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Title: 意象、工具、平台 :科技与现代汉诗 = Imageries, devices, platforms : technology and modern Chinese poetry
Authors: 周 昊 Zhou, Hao
Keywords: DRNTU::Humanities::Literature::Chinese
Issue Date: 2018
Source: Zhou, H. (2018). 意象、工具、平台 :科技与现代汉诗 = Imageries, devices, platforms : technology and modern Chinese poetry. Master's thesis, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Abstract: 本研究通过文学史回顾、文化研究与抽样文本细读的方法,试图勾勒出科技在现代汉诗中的角色转变以及两者之间的互动发展关系。近几年,科技对现代汉诗的书写无论在内容还是形式上皆有明显的介入,相关研究方兴未艾。虽然网络诗歌、数码诗学,多媒体诗等研究早在西方学界逐渐成熟,但探讨现代汉诗的论文近几年才开始萌芽,且多蔽于表层的现象介绍,未能深入剖析文本,更不见宏观的历史性观察。毋庸讳言,城市化与科技革命相互驱动的消费市场,构成了诗人创作与作品传播的大背景,同时提供更多前所未有的条件与平台。然而,我们不能化繁为简地认为外在语境可瞬间改变一个文体的创作与接受。事实上,现代汉诗与科技之间所维系的是一个长久的磨合关系。从诗歌文本的微观审视,现代汉诗内部的文体属性与自身的发展轨迹,提供了与科技进步衔接、扭合甚至镶嵌的条件。现代汉诗与科技万花筒式的互动背后,是盘根错节的历史和文体多层交织所致。本文旨在梳理此关系,将不同时代的诗作置于到当时多重语境的交叉地带,进行脉络化、历史化的深入阐释,并总结出——现代汉诗中的科技,大致经历了从“意象”到“工具”再到“平台”三个主要阶段的发展阶段。 Through the lens of literary history, cultural studies and selective close reading, this study attempts to outline the intertwining trajectories between modern Chinese poetry and technology, ttracing latter’s changing roles in the former and their evolving developmental relationship. In recent years, technology has significantly intervened the content and form of modern Chinese poetry, and related research are burgeoning. Though studies on online poetry, digital poetics and multimedia poetry gradually matures in western academia, only a few studies on Chinese modern poetry surfaced to date. Yet many of which were mere introductions of the phenomenon, lacking in-depth close reading and broader historical perspective. Naturally, the consumer market, formed by mutually driven processes of urbanization and technological revolution set the backdrop for the production and dissemination of poetic works, while providing more tools and platforms than ever before, yet we cannot hold the simplified view that the context has an immediate influence on a genre. Modern Chinese literature and technology maintained a prolonged and negotiating relationship. From closer inspection, the intrinsic traits of the genre provided the conditions to connect and combine with technology. The kaleidoscopic interactions between modern Chinese poetry and technology today is a result of multi-layered imbrications both historical as well as genre-specific. This paper seeks to explore this relationship and concludes that technological elements in modern Chinese poetry underwent three major stages: “imageries”, “devices”, and “platforms”.
DOI: 10.32657/10220/47522
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