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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysing the effect of screw configuration using a stochastic twin-screw granulation modelMcGuire, Andrew D.; Mosbach, Sebastian; Reynolds, Gavin K.; Patterson, Robert I. A.; Bringley, Eric; Eaves, Nick; Dreyer, Jochen A. H.; Kraft, Markus
2018A water-soluble Cu complex as molecular catalyst for electrocatalytic CO2 reduction on graphene-based electrodesWang, Jiong; Gan, Liyong; Zhang, Qianwen; Reddu, Vikas; Peng, Yuecheng; Liu, Zhichao; Xia, Xinghua; Wang, Cheng; Wang, Xin
2019Breaking long-range order in iridium oxide by alkali ion for efficient water oxidationGao, Jiajian; Xu, Cong-Qiao; Hung, Sung-Fu; Liu, Wei; Cai, Weizheng; Zeng, Zhiping; Jia, Chunmiao; Chen, Hao Ming; Xiao, Hai; Li, Jun; Huang, Yanqiang; Liu, Bin
2020High performance Ni catalysts prepared by freeze drying for efficient dry reforming of methaneHuang, Jijiang; Yan, Yong; Syed Saqline; Liu, Wen; Liu, Bin
2019A two-step simulation methodology for modelling stagnation flame synthesised aggregate nanoparticlesLindberg, Casper S.; Manuputty, Manoel Y.; Akroyd, Jethro; Kraft, Markus
2019A hybrid particle-number and particle model for efficient solution of population balance equationsBoje, Astrid; Akroyd, Jethro; Kraft, Markus
20192D materials for 1D electrochemical energy storage devicesZhai, Shengli; Wei, Li; Karahan, Huseyin Enis; Chen, Xuncai; Wang, Chaojun; Zhang, Xinshi; Chen, Junsheng; Wang, Xin; Chen, Yuan
2019Improved adhesion and performance of vertically-aligned mesoporous silica-nanochannel film on reduced graphene oxide for direct electrochemical analysis of human serumXi, Fengna; Xuan, Lingli; Lu, Lili; Huang, Jie; Yan, Fei; Liu, Jiyang; Dong, Xiaoping; Chen, Peng
2019Practically useful models for kinetics of biodiesel productionChhabra, Pulkit; Mosbach, Sebastian; Karimi, Iftekhar A.; Kraft, Markus
2020van der Waals heterojunction between a bottom-up grown doped graphene quantum dot and graphene for photoelectrochemical water splittingYan, Yibo; Zhai, Dong; Liu, Yi; Gong, Jun; Chen, Jie; Zan, Ping; Zeng, Zhiping; Li, Shuzhou; Huang, Wei; Chen, Peng
2019Improved methodology for performing the inverse Abel transform of flame images for color ratio pyrometryDreyer, Jochen A. H.; Slavchov, Radomir I.; Rees, Eric J.; Akroyd, Jethro; Salamanca, Maurin; Mosbach, Sebastian; Kraft, Markus
2019Modelling soot formation in a benchmark ethylene stagnation flame with a new detailed population balance modelHou, Dingyu; Lindberg, Casper S.; Manuputty, Manoel Y.; You, Xiaoqing; Kraft, Markus
2018Size spectra and source apportionment of fine particulates in tropical urban environment during southwest monsoon seasonZong, Yichen; Botero, Maria L.; Yu, Liya E.; Kraft, Markus
2019Ion-induced soot nucleation using a new potential for curved aromaticsBowal, Kimberly; Martin, Jacob W.; Misquitta, Alston J.; Kraft, Markus
2020[Library test] dt countTan, David; Eric, Wilson
2018Nanochannel-confined graphene quantum dots for ultrasensitive electrochemical analysis of complex samplesLu, Lili; Zhou, Lin; Chen, Jie; Yan, Fei; Liu, Jiyang; Dong, Xiaoping; Xi, Fengna; Chen, Peng
2019In vitro and in vivo evaluation of an electrospun-aligned microfibrous implant for Annulus fibrosus repairGluais, Maude; Clouet, Johann; Fusellier, Marion; Decante, Cyrille; Moraru, Constantin; Dutilleul, Maeva; Veziers, Joëlle; Lesoeur, Julie; Dumas, Dominique; Abadie, Jérôme; Hamel, Antoine; Bord, Eric; Chew, Sing Yian; Guicheux, Jérôme; Le Visage, Catherine
2019Scaffold-mediated non-viral delivery platform for CRISPR/Cas9-based genome editingChin, Jiah Shin; Chooi, Wai Hon; Wang, Hongxia; Ong, William; Leong, Kam W.; Chew, Sing Yian
2019Responsive amorphous photonic structures of spherical/polyhedral colloidal metal-organic frameworksBai, Ling; He, Yuheng; Zhou, Jiajing; Lim, Yun; Mai, Van Cuong; Chen, Yonghao; Hou, Shuai; Zhao, Yue; Zhang, Jun; Duan, Hongwei
2020Incorporation of graphene quantum dots, iron, and doxorubicin in/on ferritin nanocages for bimodal imaging and drug deliveryNasrollahi, Fatemeh; Sana, Barindra; Paramelle, David; Ahadian, Samad; Khademhosseini, Ali; Lim, Sierin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 1514