MAE Conference Papers

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2020Light sheet fluorescence microscopy of the trabecular meshwork in rodent eyesSandeep, C. S. Suchand; Barathi, Veluchamy Amutha; Aung, Tin; Baskaran, Mani; Matham, Murukeshan Vadakke 
2019SCALAR - simultaneous calibration of 2D laser and robot's kinematic parameters using three planar constraintsLembono, Teguh Santoso; Suarez-Ruiz, Francisco; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2020Real-time unstable approach detection using sparse variational Gaussian processSingh, Narendra Pratap; Goh, Sim Kuan; Alam, Sameer
2019Construction of air traffic controller’s decision network using error-related potentialGoh, Sim Kuan; Tran, Ngoc Phu; Pham, Duc-Thinh; Alam, Sameer; Izzetoglu, Kurtulus; Duong, Vu
2019An intelligent interactive conflict solver incorporating air traffic controllers' preferences using reinforcement learningTran, Ngoc Phu; Pham, Duc-Thinh; Goh, Sim Kuan; Alam, Sameer; Duong, Vu
2018Departure and conflict management in multi-robot path coordinationLertkultanon, Puttichai; Yang, Jingyi; Pham, Hung; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2019Bessel-Gauss beam light sheet assisted fluorescence imaging of Trabecular meshwork in the Iridocorneal region using long working distance objectivesSandeep, C. S. Suchand; Sreelatha, Sarangapani; Baskaran, Mani; Hong, Jeesmond Xun Jie; Aung, Tin; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2019Efficient pose estimation from single RGB-D image via Hough forest with auto-contextDong, Huixu; Prasad, Dilip Kumar; Yuan, Qilong; Zhou, Jiadong; Asadi, Ehsan; Chen, I-Ming
2019Automated tuning of nonlinear model predictive controller by reinforcement learningMehndiratta, Mohit; Camci, Efe; Kayacan, Erdal
2018A robust robot design for item pickingCauso, Albert; Chong, Zheng-Hao; Luxman, Ramamoorthy; Kok, Yuan Yik; Yi, Zhao; Pang, Wee-Ching; Ren, Meixuan; Teoh, Yee Seng; Jing, Wu; Tju, Hendra Suratno; Chen, I-Ming
 2018Three-dimensional hierarchical and superhydrophobic graphene gas sensor with good immunity to humidityWu, Jin; Tao, Kai; Miao, Jianmin; Norford, Leslie Keith
 2018Diffraction grating integrated on micromachined stepper motor for diversity implementation in imaging spectroscopyMuttikulangara, Sanathanan Swaminathan; Baranski, Maciej; Rehman, Shakil; Hu, Liangxing; Miao, Jianmin
2019Simulation studies of a coupled vane compressorOoi, Kim Tiow; Shakya, Pradeep
 2018Design of a wearable mechatronic device to measure the wrist rigidity in Parkinson’s disease patientsRaiano, Luigi; Di Pino, Giovanni; Noccaro, Alessia; Accoto, Dino; Formica, Domenico
 2017Designing modular robotic architecture for e-commerce bin picking task fulfillmentKok, Johan Zhi Kang; Causo, Albert; Chong, Zheng-Hao; Chen, I-Ming
2019Online deep learning for improved trajectory tracking of unmanned aerial vehicles using expert knowledgeSarabakha, Andriy; Kayacan, Erdal
2019Knowledge transfer between robots with similar dynamics for high-accuracy impromptu trajectory trackingZhou, Siqi; Sarabakha, Andriy; Kayacan, Erdal; Helwa, Mohamed K.; Schoellig, Angela P.
 2018Numerical and experimental investigation on the hybrid superplastic forming of the conical Mg alloy componentGuo, Mei Ling; Tan, Ming Jen; Song, Xu; Chua, Beng Wah
 2017A pilot study of gender differences on anthropometric measurements in Singapore populationLee, Yu-Chi; Chen, Chun-Hsien; Khoo, Li Pheng
2019A flexible endoscopic robotic suturing system for gastrointestinal perforations : animal studyCao, Lin; Li, Xiaoguo; Phan, Phuoc Thien; Tiong, Anthony Meng Huat; Kaan, Hung Leng; Ho, Khek Yu; Chiu, Philip Wai Yan; Phee, Soo Jay
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 374