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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Geological and tectonic evolution of the Indo-Myanmar Ranges (IMR) in the Myanmar regionKhin, Kyi; Zaw, Khin; Aung, Lin Thu
2016Along-strike variations of the partitioning of convergence across the Haiyuan fault system detected by InSARDaout, S.; Jolivet, R.; Lasserre, C.; Doin, M.-P.; Barbot, Sylvain; Tapponnier, Paul; Peltzer, G.; Socquet, A.; Sun, J.
2013The recent convergence on the NW Borneo Wedge-a crustal-scale gravity gliding evidenced from GPSSapin, Francois; Hermawan, Iwan; Pubellier, Manuel; Vigny, Christophe; Ringenbach, Jean-Claude
2020Reconstruction of the 2018 tsunamigenic flank collapse and eruptive activity at Anak Krakatau based on eyewitness reports, seismo-acoustic and satellite observationsPerttu, Anna; Caudron, C.; Assink, J. D.; Metz, D.; Tailpied, Dorianne; Perttu, B.; Hibert, C.; Nurfiani, Dini; Pilger, C.; Muzli, Muzli; Fee, D.; Andersen, O. L.; Taisne, Benoît
2020Large‐scale crustal structure beneath Singapore using receiver functions from a dense urban nodal arrayLythgoe, Karen H.; Ong, Miranda Su Qing; Wei, Shengji
2020Invited perspectives : how machine learning will change flood risk and impact assessmentWagenaar, Dennis; Curran, Alex; Balbi, Mariano; Bhardwaj, Alok; Soden, Robert; Hartato, Emir; Mestav Sarica, Gizem; Ruangpan, Laddaporn; Molinario, Giuseppe; Lallemant, David
2020Editorial : volumes, timescales, and frequency of magmatic processes in the earth's lithospherePistone, Mattia; Taisne, Benoît; Dobson, Katherine J.
 2017Water-rich sublithospheric melt channel in the equatorial Atlantic OceanMehouachi, Fares; Singh, Satish C.
2020Is there a nascent plate boundary in the Northern Indian Ocean?Coudurier‐Curveur, Aurélie; Karakaş, Ç.; Singh, S.; Tapponnier, P.; Carton, H.; Hananto, N.
2020Estimates of plume height from infrasound for regional volcano monitoringPerttu, Anna; Taisne, Benoit; De Angelis, Silvio; Assink, Jelle D.; Tailpied, Dorianne; Williams, Ross Adrian
2020Decrease in 230Th in the Amundsen Basin since 2007 : far-field effect of increased scavenging on the shelf?Valk, Ole; Rutgers van der Loeff, Michiel M.; Geibert, Walter; Gdaniec, Sandra; Moran, S. Bradley; Lepore, Kate; Edwards, Robert Lawrence; Lu, Yanbin; Puigcorbé, Viena; Casacuberta, Nuria; Paffrath, Ronja; Smethie, William; Roy-Barman, Matthieu
2019A thermodynamic model for F-Cl-OH partitioning between silicate melts and apatite including non-ideal mixing with application to constraining melt volatile budgetsLi, Weiran; Costa, Fidel
2019Infrasound and seismoacoustic signatures of the 28 September 2018 Sulawesi super-shear earthquakePilger, Christoph; Gaebler, Peter; Ceranna, Lars; Le Pichon, Alexis; Vergoz, Julien; Perttu, Anna; Tailpied, Dorianne; Taisne, Benoit
2018Sources of atmospheric lead (Pb) in and around an Indian megacityDas, Reshmi; Ahmad Taufiq Mohamed Mohtar; Rakshit, Dibyendu; Shome, Debasish; Wang, Xianfeng
2017Driving magma to the surface : the 2011–2012 El Hierro volcanic eruptionLópez, Carmen; Benito-Saz, Maria A.; Martí, Joan; Del-Fresno, Carmen; García-Cañada, Laura; Albert, Helena; Lamolda, Héctor
2019Can we detect centennial sea-level variations over the last three thousand years in Israeli archaeological records?Dean, S.; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Evelpidou, Niki; Cahill, Niamh; Spada, Giorgio; Sivan, Dorit
2019Insights into pāhoehoe lava emplacement using visible and thermal structure-from-motion photogrammetryBiass, Sébastien; Orr, Tim R.; Houghton, Bruce F.; Patrick, Mathew R.; James, Mike R.; Turner, Nicolas
2019Reconstruction of Holocene coupling between the South American Monsoon System and local moisture variability from speleothem δ18O and 87Sr/86Sr recordsWard, Brittany Marie; Wong, Corinne I.; Novello, Valdir F.; McGee, David; Santos, Roberto V.; Silva, Lucas C. R.; Cruz, Francisco W.; Wang, Xianfeng; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Cheng, Hai
2019Three-phased Heinrich Stadial 4 recorded in NE Brazil stalagmitesWendt, Kathleen A.; Häuselmann, Anamaria D.; Fleitmann, Dominik; Berry, Akemi E.; Wang, Xianfeng; Auler, Augusto S.; Cheng, Hai; Edwards, R. Lawrence
2019Post earthquake aggradation processes to hide surface ruptures in thrust systems : the M8.3, 1934, Bihar-Nepal earthquake ruptures at Charnath Khola (eastern Nepal)Rizza, M.; Bollinger, L.; Sapkota, S. N.; Tapponnier, P.; Klinger, Y.; Karakaş, C.; Kali, E.; Etchebes, M.; Tiwari, D. R.; Siwakoti, I.; Bitri, A.; Bes de Berc, S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 515