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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2019Experimental study on engine combustion and particle size distributions fueled with Jet A-1Yu, Wenbin; Zong, Yichen; Lin, Qinjie; Tay, Kunlin; Zhao, Feiyang; Yang, Wenming; Kraft, Markus
2019Optical band gap of cross-linked, curved, and radical polyaromatic hydrocarbonsMenon, Angiras; Dreyer, Jochen A. H.; Martin, Jacob W.; Akroyd, Jethro; Robertson, John; Kraft, Markus
2019J-Park simulator : an ontology-based platform for cross-domain scenarios in process industryEibeck, Andreas; Lim, Mei Qi; Kraft, Markus
2019Numerical simulation and parametric sensitivity study of titanium dioxide particles synthesised in a stagnation flameLindberg, Casper S.; Manuputty, Manoel Y.; Buerger, Philipp; Akroyd, Jethro; Kraft, Markus
2019Genomic insights into Vibrio cholerae O1 responsible for cholera epidemics in Tanzania between 1993 and 2017Hounmanou, Yaovi Mahuton Gildas; Leekitcharoenphon, Pimlapas; Kudirkiene, Egle; Mdegela, Robinson H.; Hendriksen, Rene S.; Olsen, John Elmerdahl; Dalsgaard, Anders
2019Evolution of the soot particle size distribution along the centreline of an n-heptane/toluene co-flow diffusion flameDreyer, Jochen A. H.; Poli, Maximilian; Eaves, Nick A.; Botero, Maria L.; Akroyd, Jethro; Mosbach, Sebastian; Kraft, Markus
2019An ontology and semantic web service for quantum chemistry calculationsKrdzavac, Nenad; Mosbach, Sebastian; Nurkowski, Daniel; Buerger, Philipp; Akroyd, Jethro; Martin, Jacob; Menon, Angiras; Kraft, Markus
2019An assessment of the viability of alternatives to biodiesel transport fuelsKächele, Rebecca; Nurkowski, Daniel; Martin, Jacob; Akroyd, Jethro; Kraft, Markus
2020A joint moment projection method and maximum entropy approach for simulation of soot formation and oxidation in diesel enginesWu, Shaohua; Lao, Chung Ting; Akroyd, Jethro; Mosbach, Sebastian; Yang, Wenming; Kraft, Markus
2019A detailed particle model for polydisperse aggregate particlesLindberg, Casper S.; Manuputty, Manoel Y.; Yapp, Edward Kien Yee; Akroyd, Jethro; Xu, Rong; Kraft, Markus
 2020Near-infrared fluorescent macromolecular reporters for real-time imaging and urinalysis of cancer immunotherapyHe, Shasha; Li, Jingchao; Lyu, Yan; Huang, Jiaguo; Pu, Kanyi
 2020Semiconducting polymer nanomaterials as near-infrared photoactivatable protherapeutics for cancerLi, Jingchao; Pu, Kanyi
 2019Photoconductive micro/nanoscale interfaces of a semiconducting polymer for wireless stimulation of neuron-like cellsWu, Yingjie; Peng, Yanfen; Bohra, Hassan; Zou, Jianping; Ranjan, Vivek Damodar; Zhang, Yilei; Zhang, Qing; Wang, Mingfeng
 2019Three-dimensional graphene-supported Ni₃Fe/Co₉S₈ composites : rational design and active for oxygen reversible electrocatalysisHu, Xuejiao; Huang, Tan; Tang, Yawen; Fu, Gengtao; Lee, Jong-Min
 2019Segregation behavior of binary mixtures of cylindrical particles with different length ratios in the rotating drumYang, Shiliang; Wang, Hua; Wei, Yonggang; Hu, Jianhang; Chew, Jia Wei
 2020Discrete element method study on hopper discharge behaviors of binary mixtures of nonspherical particlesZhao, Ya; Chew, Jia Wei
2019An agent composition framework for the J-Park simulator - a knowledge graph for the process industryZhou, Xiaochi; Eibeck, Andreas; Lim, Mei Qi; Krdzavac, Nenad B.; Kraft, Markus
2019A new methodology to calculate process rates in a kinetic Monte Carlo model of PAH growthLeon, Gustavo; Eaves, Nick; Akroyd, Jethro; Mosbach, Sebastian; Kraft, Markus
 2019Facile synthesis of Co-Fe-B-P nanochains as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for overall water-splittingWu, Zexing; Nie, Dazong; Song, Min; Jiao, Tiantian; Fu, Gengtao; Liu, Xien
2019Mechanical properties of soot particles : the impact of crosslinked polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsPascazio, Laura; Martin, Jacob W.; Botero, Maria L.; Sirignano, Mariano; D’Anna, Andrea; Kraft, Markus
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1743