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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Seismic event detection in urban Singapore using a nodal array and frequency domain array detector : earthquakes, blasts and thunderquakesLythgoe, Karen H.; Loasby, Aidan; Hidayat, Dannie; Wei, Shengji
2021Pollen geochronology from the Atlantic coast of the united states during the last 500 yearsChristie, Margaret A.; Bernhardt, Christopher E.; Parnell, Andrew C.; Shaw, Timothy A.; Khan, Nicole S.; Corbett, Dorbett Reide; García-Artola, Ane; Clear, Jennifer; Walker, Jennifer S.; Donnelly, Jeffrey P.; Hasse, Tobias R.; Horton, Benjamin P.
 2019Tectonic, diapiric and sedimentary chaotic rocks of the Rakhine coast, western MyanmarMoore, G. F.; Aung, Lin Thu; Fukuchi, R.; Sample, J. C.; Hellebrand, E.; Kopf, A.; Naing, Win; Than, Win Min; Tun, Tin Naing
 2019Extending the known distribution of the Vedde Ash into Siberia : occurrence in lake sediments from the Timan Ridge and the Ural Mountains, northern RussiaHaflidason, Haflidi; Regnéll, Carl; Pyne-O'Donnell, Sean; Svendsen, John Inge
2019Climate-forced sea-level lowstands in the Indian Ocean during the last two millenniaKench, Paul S.; McLean, Roger F.; Owen, Susan D.; Ryan, Emma; Morgan, Kyle Meredith; Ke, Lin; Wang, Xianfeng; Roy, Keven
 2019Data schemas for multiple hazards, exposure and vulnerabilityMurnane, Richard J.; Allegri, Giovanni; Bushi, Alphonce; Dabbeek, Jamal; de Moel, Hans; Duncan, Melanie; Fraser, Stuart; Galasso, Carmine; Giovando, Cristiano; Henshaw, Paul; Horsburgh, Kevin; Huyck, Charles; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Johnson, Cassidy; Kamihanda, Godson; Kijazi, Justice; Kikwasi, Wilberforce; Kombe, Wilbard; Loughlin, Susan; Løvholt, Finn; Masanja, Alex; Mbongoni, Gabriel; Minas, Stelios; Msabi, Michael; Msechu, Maruvuko; Mtongori, Habiba; Nadim, Farrokh; O’Hara, Mhairi; Pagani, Marco; Phillips, Emma; Rossetto, Tiziana; Rudari, Roberto; Sangana, Peter; Silva, Vitor; Twigg, John; Uhinga, Guido; Verrucci, Enrica
 2019Environmental and social factors influencing the spatiotemporal variation of archaeological sites during the historical period in the Heihe River basin, northwest ChinaShi, Zhilin; Chen, Tingting; Storozum, Michael J.; Liu, Fengwen
 2018In-site pollen record from the Dadiwan archaeological site and the human-environment relationship during Marine Oxygen Isotope Stage 3Peng, Wei; Huang, Xiaozhong; Zhang, Dongju; Storozum, Michael J.; Chen, Fahu
 2019WOVOdat – the global volcano unrest database aimed at improving eruption forecastsCosta, Fidel; Widiwijayanti, Christina; Nang, Thin Zar Win; Fajiculay, Erickson; Espinosa-Ortega, Tania; Newhall, Christopher
 2017New archaeological investigations at the Lothagam harpoon site at Lake TurkanaGoldstein, Steven; Hildebrand, Elisabeth; Storozum, Michael; Sawchuk, Elizabeth; Lewis, Jason; Ngugi, Cecilia; Robbins, Lawrence H.
 2017Rapid cooling and cold storage in a silicic magma reservoir recorded in individual crystalsRubin, Allison E.; Cooper, Kari M.; Till, Christy B.; Kent, Adam J. R.; Costa, Fidel; Bose, Maitrayee; Gravley, Darren; Deering, Chad; Cole, Jim
 2017Toward a unified near-field intensity map of the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal, EarthquakeAdhikari, Sujan Raj; Baysal, Gopi; Dixit, Amod; Martin, Stacey Servito; Landes, Mattieu; Bossu, Remy; Hough, Susan E.
 2016How well can we quantify dust deposition to the ocean?Anderson, R. F.; Cheng, H.; Edwards, R. L.; Fleisher, M. Q.; Hayes, C. T.; Huang, K.-F.; Kadko, D.; Lam, P. J.; Landing, W. M.; Lao, Y.; Lu, Yanbin; Measures, C. I.; Moran, S. B.; Morton, P. L.; Ohnemus, D. C.; Robinson, L. F.; Shelley, R. U.
 2016The role of Holocene relative sea-level change in preserving records of subduction zone earthquakesDura, Tina; Engelhart, Simon E.; Vacchi, Matteo; Horton, Benjamin Peter; Kopp, Robert E.; Peltier, W. Richard; Bradley, Sarah
 2016Response to comments on "reconciliation of the Devils Hole climate record with orbital forcing"Moseley, Gina E.; Dublyansky, Yuri V.; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Wendt, Kathleen A.; Pythoud, Mathieu; Zhang, Pu; Cheng, Hai; Lu, Yanbin; Boch, Ronny; Spötl, Christoph
 2013Recent research on tsunami hazards for Sumatra and the South China Sea areaHuang, Zhenhua; Wu, Tso-Ren; Syamsidik
 2013Correlation of magma evolution and geophysical monitoring during the 2011-2012 El Hierro (Canary Islands) submarine eruptionMartí, Joan; Castro, Antonio; Rodríguez, Carmen; Costa, Fidel; Carrasquilla, Sandra; Pedreira, Rocío; Bolos, Xavier
2020Galactic cosmic ray effects on iron and nickel isotopes in iron meteoritesCook, David L.; Leya, Ingo; Schonbachler, Maria
2020Bifurcations at the stability transition of earthquake faultingMele Veedu, Deepa; Giorgetti, Carolina; Scuderi, Marco; Barbot, Sylvain; Marone, Chris; Collettini, Cristiano
2020Rapid identification of tsunamigenic earthquakes using GNSS ionospheric soundingManta, Fabio; Occhipinti, Giovanni; Feng, Lujia; Hill, Emma M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 565