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2024Efficient economic model predictive control of water treatment process with the learning-based Koopman operatorHan, Minghao; Yao, Jingshi; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Yin, Xunyuan
2024Formation of halogenated forms of bisphenol A (BPA) in water: resolving isomers with ion mobility - mass spectrometry and the role of halogenation position in cellular toxicityDos Santos, Mauricius Marques; Li, Caixia; Jia, Shenglan; Thomas, Mikael; Gallard, Hervé; Croué, Jean-Philippe; Carato, Pascal; Snyder, Shane Allen
2024Closed-loop K2CO3 activation of biochar for coproduction of microporous carbon and syngasShen, Yafei; Loong, Cyrus Foo Jit; Chen, Wen Qian; Ge, Liya; Chan, Wei Ping; Veksha, Andrei; Lisak, Grzegorz
2024Electrocatalytic reduction of simulated industrial CO2 and CO mixtures: revising chronoamperometry to enable selective gas mixture reduction via cyclic voltammetryChen, Wen Qian; Foo, Cyrus Jit Loong; Ge, Liya; Veksha, Andrei; Chan, Wei Ping; Shen, Yafei; Lisak, Grzegorz
 2023Uranium and lithium extraction from seawater: challenges and opportunities for a sustainable energy futureLim, Yu Jie; Goh, Kunli; Goto, Atsushi; Zhao, Yanli; Wang, Rong
2023Autoinducer-2 promotes adherence of Aeromonas veronii through facilitating the expression of MSHA type IV pili genes mediated by c-di-GMPLi, Yi; Han, Shuo; Wang, Yuqi; Qin, Mengyuan; Lu, Chengjin; Ma, Yingke; Yang, Wenqing; Liu, Jiajia; Xia, Xiaohua; Wang, Hailei
2023Composite nanofiltration membrane with tannic acid coordinated collagen fibers for enhanced molecule separationXie, Yinshan; Ge, Zihao; Li, Xin; Wang, Yi; Liu, Fei; Li, Jian
 2023Experimental investigation and numerical optimization of periodic in situ ozonation to control fouling in ceramic ultrafiltration membranesTagliavini, Matteo; Leow, Shijie; Clement, Jonathan; Galjaard, Gilbert; Snyder, Shane Allen
 2024Size-dependent water transport in laminar graphene oxide membranes: an interplay between interlayer spacing versus tortuosity of transport pathwayKim, Tae-Nam; Lee, Jung-Min; Park, Sung-Gwan; Lee, Jieun; Yang, Euntae; Hwang, Moon-Hyun; Goh, Kunli; Chae, Kyu-Jung
2023Atmosphere-transported emerging and persistent contaminants (EPCs) in rainfall and throughfall: insights from a rural site in Northern ThailandLee, Theodora Hui Yian; Srinuansom, Khajornkiat; Snyder, Shane Allen; Ziegler, Alan D.
 2023Nature-inspired pyrylium cation-based vinylene-linked two-dimensional covalent organic framework for efficient sunlight-driven water purificationLi, Shengxu; Geng, Yikun; Teng, Bo; Xu, Shunqi; Petkov, Petko Stoev; Liao, Zhongquan; Jost, Birgit; Liu, Yu; Feng, Xinliang; Wu, Bozhen; Zhang, Tao
2023Hollow fiber nanofiltration: from lab-scale research to full-scale applicationsJonkers, Wendy A.; Cornelissen, Emile R.; de Vos, Wiebe M.
 2023UV/chlorine and chlorination of effluent organic matter fractions: tracing nitrogenous DBPs using FT-ICR mass spectrometryWang, Yuru; Xiang, Yingying; Dos Santos, Mauricius Marques; Wei, Gaoling; Jiang, Bin; Snyder, Shane; Shang, Chii; Croué, Jean-Philippe
 2023A photo-responsive micro/nanomembrane for smart separation and self-cleaningLi, Zhengtao; Tio, Wee; Yang, Jia-Cheng E.; Sun, Darren Delai
 2023Promotion and inhibition effect of K in rice husk during chemical looping gasificationXin, Hongchang; Wu, Jiawei; Zhang, Jiaxin; Chen, Sifan; Pang, Huaqiang; Lv, Juan; Jiang, Enchen; Hu, Zhifeng
 2023Linker defects in metal–organic frameworks for the construction of interfacial dual metal sites with high oxygen evolution activityNi, Chunyan; Zheng, Han; Liu, Weiwei; Wu, Liang; Li, Rui; Zhou, Kun; Zhang, Wang
 2022Adsorption kinetics of 20 glucocorticoids at environmentally relevant concentrations in wastewater by powdered activated carbons and development of surrogate modelsZhang, Ai; Luo, Yuxin; Jia, Ai; Park, Minkyu; Daniels, Kevin D.; Nie, Xuhao; Wu, Shimin; Snyder, Shane Allen
2023Oxygen carrier derived from ferric sludge for chemical looping combustion of MSW syngas: waste derived material performance and carbon footprint assessmentKoh Yang, Joewin Chat How; Liu, Guicai; Chan, Wei Ping; Zhao, Ya; Chin, Vernette Mei Ping; Liu, Wen; Lim, Teik-Thye; Lisak, Grzegorz
 2023Inherently separated syngas production from plastic waste fast pyrolysis integrated with volatile chemical looping conversion with CO₂ splittingLiu, Guicai; Lisak, Grzegorz
 2023Mechanochemical post-synthesis of metal–organic framework-based pre-electrocatalysts with surface Fe O Ni/Co bonding for highly efficient oxygen evolutionZhang, Wang; Niu, Menghao; Yu, Jing; Li, Shiqi; Wang, Yu; Zhou, Kun
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 929