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2023Wastewater-based epidemiology for preventing outbreaks and epidemics in Latin America - lessons from the past and a look to the futurePrado, Tatiana; Rey-Benito, Gloria; Miagostovich, Marize Pereira; Sato, Maria Inês Zanoli; Rajal, Veronica Beatriz; Filho, Cesar Rossas Mota; Pereira, Alyne Duarte; Barbosa, Mikaela Renata Funada; Mannarino, Camille Ferreira; da Silva, Agnes Soares
 2023Kinetic control of shape deformations and membrane phase separation inside giant vesiclesSu, Wan-Chih; Ho, James Chin Shing; Gettel, Douglas L.; Rowland, Andrew T.; Keating, Christine D.; Parikh, Atul N.
2023Experimental evidence root-associated microbes mediate seagrass response to environmental stressFuggle, Rose E.; Gribben, Paul E.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel
2023Effectiveness of Pseudomonas aeruginosa type VI secretion system relies on toxin potency and type IV pili-dependent interactionRudzite, Marta; Subramoni, Sujatha; Endres, Robert G.; Filloux, Alain
2023Characterization of TelE, a T7SS LXG effector exhibiting a conserved C-terminal glycine zipper motif required for toxicityTeh, Wooi Keong; Ding, Yichen; Gubellini, Francesca; Filloux, Alain; Poyart, Claire; Givskov, Michael; Dramsi, Shaynoor
2023Assembly mechanism of a Tad secretion system secretin-pilotin complexTassinari, Matteo; Rudzite, Marta; Filloux, Alain; Low, Harry H.
2022Escherichia coli BarA-UvrY regulates the pks island and kills Staphylococci via the genotoxin colibactin during interspecies competitionWong, Jun Jie; Ho, Foo Kiong; Choo, Pei Yi; Chong, Kelvin Kian Long; Ho, Benjamin Chee Meng; Neelakandan, Ramesh; Keogh, Damien; Barkham, Timothy; Chen, John; Liu, Chuan Fa; Kline, Kimberly A.
2023How many sites? Methods to assist design decisions when collecting multivariate data in ecologyMaslen, Ben; Popovic, Gordana; Lim, Michelle; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Warton, David
2023Biotechnological potential of microorganisms isolated from the salar del hombre muerto, ArgentinaLopez, Marta Florencia; Martínez, Fabiana Lilian; Rajal, Verónica Beatriz; Irazusta, Verónica Patricia
2023The microbiomes of two Singaporean corals show site-specific differentiation and variability that correlates with the seasonal monsoonsDeignan, Lindsey Kane; Pwa, Keay Hoon; Loh, Aaron An Rong; Rice, Scott A.; McDougald, Diane
2023The value of ecosystem services in global marine kelp forestsEger, Aaron M.; Marzinelli, Ezequiel Miguel; Beas-Luna, Rodrigo; Blain, Caitlin O.; Blamey, Laura K.; Byrnes, Jarrett E. K.; Carnell, Paul E.; Choi, Chang Geun; Hessing-Lewis, Margot; Kim, Kwang Young; Kumagai, Naoki H.; Lorda, Julio; Moore, Pippa; Nakamura, Yohei; Pérez-Matus, Alejandro; Pontier, Ondine; Smale, Dan; Steinberg, Peter David; Vergés, Adriana
2023Mechanisms of a Mycobacterium tuberculosis active peptideRao, Komal Umashankar; Li, Ping; Welinder, Charlotte; Tenland, Erik; Gourdon, Pontus; Sturegård, Erik; Ho, James Chin Shing; Godaly, Gabriela
2023Cyclopropane-containing specialized metabolites from the marine cyanobacterium cf. Lyngbya sp.Salleh, Nurul Farhana; Wang, Jiale; Kundukad, Binu; Oluwabusola, Emmanuel T.; Goh, Delia Xin Yin; Phyo, Ma Yadanar; Tong, Jasmine Jie Lin; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Tan, Lik Tong
2023Associational resistance to predation by protists in a mixed species biofilmGoh, Yu Fen; Røder, Henriette L.; Chan, Siew Herng; Muhammad Hafiz Ismail; Madsen, Jonas S.; Lee, Kelvin Kai Wei; Sørensen, Søren J.; Givskov, Michael; Burmølle, Mette; Rice, Scott A.; McDougald, Diane
2023Effect of ocean acidification on the growth, response and hydrocarbon degradation of coccolithophore-bacterial communities exposed to crude oilFahmi, Afiq Mohd; Summers, Stephen; Jones, Martin; Bowler, Bernard; Hennige, Sebastian; Gutierrez, Tony
2023M. tuberculosis relies on trace oxygen to maintain energy homeostasis and survive in hypoxic environmentsKalia, Nitin Pal; Singh, Samsher; Hards, Kiel; Cheung, Chen-Yi; Sviriaeva, Ekaterina; Banaei-Esfahani, Amir; Aebersold, Ruedi; Berney, Michael; Cook, Gregory M.; Pethe, Kevin
2023Structure vs. chemistry: alternate mechanisms for controlling leaf microbiomesLau, Kenny J. X.; Gusareva, Elena S.; Luhung, Irvan; Premkrishnan, Balakrishnan N. V.; Wong, Anthony; Poh, Tuang Yeow; Uchida, Akira; Oliveira, Elaine L.; Drautz-Moses, Daniela I.; Junqueira, Ana Carolina M.; Schuster, Stephan Christoph
2023Plastic-microbe interaction in the marine environment: research methods and opportunitiesKoh, Jonas Zhi Xiang; Bairoliya, Sakcham; Cho, Zin Thida; Cao, Bin
 2023Mining microbial resources from waterLiu, Yinan; Deng, Sha; Bairoliya, Sakcham; Cao, Bin
2022Selective enrichment of nitrososphaera viennensis-like ammonia-oxidizing archaea over ammonia-oxidizing bacteria from drinking water biofilmsWoo, Yissue; Cruz, Mercedes Cecilia; Wuertz, Stefan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 565