleZhang, Zhao
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 16 of 16