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    • Is Ethics Nonsense?: The Imagination, and the Spirit against the Limit 

      Chen, Melvin (2015)
      This article examines three exegetical approaches to Wittgenstein: the positivist approach, the ineffability approach, and the resolute approach. After revealing the defects and inconsistencies of the first two exegetical ...
    • Is fraud contagious? Coworker influence on misconduct by financial advisors 

      Dimmock, Stephen G.; Gerken, William C.; Graham, Nathaniel P. (2018)
      Using a novel data set of U.S. fi nancial advisors that includes individuals' employment histories and misconduct records, we show that co-workers influence an individual's propensity to commit financial misconduct. We ...
    • IS Ideology: Debunking its Pseudo-Religious Character 

      Mohamed Ali; NurulHuda Yussof (2017)
      The recent arrest of two Singaporeans under the Internal Security Act (ISA) highlights the pivotal role IS ideology plays in current radicalisation processes. The key to effectively challenge IS propaganda is to invalidate ...
    • IS in Afghanistan: a divisive force to watch 

      Halimullah Kousary (2016)
      The recent fresh attacks waged by Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan manifest the group’s potency in the Afghan theatre and reverse the perception that IS has been crushed in the country.
    • Is Indonesia outgrowing ASEAN? 

      Desker, Barry (2010)
      Indonesia’s democratisation has been accompanied by calls for a foreign policy that is not only more assertive but also more autonomous of ASEAN. Is the growing democracy also unleashing forces that will ...
    • Is internet radicalization possible? 

      Durodie, Bill.; Ng, Sue Chia. (2008)
      Ideas on the Internet do not independently transform people. The Internet is but a medium for communicating ideas that refelects society. If the content of the Internet is to be changed, it will be necessary to address ...
    • Is Iran turning its back on Syria? 

      Dorsey, James M. (2011)
      Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s staunchest ally, Iran, is hinting that its support for the embattled leader is not unconditional. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is preparing for the likelihood that Assad ...
    • Is it Better to Give or Receive? The Role of Help in Buffering the Depleting Effects of Surface Acting 

      Uy, Marilyn; Lin, Katrina; Ilies, Remus (2016)
      The resource depleting effect of surface acting is well established. Yet we know less about the pervasiveness of this depleting effect and what employees can do at work to replenish their resources. Drawing on conservation ...
    • Is it who you know or what you know? Evidence from ipo allocations and mutual fund performance 

      Hwang, Chuan-Yang; Titman, Sheridan; Wang, Yuxi (2018)
      Mutual fund managers with degrees from elite universities tend to outperform their counterparts from less elite universities. We show that the better performance of elite graduates is generated from their better connections ...
    • Is Japan tilting towards China? 

      Singh, Bhubhindar (2010)
      Some media have recently suggested Japan is tilting towards China under the Hatoyama administration. Whilst Sino-Japanese relations have improved, the US will continue to remain the core of Japanese foreign policy.
    • Is Malaysia ready for an islamist prime minister? 

      Farish A. Noor (2012)
      The call PAS members for their party leader to Prime Minister should the Pakatan Rakyat coalition win power at the next general election raises two questions: will it erode non-Malay support for the opposition coalition ...
    • Is Malaysia Tilting Towards China? 

      Yang Razali Kassim (2016)
      Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak visited China in November 2016 where he signed a series of deals, including a significant defence agreement, raising concerns that Malaysia could be veering away from its partnership ...
    • Is Mas Selamat a rambo? 

      Desker, Barry (2009)
      SINCE THE arrest of Mas Selamat on 1 April by the Malaysian Special Branch was revealed, we have been regaled by reports of his previous escapes from custody while under detention in Singapore and Indonesia.
    • IS Misconception of Bay’at: Nuances in Oath of Allegiance 

      Muhammad Saiful Alam Shah Bin Sudiman (2017)
      Investigations of a Singaporean national Imran Kassim on terrorism-related charges reveal that a flawed understanding of the concept of bay’at (oath of allegiance) played a role in his violent radicalisation. It is vital ...
    • IS Ramadan Attacks: Perverted Interpretation of Fasting Month 

      Mohamed Bin Ali (2017)
      The spate of terrorist attacks in Manchester, Jakarta, Egypt and London highlights the heightening threat of IS in the month of Ramadan. IS fighters have distorted the true meaning of Ramadan to justify more attacks in ...
    • Is Russia Still Isolated? 

      Cheang, Chris (2018)
      It has been widely written that Russia has been internationally isolated since the 2014 Crimean and Ukraine crises as well as a host of other critical events that triggered Western economic and political sanctions. However, ...
    • IS Terrorism: How to Win the Ideological Battle 

      Mohamed Ali (2016)
      The recent terrorist attacks in several countries by individuals inspired by the so-called Islamic State (IS) highlight the enduring ideological threat of IS. Serious consolidated efforts are needed to meet the threat with ...