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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Thermodynamic resources in continuous-variable quantum systemsNarasimhachar, Varun; Assad, Syed; Binder, Felix Christoph; Thompson, Jayne; Yadin, Benjamin; Gu, Mile
2019On equiangular lines in 17 dimensions and the characteristic polynomial of a Seidel matrixGreaves, Gary Royden Watson; Yatsyna, Pavlo
2018Interlacing families and the Hermitian spectral norm of digraphsGreaves, Gary Royden Watson; Mohar, Bojan; O, Suil
2018On the Smith normal form of a skew-symmetric D-optimal design of order n≡2 (mod4)Greaves, Gary Royden Watson; Suda, Sho
2018On the clique number of a strongly regular graphGreaves, Gary Royden Watson; Soicher, Leonard H.
 2020Excitonic lasers in atomically thin 2D semiconductorsWen, Wen; Wu, Lishu; Yu, Ting
2019Nonlinear spin filter for non-magnetic materials at zero magnetic fieldMarcellina, Elizabeth; Srinivasan, Ashwin; Nichele, Fabrizio; Stano, Peter; Ritchie, David A.; Farrer, Ian; Culcer, Dimitrie; Hamilton, Alexander R.
 2019Polarity-dependent chemical characteristics of water-soluble organic matter from laboratory-generated biomass-burning revealed by 1-octanol-water partitioningLee, Wen-Chien; Chen, Jing; Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Itoh, Masayuki; Shiodera, Satomi; Kuwata, Mikinori
2021Effect of alloying on the dynamics of coherent acoustic phonons in bismuth double perovskite single crystalsLin, Xihong; Wu, Bo; Ning, Weihua; Feng, Minjun; Xu, Qiang; Gao, Feng; Sum, Tze Chien; Zhou, Guofu
2021Patch-based holographic image sensingBruckstein, Alfred Marcel; Ezerman, Martianus Frederic; Fahreza, Adamas Aqsa; Ling, San
2020Observable quantum entanglement due to gravityKrisnanda, Tanjung; Tham, Guo Yao; Paternostro, Mauro; Paterek, Tomasz
2020Multipartite entanglement analysis from random correlationsKnips, Lukas; Dziewior, Jan; Kłobus, Waldemar; Laskowski, Wiesław; Paterek, Tomasz; Shadbolt, Peter J.; Weinfurter, Harald; Meinecke, Jasmin D. A.
2020Probe optimization for quantum metrology via closed-loop learning controlYang, Xiaodong; Thompson, Jayne; Wu, Ze; Gu, Mile; Peng, Xinhua; Du, Jiangfeng
2020Oscillatory instabilities in three-dimensional frictional granular matterBonfanti, Silvia; Chattoraj, Joyjit; Guerra, Roberto; Procaccia, Itamar; Zapperi, Stefano
2020Overdamped Brownian dynamics in piecewise-defined energy landscapesGray, Thomas H.; Yong, Ee Hou
2020Transfer learning for scalability of neural-network quantum statesZen, Remmy; My, Long; Tan, Ryan; Hébert, Frédéric; Gattobigio, Mario; Miniatura, Christian; Poletti, Dario; Bressan, Stéphane
2020Effective diffusion in one-dimensional rough potential-energy landscapesGray, Thomas H.; Yong, Ee Hou
2020Frictional active Brownian particlesNie, Pin; Chattoraj, Joyjit; Piscitelli, Antonio; Doyle, Patrick; Ni, Ran; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
 2019Multidimensional quasi-twisted codes : equivalent characterizations and their relation to multidimensional convolutional codesLing, San ; Özkaya, Buket
2020Measures of distinguishability between stochastic processesYang, Chengran; Binder, Felix C.; Gu, Mile; Elliott, Thomas J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3837