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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2017Optimization of hydrophobic modification parameters of microporous polyvinylidene fluoride hollow-fiber membrane for biogas recovery from anaerobic membrane bioreactor effluentSethunga, Godakooru Sethunga Mudiyanselage Dilhara Prebhashwari; Rongwong, Wichitpan; Wang, Rong; Bae, Tae-Hyun
 2017Strained single-layer C2N membrane for efficient seawater desalination via forward osmosis : a molecular dynamics study.Liu, Bo; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Zhou, Kun
 2018Coarse-grained molecular dynamics study of membrane distillation through meso-size graphene channelsZhang, Hui; Liu, Bo; Kieu, Hieu Trung; Wu, Mao See; Zhou, Kun; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung
 2017Recent progress in crystalline metal chalcogenides as efficient photocatalysts for organic pollutant degradationNie, Lina; Zhang, Qichun
 2017Long solid retention time (SRT) has minor role in promoting methane production in a 65°C single-stage anaerobic sludge digesterChen, Yun; Xiao, Keke; Jiang, Xie; Shen, Nan; Zeng, Raymond J.; Zhou, Yan
 2018Enhanced phenol removal in an innovative lignite activated coke-assisted biological processZhang, Chen; Li, Jianfeng; Cheng, Fangqin; Liu, Yu
 2018Electric energy production from food waste : microbial fuel cells versus anaerobic digestionXin, Xiaodong; Ma, Yingqun; Liu, Yu
 2018Effect of tetracycline on microbial community structure associated with enhanced biological N&P removal in sequencing batch reactorLiu, Hang; Yang, Yongkui; Sun, Huifang; Zhao, Lin; Liu, Yu
 2018Biodiesels from microbial oils : opportunity and challengesMa, Yingqun; Gao, Zhen; Wang, Qunhui; Liu, Yu
 2018A novel single-stage process integrating simultaneous COD oxidation, partial nitritation-denitritation and anammox (SCONDA) for treating ammonia-rich organic wastewaterZhou, Xin; Zhang, Zeqian; Zhang, Xinai; Liu, Yu
 2017A comprehensive review on food waste anaerobic digestion : research updates and tendenciesRen, Yuanyuan; Yu, Miao; Wu, Chuanfu; Wang, Qunhui; Gao, Ming; Huang, Qiqi; Liu, Yu
 2018Energy self-sufficient biological municipal wastewater reclamation : present status, challenges and solutions forwardLiu, Ya-Juan; Gu, Jun; Liu, Yu
 2019NOB suppression in pilot-scale mainstream nitritation-denitritation system coupled with MBR for municipal wastewater treatmentWang, Han; Xu, Guangjing; Qiu, Zheng; Zhou, Yan; Liu, Yu
 2019Decontamination of radioactive wastewater : state of the art and challenges forwardZhang, Xiaoyuan; Gu, Ping; Liu, Yu
 2018Fate of tetracycline in enhanced biological nutrient removal processLiu, Hang; Yang, Yongkui; Sun, Huifang; Zhao, Lin; Liu, Yu
 2018Comparative study of dissolved organic matter generated from activated sludge during exposure to hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, acid and alkaline : implications for on-line chemical cleaning of MBRCai, Weiwei; Liu, Yu
 2018A novel strategy towards sustainable and stable nitritation-denitritation in an A-B process for mainstream municipal wastewater treatmentGu, Jun; Yang, Qin; Liu, Yu
 2018One-step construction of heterostructured metal-organics@Bi2O3 with improved photoinduced charge transfer and enhanced activity in photocatalytic degradation of sulfamethoxazole under solar light irradiationBao, Yueping; Lim, Teik-Thye; Goei, Ronn; Zhong, Ziyi; Wang, Rong; Hu, Xiao
 2018The performance of anammox reactor during start-up : enzymes tell the storyLin, Qiujian; Kang, Da; Zhang, Meng; Yu, Tao; Xu, Dongdong; Zeng, Zhuo; Zheng, Ping
 2016A bibliometric analysis of biodiesel research during 1991 – 2015Zhang, Min; Gao, Zhen; Zheng, Tianlong; Ma, Yingqun; Wang, Qunhui; Gao, Ming; Sun, Xiaohong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 298