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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Electron transfer and cascade relaxation dynamics of graphene quantum dots/MoS2 monolayer mixed-dimensional van der Waals heterostructuresShan, Hangyong; Yu, Ying; Zhang, Rui; Cheng, Runtan; Zhang, Dong; Luo, Yang; Wang, Xingli; Li, Bowen; Zu, Shuai; Lin, Feng; Liu, Zheng; Chang, Kai; Fang, Zheyu
 2017Localized emission from laser-irradiated defects in 2D hexagonal boron nitrideHou, Songyan; Muhammad Danang Birowosuto; Umar, Saleem; Anicet, Maurice Ange; Tay, Roland Yingjie; Coquet, Philippe; Tay, Beng Kang; Wang, Hong; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong
2019Energy efficiency optimization for NOMA-based cognitive radio with energy harvestingWang, Xin; Na, Zhenyu; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Liu, Xin; Gao, Zihe; Li, Feng; Wang, Li
2019Trading-based dynamic spectrum access and allocation in cognitive internet of thingsLi, Feng; Lam, Kwok-Yan; Meng, Limin; Luo, Hao; Wang, Li
2019List decodability of symbol-pair codesLiu, Shu; Xing, Chaoping; Yuan, Chen
2019Search condition-hiding query evaluation on encrypted databasesKim, Myungsun; Lee, Hyung Tae; Ling, San; Ren, Shu Qin; Tan, Benjamin Hong Meng; Wang, Huaxiong
2018Birefringence induced Vernier effect in optical fiber modal interferometers for enhanced sensingLi, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nan; Zhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Zhou, Wenchao; Zhang, Ting; Chen, Ming; Wei, Lei
2017Surface texture change on-demand and microfluidic devices based on thickness mode actuation of dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs)Ankit, Ankit; Nguyen, Anh Chien; Mathews, Nripan
2019Inorganic, organic, and perovskite halides with nanotechnology for high–light yield x- and γ-ray scintillatorsMaddalena, Francesco; Tjahjana, Liliana; Xie, Aozhen; Arramel; Zeng, Shuwen; Wang, Hong; Coquet, Philippe; Drozdowski, Winicjusz; Dujardin, Christophe; Dang, Cuong; Muhammad Danang Birowosuto
2018Polarization-resolved plasmon-modulated emissions of quantum dots coupled to aluminum dimers with sub-20 nm gapsZhang, Dao Hua; Fong, Kah Ee; Gao, Yuan; Dang, Cuong; Tobing, Landobasa Yosef Mario; Muhammad Danang Birowosuto; Demir, Hilmi Volkan
2018Morphology controlled lithium storage in Li3VO4 anodesYang, Guang; Zhang, Bowei; Feng, Jianyong; Lu, Yu; Wang, Zhiqiang; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Aravind, Muthiah; Liu, Jilei; Srinivasan, Madhavi; Shen, Zexiang; Huang, Yizhong
2018Crown Ethers Enable Room Temperature Synthesized CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots for Light-Emitting DiodesVeldhuis, Sjoerd Antonius; Ng, Yan Fong; Ahmad, Riyas; Bruno, Annalisa; Jamaludin, Nur Fadilah; Damodaran, Bahulayan; Mathews, Nripan; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam
2018Precursor Non-stoichiometry to Enable Improved CH3NH3PbBr3 Nanocrystal LED PerformanceChandran, Bevita K; Veldhuis, Sjoerd Antonius; Chin, Xin Yu; Bruno, Annalisa; Yantara, Natalia; Chen, Xiaodong; Mhaisalkar, Subodh
2017Energy Transfer Efficiency from ZnO-Nanocrystals to Eu3+ Ions Embedded in SiO2 Film for Emission at 614 nmMangalam, Vivek; Pita, Kantisara
2014Optical fiber magnetic field sensor based on magnetic fluid and microfiber mode interferometerZheng, Yangzi; Dong, Xinyong; Chan, Chi Chiu; Shum, Perry Ping; Su, Haibin
 2015Synthesis and assessment of new cyclopenta-2,4-dienone derivatives for energy storage applicationsLim, Zheng Bang; Tan, Kim Seng; Lunchev, Andrey V.; Li, Hairong; Cho, Sung Ju; Grimsdale, Andrew Clive; Yazami, Rachid
2014Review of diverse optical fibers used in biomedical research and clinical practiceShum, Perry Ping; Keiser, Gerd; Xiong, Fei; Cui, Ying
2015Effect of OFF-state stress induced electric field on trapping in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors on Si (111)Anand, M. J.; Ng, G. I.; Arulkumaran, S.; Manoj Kumar, C. M.; Ranjan, K.; Vicknesh, S.; Foo, S. C.; Syamal, B.; Zhou, X.
2015Defect-band mediated ferromagnetism in Gd-doped ZnO thin filmsVenkatesh, S.; Franklin, J. B.; Ryan, M. P.; Lee, J.-S.; Ohldag, Hendrik; McLachlan, M. A.; Alford, N. M.; Roqan, I. S.
 2013Reduction of current collapse in AlGaN/GaN MISHEMT with bilayer SiN/Al2O3 dielectric gate stackAnand, M. J.; Ng, G. I.; Vicknesh, S.; Arulkumaran, Subramaniam; Ranjan, K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 40