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    • South China Sea : limits to commercial fishing by claimants 

      Lyons, Youna; Davenport, Tara (2012)
      China’s deployment of its largest factory ship with its fishing fleet in the South China Sea raises questions about limits to commercial fishing in overlapping areas. Intensive fisheries in such claim areas which result ...
    • South China Sea : promise and problems of COC 

      Vu, Truong-Minh; Nguyen, The Phuong (2014)
      Since the escalation of tension in the South China Sea in early 2014, establishing a code of conduct(COC) has become more pressing. Foreign ministers from China and ASEAN who met in Naypyitaw last weekend agreed to speed ...
    • South China Sea : reconciling Chinese-US interests 

      Zhang, Mingliang; Yang, Fang (2010)
      China is increasingly concerned about US policy in the South China Sea. This is perhaps borne out of a misperception of US intentions towards China. America’s role in maintaining stability and the ...
    • South China Sea : reducing the China-Vietnam tension 

      Zhen, Sun (2011)
      The disputed South China Sea is a source of long-running tension and instability in Asia, worsened by controversial actions and sharp reactions by the various territorial claimants. There is a need for the peaceful resolution ...
    • South China Sea : time for India to mark its presence 

      Darshana M. Baruah (2014)
      India has been overly cautious about increasing its interest in the Western Pacific. Recent development under the Modi Government, however, hint at a greater political will in playing a part in shaping the changing security ...
    • South China Sea : time for US-ASEAN maritime cooperation 

      Heydarian, Richard Javad; Truong-Minh Vu (2015)
      China's accelerated construction activities in the South China Sea reveal the paucity of existing measures to manage the ongoing maritime disputes. It is high time to consider novel, decisive options, namely the proposal ...
    • South China Sea : time to change the name 

      Yang Razali Kassim (2015)
      The latest ASEAN summit has not thrown up any significant sign of an early resolution to the South China Sea disputes. As leaders pursue the necessary path of diplomacy, more decisive actions may be needed, including a ...
    • South China Sea : turning reefs into artificial islands? 

      Lyons, Youna; Wong, Hiu Fung (2015)
      Large-scale reclamation work in the South China Sea using living coral reefs as building material is causing severe environmental damage. It is also against international law.
    • The South China Sea : when the elephants dance 

      Sam, Bateman (2010)
      The situation in the South China Sea has deteriorated recently. The three key players -- China, the United States and Vietnam -- can all accept some responsibility for the deterioration and should now mediate their differences.
    • South China Sea : worsening dispute or growing clarity in claims? 

      Robert Beckman (2010)
      In May 2009 Malaysia and Vietnam made submissions to extend their continental shelves beyond 200 nautical miles into the South China Sea, and China objected to their submissions. While adding a layer of ...
    • The South China Sea Arbitration: Turning Point in Chinese Foreign Policy? 

      Li, Mingjiang (2016)
      The repercussions of the South China Sea arbitration go far beyond China’s strategic and security relations in the Asia Pacific region. They may actually resemble the impact that some difficult issues such as human rights ...
    • South China Sea cooperation : we should not wait for another disaster 

      Hasjim Djalal; Townsend-Gault (2014)
      Cooperation between the littoral states in the search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 in the South China Sea has prompted calls for more joint activities amongst them. The South China Sea Workshop Process started in 1989 ...
    • The South China Sea Declaration: A Chinese Perspective 

      Zhai Kun; Wang, Wendy (2009)
      The Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea has not been effective in mitigating tensions among claimant states. To make it more effective, various disputant countries should enhance mutual trust, be ...
    • The South China Sea dilemma : options for the main actors 

      Subathra R. Periyaswamy (2011)
      Beijing’s attempt to halt Delhi’s oil and gas exploration off the Vietnamese coast is reviving tensions in the South China Sea. What are the challenges and implications for the key actors in the region?
    • South China Sea diplomacy : more needs to be done 

      Zha, Daojiong (2011)
      Ongoing high-level diplomacy between China and the Philippines as well as Vietnam points to de-escalating tension over the South China Sea. A change of assessment in Beijing and Washington of each other in the region is a ...
    • South China Sea diputes : China has evidence of historical claims 

      Li, Dexia; Tan, Keng Tat (2014)
      China possesses historical references dating bacl to the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127AD). They cannot be fairly presented in a two-page commentary.
    • South China Sea dispute : why China takes pragmatic stance 

      Yang, Fang (2011)
      The recent ASEAN-China agreement on a set of guidelines to implement their 2002 declaration for a code of conduct in the South China Sea promises to narrow their disputes over territorial sovereignty. Why did China agree ...
    • South China Sea dispute re-visited 

      Ang, Cheng Guan (2002)
    • South China Sea disputes : can satellite imagery help? 

      Youna Lyons (2012)
      Satellite imagery makes publicly available information about the disputed islands and rocks in the Spratlys. It can also shape the scope of the debate.
    • South China sea disputes : China has evidence of historical claims 

      Li, De Xia; Tan, Keng Tat (2014)
      China possesses historical references dating back to the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127AD). They cannot be fairly presented in a two-page commentary.