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    • Religion and identity in Malaysia 

      Liow, Joseph Chin Yong; Farish A. Noor (2010)
      The current controversy in Malaysia over the use of the term “Allah” by the Christian community once again raises the underlying tension between religion and identity in the country. What does this mean for ...
    • Religion and Politics: Reflections from Jakarta 

      Nursheila Muez (2017)
      Ahok’s defeat in the Jakarta gubernatorial election and his conviction for blasphemy have reignited debates about the role of Islam in a secular state. Misconceptions about the relationship between the two need to be addressed.
    • Religion and Society: Of Hindu Extremists, Cows, and Muslims 

      Hedges, Paul (2015)
      Recent tensions over beef production and eating have seen bans enforced and murder taking place in India. It is linked to a rise in Hindu extremism, but Hindu concepts of tolerance and non-violence indicate another path.
    • Religion and U.S. foreign policy 

      Long, Joey S. R. (2005)
    • Religious Fundamentalism and Social Distancing: Cause for Concern? 

      Ramakrishna, Kumar (2016)
      Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam recently warned of “social distancing” as a threat to Singapore’s multi-religious and multi-cultural harmony. Social distancing is in fact evidence of religious fundamentalism, ...
    • Religious harmony in Indonesia : need for new approaches 

      Yang, Jennifer Hui (2013)
      Religious intolerance continues to bedevil Indonesia. Although the Indonesian constitution is committed to protecting religious freedom, there are certain laws and official actions that do not. Policymakers need to be ...
    • Religious Harmony: Stop the Tolerance, Start Appreciating 

      Mohammad Alami Musa (2018)
      The claims of religious superiority can lead to enmity, hatred of the religious other and desire to replace other religions with own’s one. Moving from religious harmony based on tolerance, to acceptance and mutuality, ...
    • Religious Offence, Public Order, and the Law 

      Hedges, Paul (2017)
      A recent public order court case in the UK raises important conceptual questions about the limits of freedom of speech and religion, especially when expressing religious views others may find offensive.
    • Religious Pluralism and Peace: Lessons from the Medina Charter 

      Mohamed Bin Ali (2016)
      The Medina Charter constituted by Prophet Muhammad in 622 in Arabia was intended to end inter-tribal conflicts and maintain peace and cooperation among the Medinan people 1,400 years ago. Many lessons can be drawn from the ...
    • Religious rehabilitation group : female volunteers ten years on 

      Nur Irfani Saripi (2015)
      This year marks a decade of the Religious Rehabilitation Group’s work in religious counselling for women. Over the years, the number of female Muslim religious counsellors volunteering with the RRG has grown, and so have ...
    • Remaking of PAS : is there an Anwar hand? 

      Yang Razali Kassim (2005)
    • Remarkable SERS Activity Observed from Amorphous ZnO Nanocages 

      Wang, Xiaotian; Shi, Wenxiong; Jin, Zhao; Huang, Weifeng; Lin, Jie; Ma, Guanshui; Li, Shuzhou; Guo, Lin (2017)
      Enhancement of the semiconductor–molecule interaction, in particular, promoting the interfacial charge transfer process (ICTP), is key to improving the sensitivity of semiconductor‐based surface enhanced Raman scattering ...
    • Remarkably enhanced thermal transport based on a flexible horizontally-aligned carbon nanotube array film 

      Qiu, Lin; Wang, Xiaotian; Su, Guoping; Tang, Dawei; Zheng, Xinghua; Zhu, Jie; Wang, Zhiguo; Norris, Pamela M.; Bradford, Philip D.; Zhu, Yuntian (2016)
      It has been more than a decade since the thermal conductivity of vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) arrays was reported possible to exceed that of the best thermal greases or phase change materials by an order of ...
    • Remarks on the difficulty of top-down supervisor synthesis 

      Lin, Liyong.; Su, Rong.; Stefanescu, Alin. (2012)
      This paper shows that language based top-down supervisor synthesis of Ramadge-Wonham supervisory control theory is in general not feasible. We show this as a direct consequence of the undecidability result of Decomposable ...
    • Remembering 9/11: Are We Any Safer Today? 

      Tan, Teck Boon; Kumar, Ramakrishna (2016)
      The world remains vulnerable to major terror attacks because intelligence agencies continue to withhold information from legitimate users. Why is this is so and what can be done to promote informational exchanges?
    • Remembering Operation Jaywick : Singapore’s Asymmetric Warfare 

      Kwok, John; Li, Ian Huiyuan (2018)
      Decades before the concept of asymmetric warfare became popular, Singapore was already the site of a deadly Allied commando attack on Japanese assets. There are lessons to be learned from this episode.
    • Remembering Robert Mugabe : Hero or Despot? 

      Chong, Alan; Ng, Joel (2019)
      Anti-colonialism was the backbone of Mugabe’s agenda of achieving black majority government in his country. As debate continues over his legacy, are there lessons to be learned from the Mugabe model of leadership?
    • Remembering SR Nathan – A Man For All Seasons 

      Ramakrishna, Kumar (2016)
      SR Nathan’s professional career was profoundly shaped by the Cold War and the long struggle with the Communist Party of Malaya. In a lifetime of many high-level achievements, though, he never lost his human touch.
    • Remembering SR Nathan – Man of Guts, Instinct & Tenacity 

      Ong, Keng Yong (2016)
      Mr S.R. Nathan is a legend from Singapore’s pioneering generation who will always be treasured. He was tough as a boss, yet caring and nurturing at the same time. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which he helped build ...